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Thread: AMLL: "Senior Los Trios" Weekend Results (Mar. 25, 26, 27)

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    AMLL: "Senior Los Trios" Weekend Results (Mar. 25, 26, 27)

    The entire weekend was hosted in Mexico City, Mexico


    Carlos Espinoza sings the national anthem of Mexico to kick off the festivities. A HUGE turn out for the weekend. Up to 10,000! A melting pot as well!

    Carlos welcomes the crowd in Spanish, while Richard Emerson welcomes the english-speaking audience. They both present the SLT medals and trophy. Then, all fourty-eight participants of the trios tournament come out and shake the hands of the AMLL officials. Instead of the trio of Chubby Carlos, DDD, and Blue Flame, Chubby is paired up with Diego and Christopher Jackson. The sixteenth trio turns out to be Nick Arsen, Dmac, and Kenneth LeBlanc. Kenneth grabbed the mic and trashed the entire country of Mexico, adding "o's and ita's" to every word that he said. Hilarious stuff. He re-introduced his trio and claimed that the biggest stable from five years ago is year to reclaim their spot. Arsen grabbed the mic and hyped up "Revolutionized 2011". He said that they're not here for CWA of AMLL, because they're both disgraceful companies. He said that they're here as a wildcard. Then, Nick, Kenneth, and Dmac lifted up the trophy. All of the trios almost get into a scuffle trying to get the trophy away from Revolutionized 2011. The chaos subsides and we go to the first match.

    - Diego Gonzalez, Chubby Carlos, and CWA Continental Champion Christopher Jackson defeated Sammy Santoro and D&D Corp. in an SLT 2011 Opening Round match. Decent opener. Jackson was the face-in-peril for most of the match up. Chubby and Diego worked on the comeback, and Diego pinned Duke after Blunt Forced Trauma.

    - SBSonik (Jackson Sonik, Jimmy Sanchez, and Surge) defeated The New World Revolution (Pierre Conti, Abdul Akbar Aslam, and Hakeem Mustafe) in an SLT 2011 Opening Round Match. Fun, fun, fun! Pierre Conti is a pretty good wrestler. The Mexican crowd ate up the high-risk moveset of Sonik and Sanchez. Sonik had a funny spot where he gave everyone in NWR a hadouken, then accidentally gave his partner in Jimmy Sanchez a Hadouken. Sonik pinned Conti after Surge pushed Pierre Conti over a table-topped Sanchez, and Sonik came up and gave Conti a Sonik Boom. After the match, Hakeem, Abdul, and Sumo kicked Pierre out of NWR.

    - Black Shadow Fox II, Negro Judas, and Patera Jr. defeated Tigre Santos, Clint Shepard, and Mr. Willis in an SLT 2011 opening round match. Good match with a bad finish. Highlights came when all three of Fox, Judas, and Pantera tried to soften Tigre, but were taken out one by one. Pantera Jr. pinned Tigre after Willis was distracted by Novakain and a really shitty roll-up.

    - The Lost Souls Alliance (Logan V, Jose & Julio Domino) defeated Billy Hatcher, Rodrick Kyle, and The Wall in an SLT 2011 opening round match. Alright match. LSA were too fast for Hatcher and the Wall and some spots came out looking really bad. Jose pins Hatcher after a Double Spanish Fly.

    - The Elite (Axl and Daren Storm, Rolando Fuentes) defeated Joseph Unitas and The Sour Grapes in an SLT 2011 opening round match. Almost an extended squash. The Future dominated the Sour Grapes. Nasty spot where Rolando dropped Freddy on his head on the outside. Daren Storm pins Matt after a rolling elbow.

    - Los Ninos y El Gigante (Grande, El tifo, and El Elfo) defeated Novakain and Snake Eyes in an SLT opening round match. Terrific comedy match up. El tifo kept trying to pick a fight with Frankie Enzo, which led to Enzo to be booted by Grande repeatedly. El Elfo even hit Peter Jacobs with a hurricarana! NovaKain hit both of the juniors with a Dominator, but was distracted by Mr. Willis, and Grande crucifix pinned Nova to give his trio the win.

    - Mendoza Torres, Miguel De Blanco, and Rey Guererro defeated Eddie von Gunner and Sunshine State's Finest in an SLT 2011 opening round match. Match was alright. Koran is pretty immobile, but Dave Hunter and Rey Guererro have terrific chemistry with one another. Mendoza Torres pins Dave Hunter after a Poverty Buster.

    - Revolutionized 2011 ( Dmac, Nick Arsen, and Kenneth LeBlanc) defeated Reverend Rudy, 2Fon Tastic, and Gato Guerro in an SLT 2011 opening round match. This was an extended squash. Quite impressive that the three still look great teaming together. The finish came wtih Arsen backfisted Gato Guerro into Dmac's superkick and Kenneth's Maplelock.

    Night Two

    - SBSonik (Jackson Sonik, Surge, and Jimmy Sanchez) defeated Christopher Jackson, Chubby Carlos, and Diego Gonzalez in a SLT 2011 quarter-final match. Awesome opener and probably the best match of the night, which sucks. Jackson and Diego stole the show with an amazing sequence that turned into a mid-match rivalry. Neither man could one-up the other, and it turned into the two of them beating the tar out of each other. Surge rolled-up Chubby Carlos. SBS and Sonik celebrated like they just won the entire tournament

    - Pierre Conti defeated Isano Luchador. Good filler. Pierre is still impressive. Short, five mintue match where Piree suplex Isano with every risking attempt. Pierre then cut a passionate promo in Spanish about being betrayed.

    - The Lost Souls Alliance (Logan V and Los Calavera) defeated Black Shadow Fox II, Negro Judas, and Pantera Jr. in an SLT 2011 quarter-finals match. Another face-in-peril trios match. Jose was tossed around by the three heels for a good seven minutes. There was a moment when Negro stole someone's beer and also got into a fight. Logan V made Negro tap to advance.

    - Joseph Unitas and Blue Flame defeated Billy Hatcher and KazinYoshimaru in a continental tag team clash. Decent tag match. Joseph pinned Kazin after a skullcrusher.

    - The Elite defeated Grande, El Elfo, and El Tico in an SLT 2011quarter-finals match-up. Brutal match-up. Grande was raging on all members of The Elite. However, in a buzzkill of a match, Rolando made El Elfo submit with an armbar.

    - Aguila, Kid Crazy, and La Leche League defeated Major League Stroke and Sunshine States Finest in an atomicos. Very entertaining. The crowd really hated Roderick Kyle, but ate up the antics of La Leche League. Kid Crazy pins Dave Hunter after a corkscrew senton.

    - Mr. Willis defeated Sammy Santoro. Probably Santoro's best match to date. Willis is a seemingly impressive worker for how charismatic he is. Hit Sammy with DTE at thirteen minutes.

    - Miguel De Blanco, Rey Guererro, and Mendoza Torres defeated Revolutionized 2011 (Nick Arsen, Kenneth LeBlanc, and Dmac) in a SLT 2011 quarter-finals match. The audience was most alive for this match. Revolutionized punished Rey Guerrero and actually put Rey out of the match with Arsen Tiger Driving Guererro onto the entrance ramp. However, the crowd went crazy when Miguel rolled up Arsen! Revolutionized then frustratingly punished Miguel and Mendoza until Joven Rayo and LSA came to the rescue.


    - The Lost Souls Alliance (Logan V and Los Calavera) defeated SBSonik (Jimmy Sanchez, Surge, Jackson Sonik) in a SLT 2011 semi-finals match. SBS and Sonik leap-frogged into the ring. Crazy match up. Everyone was awesome in this match. Sonik flew, then Jose flew, then Sanchez, then Surge, then Logan, etc. Even the referee and Richard Emerson went high risk! Crazy fun match-up. Another awesome spot when Logan and Jackson kept uppercutting each other. Logan pinned Jackson after five superkicks. After the match, Jackson Sonik stared down with Jimmy and Surge. SBS gave Sonik the thumbs up.

    - The Elite defeated Rey Guerrero, Miguel de Blanco, and Mendoza Torres in a SLT 2011 semi-finals match. The crowd HATED this match-up. The Future picked apart a hurt Rey Guerrero and Rolando submitted him to put the Elite in the finals.

    - Kenneth LeBlanc and Dmac win a tag team gauntlet and become the AMLL Tag Team Champ's Number One Contenders:
    1) Joseph Unitas and Blue Flame def. D & D Corporation
    2) Sunshine States Finest def. Unitas and Flame
    3) Rev. Rudy and 2Fon Tastic def. SSF
    4) Rev. Rudy and 2Fon Tastic def. Kazin Yoshimaru and Vic Diaz
    5) Major League Stroke def. Rev. Rudy and 2Fon Tastic
    6) Sour Grapes def. MLS
    7) Sour Grapes def. La Leche League
    8) New World Revolution def. Sour Grapes
    9) New World Revolution def. Carlito Bronco & Zan Ryder
    10) New World Revolution def. El Elfo and El Tico
    11) Aguila and Kid Crazy def. New World Revolution
    12) Revolutionized def. Aguila and Kid Crazy

    -Mr. Willis, Grande, and Lupe Garza defeated NovaKain, Negro Judas, and Black Shadow Fox II in a non-tournament trios match. Okay filler. Grande pinned Judas while Willis and Nova brawled to the back.

    -Tigre Santos, Clint Shepard, and Christopher Jackson defeated Snake Eyes and Pantera Jr. Better filler than the previous trios match. Awesome exchange between Santos and Pantera. Tigre made Pantera submit.

    - Diego Gonzales defeated Nickolas Kennedy Arsen by Excesivo castigo . Impressive nineteen minute match. Arsen and Diego brawled throughout the first portion, then the rest of the match was dedicated to Arsen trying to murder Diego. The official DQed Arsen for refusing to pin Diego and kept hitting him with backfists. Diego got the last laugh by kicking Arsen in the face.

    -AMLL World Championship Match: Joven Rayo retained his title against Sumo Asaki. Rayo's biggest challenge yet. NWR tried to screw Rayo out of the match, but Rayo overcame the odds in an impressive contest.

    -The Lost Souls Alliance capture The Senior Los Trios 2011 by defeating The Elite in the finals. AMLL reigns surpreme in this seriously amazing match. Overkilled on near finishes, but it was still terrific. The Dominos hits Axl with a super spanish fly and Julio pinned
    Axl to claim the medals and the trophy.

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    Re: AMLL: "Senior Los Trios" Weekend Results (Mar. 25, 26, 27)

    Wow, great read. I'm not just saying this, but I knew you were gonna have the Lost Soul's Alliance win the tournament.


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    Re: AMLL: "Senior Los Trios" Weekend Results (Mar. 25, 26, 27)

    Nice work talent, Koran seems to be the main problem these days... maybe it's time I switched him up with someone like Rey Guerrero who will have more chemistry with Hunter? Lol

    My picks made it to the semi's (SBSonik) and I guess it's good that a AMLL team took the tourney.

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    Re: AMLL: "Senior Los Trios" Weekend Results (Mar. 25, 26, 27)

    Man The Elite almost took it!!!!

    We are very close to breaking that ceiling. Just wait bitches!!

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    Re: AMLL: "Senior Los Trios" Weekend Results (Mar. 25, 26, 27)

    Nice match with Diego and Nick. Heel turn for Arsen?

    Good show.

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    Re: AMLL: "Senior Los Trios" Weekend Results (Mar. 25, 26, 27)

    Damn LSA, those dirty Mexican's keep screwing me (And now Rolando too) over

    Great show and I actually forgot about Revolutionized.
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    Re: AMLL: "Senior Los Trios" Weekend Results (Mar. 25, 26, 27)

    Sweet, show. SBS is looking better by the appearance...and Sonik was good too. If only I knew how to rep'...

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    Re: AMLL: "Senior Los Trios" Weekend Results (Mar. 25, 26, 27)

    Great show even though Hatcher lost twice lol

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