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Thread: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

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    Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    I've been doing a TNA BTB since January 2009 and posting it elsewhere, but now that I've joined WC, I thought I'd bring it here as well. It's done in real time, so every Thursday I would post an Impact, and on scheduled PPV dates, I would post PPVs. It has evolved over time, so now I actually write out Saturday night Xplosions as well, but that did not happen until later in 2010. I've posted quick results starting from Bound For Glory 2010, and I'll post shows normally from here on out.

    When I began, the first show I posted was Genesis 2009. I used (roughly) the card that TNA had in place, and I built from there. I didn't bring in huge names; I used what TNA had at their disposal at the time, and I've worked from there. You'll notice that there are some names that come in over time that are not in TNA right now, but when I brought them in, they were available, and I go under the assumption that if I were actually booking and offered them a contract as a free agent with angles in line for them, they would sign. Still, no huge names, but I wanted to put that disclaimer up front. Hard to believe I've been doing this BTB for over two years now. My BTB and the real TNA have branched off in very different ways, so I guess it is up to the reader to decide which is a better product.


    TNA Impact


    Robert Roode [TNA World Champion]
    AJ Styles
    Robert Roode
    James Storm
    Low Ki
    Samoa Joe

    Christopher Daniels
    Chris Hero
    Claudio Castagnoli
    Chris Sabin
    Jimmy Jacobs

    Davey Richards [TNA Television Champion]
    Elijah Burke
    Colt Cabana
    Luke Gallows

    Uncle Vladimir
    Eric Young
    Tyson Dux
    Richie Steamboat
    Kid Kash

    Amazing Red
    Kenny King
    Ken Doane
    Mike Mondo
    Shawn Spears
    Mr. Wrestling IV

    X Division
    Bryan Danielson [X Division Champion]
    Austin Aries
    Matt Sydal
    Roderick Strong
    Jimmy Rave
    Chuck Taylor
    El Generico

    Southern Comfort
    Kings of Wrestling
    The Hooliganz [TNA Tag Team Champions]
    Austin Aries/Roderick Strong
    Spin Doctors
    Ricochet/Jack Evans
    British Invasion
    Michael Elgin/Masato Tanaka
    Los Infernales
    The Young Bucks

    Jackie Moore (James Storm, Fortune)
    Melina (MNM)
    Angelina Love (Austin Aries, Roderick Strong)
    Rosita (Los Infernales)
    Uncle Vladimir (Viktor Koslov)

    Kurt Angle
    Jeff Jarrett
    Christian Cage

    Fortune: Robert Roode, AJ Styles, and James Storm
    The Enlightened: Jimmy Rave, Frankie Kazarian, Nah Nana, and Daffney
    Chuck Taylor, Tim Donst, Joey Ryan, and Archibald the Laborer

    TNA President: Dixie Carter
    General Manager: Booker T
    Commentary: Taz, Don West, and Raven
    Backstage Interviewer: Mike Tenay
    Ring Announcer: Jeremy Borash

    Fit Finlay
    James Gibson
    Dave Taylor
    D’Lo Brown

    TNA World Champion: Robert Roode
    X Division Champion: Bryan Danielson
    TNA Television Champion: Davey Richards
    TNA Tag Team Champions: The Hooliganz [London/Kendrick]


    Title Histories

    Note: Start date was January 11, 2009

    Sting [Start – 06/21/2009]
    Christian Cage (3) [06/21/2009 – 10/22/2009]
    AJ Styles (4) [10/22/2009 – 1/17/2010]
    Kurt Angle (4) [01/17/2010 – 7/11/2010]
    Samoa Joe (2) [07/11/2010 – 10/10/2010]
    AJ Styles (5) [10/10/2010 – 03/06/2011]
    Christopher Daniels [03/06/2011 – 5/08/2011]
    Christian Cage (4) [05/08/2011 – 07/17/2011]
    AJ Styles (6) [07/17/2011 – 10/16/2011]
    Alex Shelley* [10/16/2011 – 12/15/2011]
    Low Ki [12/18/2011 – 06/24/2012]
    Christian Cage (5) [06/24/2012 – 10/14/2012]
    Robert Roode [10/14/2012 – Current]

    *Refused to defend the TNA Championship, and so after 60 days, he was stripped of the title.

    Alex Shelley [Start – 05/24/2009]
    Christopher Daniels (4) [05/24/2009 – 06/21/2009]
    Hiroshi Tanahashi [06/21/2009 – 07/05/2009]
    Homicide [07/05/2009 – 08/16/2009]
    Sean Waltman (2) [08/16/2009 – 09/20/2009]
    Christopher Daniels (5) [09/20/2009 – 10/22/2009]
    Low Ki (3) [10/22/2009 – 12/20/2009]
    Alex Shelley (2) [12/20/2009 – 07/22/2012] -- 1,000+ day reign
    Austin Aries [07/22/2012 – 10/14/2012]
    Bryan Danielson [10/14/2012 – 04/21/2013]
    Austin Aries (2) [04/21/2013 – 06/30/2013
    Alex Shelley (3) [6/30/2013 – Current]

    2 Crazy Negroes [Start – 04/02/2009]
    America’s Most Wanted (7) [04/02/2009 – 05/24/2009]
    Booker T/Scott Steiner [05/24/2009 – 07/02/2009]
    Eric Young/Petey Williams [07/02/2009 – 07/19/2009]
    America’s Most Wanted (8) [07/19/2009 – 10/18/2009]
    The Motor City Machine Guns [10/18/2009 – 10/22/2009]
    America’s Most Wanted (9) [10/22/2009 – 06/13/2010]
    Eric Young/Tyson Dux [06/13/2010 – 7/11/2010]
    America’s Most Wanted (10) [07/11/2010 – 08/08/2010]
    Ravarian [08/08/2010 – 09/05/2010]
    Booker T/Jay Lethal [09/05/2010 – 03/06/2011]
    New Age Machine Guns [03/06/2011 – 06/12/2011]
    AJ Styles/Low Ki [06/12/2011 – 07/17/2011]
    Bailout [07/17/2011 – 11/20/2011]
    New Age Machine Guns (2) [11/20/2011 – 12/18/2011]
    Bailout (2) [12/18/2011 – 2/18/2012]
    Alex Shelley/Austin Aries [2/18/2012 – 04/12/2012]
    Paul London/Volador [04/14/2012 – 05/26/2012]
    Bailout (3) [05/26/2012 – 06/24/2012]
    New Age Machine Guns (3) [06/24/2012 – 10/14/2012]
    Kings of Wrestling [10/14/2012 – 01/03/2013]
    Southern Comfort [01/03/2013 – 03/14/2013]
    The Hooliganz [03/14/2013 – 4/25/2013]
    Southern Comfort (2) [4/25/2013 – 9/01/2013]
    Roderick Strong/Matt Sydal [09/01/2013 – Current]

    Monty Brown [10/10/2010 – 12/05/10]
    Matt Morgan [12/05/10 – 2/6/2011]
    Eric Young [02/06/2011 – 4/21/2011]
    Chad Collyer [04/21/2011 – 7/30/2011]
    Dave Taylor [7/30/2011 – 08/18/2011]
    Chuck Taylor [08/18/2011 – 09/08/2011]
    Chad Collyer (2) [09/08/2011 – 10/01/2011]
    Roderick Strong [10/01/2011 – 10/16/2011]
    Bryan Danielson [10/16/2011 – 08/09/2012]
    James Storm [08/09/2012 – 01/10/2013]
    Elijah Burke [01/10/2013 – 03/10/2013]
    Davey Richards [03/10/2013 – 06/30/2013]
    Jimmy Rave [06/30/2013 – 10/06/2013]
    Vacant [10/06/2013 – Current]

    Awesome Kong [Start – 05/24/2009]
    Angelina Love [05/25/2009 – 06/21/2009]
    Roxxi Laveaux [06/21/2009 – 07/19/2009]
    Angelina Love [07/19/2009 – 10/18/2009]
    Daisy Haze [10/18/2009 – 12/20/2009]
    Raisha Saeed [12/20/2009 – 04/24/2010]
    Awesome Kong [04/24/2010 – 05/27/2010]
    TNA Knockouts Championship retired on May 27, 2010

    Last roster update: March 20, 2013
    Last title history update: June 13, 2015


    I guess I'll get started. Format is basic, meant to be easy to read. I don't expect anybody to read every show, so I try to make results easy to pick out. If there's any questions on context from when it happened, feel free to ask. If nothing else, it will be fun for me to look back at what I've put together, see what I liked and didn't like, and maybe it will give me some ideas for how I can move forward through 2011. I'll format and post Genesis right away, and then post some Impacts in the coming days.

    NOTE: I post this BTB on two different sites under the name "Exponent" and one other site under the name "Axis." If you are at all suspicious of me ripping, do not hesitate to PM me here or there to clear it up.
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    Re: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    Context: Again, this PPV card was already set, so I had to play with the hand I was dealt. Bullet points to remind the reader of what was happening heading into this show.

    - The X-Division Championship was vacated after some BS ending to an Eric Young/Abdul Bashir match. A tournament was set up, and Shelley and Sabin reached the finals.
    - Shane Sewell was a ref that Bashir kept picking on, so he became a wrestler and somehow this was booked for a PPV. Interestingly enough, Sewell is a legitimate wrestler from Puerto Rico, and not half bad.
    - Lethal/Creed vs Beer Money was booked for the titles, but the Impact before the show they worked a Roode injury angle. TNA never did anything with it. I do something with it, and Roode is out with said injury.
    - Awesome Kong was tearing up the Knockouts division, and they were feeding Christy Hemme to her to squash.
    - The Frontline vs Main Event Mafia angle is just heating up. MEM has put out Brother Ray and Christian Cage. A random six-man tag is made with some members of each. Rhino somehow gets a title match with Sting. Jarrett and Angle have an awesome feud between TNA founder and guy coming in to take over TNA, going back to what I thought was a great match at Bound For Glory 2008. Jarrett says that he was so excited to sign Angle, but has found out he was the worst signing the company ever made.

    TNA Genesis
    Bojangles’ Coliseum
    Charlotte, North Carolina
    January 11, 2009

    Latin American Exchange over Los Infernales (Averno and Mestipho)
    Daisy Haze over Soujourner Bolt

    Mike Tenay and Don West welcome the fans to Genesis live from Charlotte, NC. They run down the card, which leads to a short video package outlining the tournament held on the past few Impacts to determine the new X-Division Champion.

    Match 1: Chris Sabin vs Alex Shelley [X-Division Championship]
    Starts out with some chain wrestling, with neither man gaining a real advantage. That changes when Shelley pokes an eye to mount an offensive. Sabin gets back into it with a rake to the back. The two guys go back and forth in gaining a lead using underhanded tactics. After a missed springboard moonsault, Sabin connects with a superkick, but it only gets him a two count. Sabin delivers chops and knees galore, but a missed top-rope leg drop gives Shelley an out. Shelly gets Sabin up for the Shellshock but Sabin gets out of it. Sabin gets Shelley up for the Cradle Shock, but Shelley gets out. Shelley tries a Sliced Bread #2, but Sabin avoids it. Sabin attempts a Future Shock, but Shelley floats over and rolls him up, using the ropes for leverage to get the win.
    Winner via pinfall, and new X-Division Champion: Alex Shelley! (16:32)

    Shelley helps Sabin up and then points to the ropes he used to help him and laughs. Sabin looks pissed off at first, but eventually smiles about it too. Sabin holds up Shelley’s arm as Shelley holds up his new championship belt.

    Backstage with Lauren, James Storm is irate about losing the tag team titles. He says he’s using his rematch clause TONIGHT, even though Robert Roode is still out due to the knee injury he took on Impact. He tells Jay Lethal specifically that he thinks he found a tag team partner that will suffice.

    Match 2: Sheik Abdul Bashir vs Shane Sewell
    Bashir is a douche bag, which is all we really need to know here. At one point, he got too arrogant and Sewell got back into it, though. He hits some nice suplexes and then tops it off with a float-over reverse DDT, but he only gets a two count. Sewell tries a top rope move, but Bashir crotches him. He then hits the WMD and a Tiger Bomb, which Mike Tenay calls the Suicide Bomb, for the win.
    Winner via pinfall: Sheik Abdul Bashir (5:12)

    The Main Event Mafia is backstage and Kevin Nash tells Sting that he better be sure to take out Rhino. Sting says that Rhino is not a danger at all, and it’s those guys who need to be prepared for a fight.

    James Storm with Jackie Moore comes out and announces that his tag team partner is Charlotte’s own…RIC FLAIR~! The crowd goes insane and Storm laughs at them because they actually believed that Flair would come to TNA for a tag match against two crazy Negroes. He says that really, he just got Sonjay Dutt.

    Match 3: Two Crazy Negroes (Lethal & Creed) [c] vs James Storm and Sonjay Dutt w/ Jackie Moore and SoCal Val [TNA Tag Team Championship]
    Tenay mentions that Robert Roode actually requires minor knee surgery, and so he'll be out for an indefinite period of time. Storm and Creed start things off, with Storm using his power to gain his advantage. He tags in Sonjay and Lethal DEMANDS to be let in, so Creed obliges. Lethal runs full speed at Sonjay, but Sonjay lifts up a knee and busts Lethal in the face. Sonjay and Storm work over Lethal for a while, and every time Lethal starts to get back into the match, he runs after Dutt and ignores the fact that he can make a tag. This allows Storm and Dutt to keep Lethal isolated for quite some time. When Lethal counters Storm’s powerbomb into a hurricarana, he tries to make the tag, but SoCal Val provides a distraction on the referee. Lethal makes the tag, but the ref doesn’t see it so he forces Creed back out of the ring. Storm pulls Lethal back over to his corner and he and Sonjay beat him down some more. Storm puts Lethal in position for the Death Sentence and tells Sonjay to go up top for the leg drop. Sonjay instead tries a 450 splash, but it completely misses Lethal. Storm screams at Dutt, allowing Lethal to make the hot tag to Creed! Creed takes on both Storm and Dutt, catching them with punches and dropkicks. Creed begins to celebrate and Storm comes in and tries for the sneaky superkick, but Lethal tackles him to the outside before he can connect. Dutt sneaks up from behind and tries the Sonjay Cutter, but Creed spins through it and hits the Creed-DT for the 1,2,3.
    Winners via pinfall, and still TNA Tag Team Champions: Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed (9:45)

    Abyss and Matt Morgan are backstage and say they were screwed out of their tag title shot tonight due to the Two Crazy Negroes cashing in their title shot on Impact. They say that they will be looking to prove they deserve a title shot once more as soon as possible.

    Backstage, Samoa Joe is pumping up his fellow Frontline members and he tells them to go out there and put them in the grave along with the company they killed.

    Match 4: Mick Foley/AJ Styles/Brother Devon vs Booker T/Kevin Nash/Scott Steiner
    Brother Devon volunteers to start things off, and so the Mafia opts to send Steiner in to counteract his strength. Both big guys power each other around the ring, with Devon trying to work on Steiner’s arm for no other reason than that’s what everybody else does. He wrings the arm out and tags in AJ, who springboards over and elbows Steiner’s limb. Styles wrings Steiner’s arm again, but Steiner clobbers him with a lariat coming from the other side. He drags Styles over to his corner and the three Mafia members take turns raping the young country boy. Styles gains control in a sick spot where Nash is on all fours in the ring and Booker is coming in; Styles leaps off of Nash’s back and dropkicks Booker T, who flies back and knocks Steiner off the apron. With all three men down, Styles crawls over and makes the hot tag to Mick Foley. The crowd goes wild as Foley delivers punches to all three opponents. He hits the usual return spots and tops it off with a double arm DDT, but Booker comes in to break up the count. Styles springboards into the ring and delivers a flying elbow to Booker, knocking him right back out. In the hubbub, Foley tags in Devon who hits an incredible vertical suplex on big Kevin Nash. He covers, but the ref is still busy trying to restore order. When he finally does, he starts the count, but it only gets two. Sharmell jumps up onto the apron to provide a distraction, allowing Nash to hit a low blow on Brother Devon out of nowhere. Nash then crawls over and tags in Scott Steiner, who works over Devon’s back. The three men then take turns on Devon, all targeting his back. Steiner gets in once more and locks in the Steiner Recliner. Devon looks to be about to tap, but Samoa Joe comes down and cheers him on toward the ropes. Devon eventually grabs the rope and forces the break. Steiner tags in Nash who throws Devon into the corner. He charges at him, but Devon avoids it. The Dudley Brother then sets Big Sexy up on the turnbuckle and hits a HUGE superplex!! The ring wobbles around to the weight of both men while Don West goes CRAZY~! The two men slowly get to their sides, Nash tags in Booker T and Devon tags in Styles. Booker tries a spinning kick, but Styles ducks under it and then connects with the Pele. Steiner runs in, but Foley intercepts him with several punches, a BANG! BANG!, and then a trip over the top rope. Nash comes in and runs at Foley, but Foley ducks and Devon catches up with a 3D!! Well, Brother Ray isn’t there, so it was just a flapjack. But Don West is still going CRAZY~! Foley pulls out Mr. Socko and the crowd is going nuts. He shoves it down Booker T’s throat as AJ climbs up the turnbuckle. Foley releases his hold and Styles leaps off with the Spiral Tap…1…2…3!
    Winners via pinfall: Mick Foley, AJ Styles, and Brother Devon (12:53)

    Sting and Kurt Angle are backstage watching the show on the television. They agree that they both have to go out and bring home some triumph for the Main Event Mafia, since nobody else seems to be able to.

    Match 5: Awesome Kong[c] vs Christy Hemme [TNA Knockouts Championship]
    Hemme tries to use her speed to outmaneuver Awesome Kong, but Kong’s strength is too much for the diva-turned-knockout. Hemme gets a few flashy moves in and tries for a top rope crossbody, but Kong catches her in mid-air and throws her across the ring. Then it’s the Awesome Bomb for the win.
    Winner via pinfall, and still TNA Knockouts Champion: Awesome Kong (4:14)

    Jeremy Borash comes out and does the usual introduction to a TNA Championship match.

    Sting comes out AND HAS NO FACE PAINT ON. Just a regular guy

    Match 6: Sting[c] vs Rhino [TNA World Championship]
    Rhino is REALLY aggressive up front, really trying to prove himself to the younger guys. He gets a bit too rash, however, allowing Sting to try to wear him down. Rhino keeps trying to get back into it, but Sting works the rest holds beautifully. The crowd chants boring, but Sting shouts that he’s not here to entertain them; he’s here to retain his championship. Rhino finally throws Sting to the outside and finds his element while brawling on the floor below. Rhino catches Sting with a belly to belly on the outside and then rolls him back in the ring. He follows him in and attempts a Gore, but Sting leaps over it and Rhino crashes into the middle turnbuckle. Sting tries for a Stinger Splash, but Rhino moves out of the way. Sting turns around and Rhino hits the Gore!! He covers … ONE, TWO – No! Sting gets his foot on the bottom rope and the match continues. Rhino signals for the Rhino Driver, but Sting bails out of the ring. Rhino follows him out and beats him down on the outside a bit. Sting gains advantage with a drop toehold into the ring steps. He throws Rhino back into the ring and wears him down a bit more, again angering the crowd. Rhino again fights back into it, though this time he is visibly more tired. He catches Sting with a spinebuster and goes up to the top rope. He leaps off for a flying shoulder block, but Sting dodges it. Sting watches as Rhino slowly gets up and then hits the Scorpion Death Drop. He makes the cover … 1 … 2 … Sting lifts Rhino’s shoulder up off the mat and smirks. He then locks in the Scorpion Death Lock and forces Rhino but to tap out.
    Winner via submission, and still TNA World Champion: Sting (15:13)

    A hype video plays, outlining the Angle/Jarrett feud going all the way back to before Bound For Glory. They really push the fact that Angle is fighting for himself, whereas Jarrett is fighting for TNA.

    Match 7: Jeff Jarrett vs Kurt Angle
    Angle looks very eager to get his hands on Jarrett, but he’s careful not to rush into things too quickly. Angle instinctively goes to the mat and makes Jarrett look like a little bitch, but Jarrett is not discouraged. At one point, Jarrett even catches Angle with a double leg takedown, but Angle quickly gets right back in control. He begins to work on Jarrett’s leg, which visibly frustrates the TNA Founder. Once he grapevines Jarrett’s leg, he begins to specifically target the ankle, so Jarrett reaches for the ropes. The ref forces Angle off of Jarrett, allowing him to get some blood flowing back in his leg. Jarrett surprises Angle with a dropkick sequence similar to that of AJ Styles, allowing him to get back into the matchup. From there, the two go back and forth with the advantage, with each man throwing out some relatively high-impact moves, typical of US mainstream wrestling. Angle tries for the Olympic Slam, but Jarrett floats over and whips Angle against the ropes. Angle comes bouncing back and Jarrett connects with the POUNCE~! Jarrett covers, but gets a long two-count. Tenay ingeniously credits the move to Monty Brown, an important member of the TNA roster in the early days. Angle fights back and again tries for the Olympic Slam, but this time Jarrett floats over and catches Angle by surprise with an EVENFLOW DDT~! Jarrett covers again … 1 … 2 … Angle BARELY gets a shoulder up. This time Don West gets the Daily Double and mentions that Raven used that move frequently to end matches during his TNA career. Jarrett looks at the turnbuckle and gets a crazed look in his eye. He faces the corner and leaps up to the first turnbuckle, then the second, then he hops to the third, but before he can make a move, Angle runs up to the top and throws Jarrett backward with a Super German Suplex. Angle struggles to get to Jarrett, but he finally drapes an arm across … ONE, TWO, THR – NO! Jarrett somehow gets his shoulder up! Both men are slow to their feet, but Angle is up first. He tries for a third Olympic Slam, but Jarrett floats over again. This time Jarrett pulls Angle’s leg out from under him and locks in an Ankle Lock. Don West comments that Jarrett is stealing Angle’s finisher, but Tenay points out that the Ankle Lock is also the finisher of the first ever TNA Champion, Ken Shamrock. Angle struggles to get to the ropes, as Jarrett pulls him back to the center of the ring every time he gets close. Instead Angle tucks in and rolls under Jarrett and gets Jarrett in an Ankle Lock of his own! Jarrett is writhing around in pain in the ring. He starts to move towards the bottom rope, but Angle grapevines his leg to keep in stationary. Jarrett rolls onto his back, sure not to keep his shoulders down, and musters up the strength to loosen Angle’s hold. Jarrett then stands up to his feet, spins around with Angle’s leg, and gets a Figure-Four Leglock in! The Charlotte crowd goes apeshit with WOOOOOs. Angle is in the middle of the ring so his chances of reaching the ropes are thin. Instead he turns Jarrett over, shifting the torque in the opposite direction. Jarrett lets go of the hold and both men slowly return back up. After going back and forth block each other’s finishers, Angle finally pulls out an Olympic Slam … ONE, TWO, THRE – NO!!! JARRETT KICKS OUT!!!! Angle is irate as he argues with the ref. With Angle distracted, Jarrett rolls him up from behind … 1 … 2 … ANGLE GETS A SHOULDER UP, and the match continues. Angle rises to his feet, but stands very groggy in the ring. Jarrett gets up and attempts another Stroke, but all of a sudden, Angle spins out of it and takes Jarrett down from behind, revealing to have been playing possum there. Angle locks in the Ankle Lock and fights to keep Jarrett in the middle of the ring. With no other options, Jarrett taps out.
    Winner via submission: Kurt Angle (23:13)

    Kurt celebrates in the ring as the Frontline comes down to help Jarrett out of the ring. The Main Event Mafia comes down the ramp and celebrates with Kurt, taunting the Frontline to end the show.

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    Re: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    Wow dude. I haven't read the first show yet, because I want to get a feel of the BTB first. Everything seems cool, although there's quite a few names I don't know on the roster.
    Should be interesting to see someone do the MEM vs Frontline feud right.

    It's insane that you've been doing one BTB for so long! I can't believe it! I love your dedication, sir.
    I would say that you should really shorten up your matches, but you wrote them two years ago... I'm sorry, but almost nobody is going to read that much. Lol

    I assume you are using TEW or EWR?

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    Re: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    Nah I write out all my matches. At some sites they say my matches are too short, but I'm verrrrry glad you say they're too long. Makes it easier to read and write if they're shorter haha. Thanks for the comment!

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    Re: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    (Context Reminder: In late 2008, TNA did their Feast-or-Fired match. Lethal got the Tag Title case, and he and Creed cashed in to win the titles in early 2009. Hernandez won the World Title case and Homicide won the X-Division case. Curry Man got the pink slip, and was fired.)

    iMPACT Zone
    Orlando, Florida
    January 15, 2009

    A video outlining the results of TNA Genesis played, along with a cheap plug to order the replays this week. Tenay sent it to the ring where, of all people, Hernandez was.

    Hernandez said that next month TNA is going to his home city of Houston, Texas for the Against All Odds pay-per-view. He said it’s going to be a special night for him because was going to perform in front of his friends and family, and his match would be to be for the TNA Championship, because he was cashing in his number one contendership that he gained in the Feast or Fired match to Sting’s belt!

    -Commercial break-

    Jim Cornette and Mick Foley were backstage in Foley’s office. Cornette said TNA has given him a huge headache so he was leaving, but Foley offered him a spot at the announce booth. Cornette thought about it, and said he’s started next week!

    (Context reminder: Abyss and Matt Morgan were a team. No idea where that one came from. Maybe a hat drawing. Anyway, I ran with it since it was there.)

    A hype video aired about Kiyoshi, going over his career both in the US and abroad. It specifically described him as the protégé of the Japanese wrestling legend the Great Muta.

    Match 1: Kiyoshi vs Consequences Creed w/ Jay Lethal
    This got a surprising amount of time, considering it is a thrown-together match. It was fairly back-and-forth and served to exhibit both men’s offenses. About midway into the match, Kiyoshi began to resort to some underhanded tactics and toyed around with Consequences Creed. Creed felt the Malcolm X within him though, and fought back, topping it off with the Creed-DT for the win.
    Winner via pinfall: Consequences Creed (7:26)

    Backstage, the cameraman found Sheik Abdul Bashir adding Chlorine to some sort of combination of pagers, batteries, and a washing machine timer. Sonjay Dutt approached him and says that he and James Storm sucked as a tag team, and so he wanted to join forces with Bashir. Bashir agreed on the basis that they are both from the Middle East. Sonjay began to object, but instead just smiled and helped Bashir with his project.

    -Commercial break-

    Backstage, Mick Foley told Abyss and Matt Morgan that he has signed two new guys to TNA contracts, and that they will be tag teaming tonight against them. If they want to prove that they deserve a tag team title shot, winning their match later tonight would be a good start.

    Match 2: Motor City Machine Guns vs Rock N Rave Connection
    Lots of high-flying action at the start between Shelley and Rave, with Sabin getting involved at points. Rave got pissed at not being able to get the win, so he tagged in Lance Rock, who used his power to throw around the smaller guys. He turned Sabin inside out with a big boot, and the isolation commenced. Rock tried for a chokeslam, but Sabin countered it into a DDT and made the hot tag to Alex Shelley! Shelley ran in and cleaned house, and then Sabin joined in for the finishing stretch. Rock got hit the ASCS Rush to take the fall.
    Winners via pinfall: Motor City Machine Guns (8:52)

    Shelley and Sabin got on the stick and said that they’re ready to turn their attention to the tag team titles. Shelley mentioned that he would love to be a double champion.

    -Commercial break-

    Lauren asked James Storm about the tag title match at Genesis, and all Storm said is that he was going to find himself a new tag team partner and take those belts back.

    The Main Even Mafia was backstage in their locker room and Sting was pacing back and forth. Nash, Steiner, and Booker T looked pissed, while Angle was rather pleased. Sting told the losing three that they need to step up their games. Jeremy Borash came in and told them that Foley has an announcement later tonight regarding Against All Odds, and they may want to be listening. Sting said that, for their sake, they’d better hope it’s a chance at redemption.

    -Commercial break-

    Match 3: Knockouts Battle Royale [Number One Contender to the Knockouts Championship]
    Roxxi Laveaux vs Christy Hemme vs Velvet Sky vs Angelina Love vs Taylor Wilde vs Sojourner Bolt vs Rhaka Khan vs ODB vs Jackie Moore vs Daisy Haze
    Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed came out to watch this one. The Beautiful People worked together to take out ODB and Daisy Haze. They targeted Christie Hemme, but Roxxi came to her aid and eliminated Velvet Sky in the process! After a slap from Jackie Moore, Rhaka Khan goes went a rage and eliminated Moore, Bolt, and Hemme. Angelina whispered to Khan and they stood together to take out the other two. Roxxi and Wilde teamed up to fight it, and after a stalemate, Khan tossed Love! While Love screamed at her on he outside, Roxxi and Wilde ran up and threw her over as well! Roxxi used her power to toss Wilde around some, but the lighter woman came back with speed. But when Wilde tried a hurricanrana, Roxxi caught her weight and chucked her from the ring!
    Winner, and #1 contender to the Knockouts Championship: Roxxi Laveaux (8:12)

    After the match, Awesome Kong and Roxxi had a stare-off, but no punches were thrown.

    -Commercial break-

    Backstage AJ Styles and Samoa Joe reluctantly entered Rhino’s locker room. They sincerely thanked him for trying to stick up for them at Genesis, but they really needed to do this on their own. Rhino pled for another chance, but they didn’t give in. Joe said they’re looking to defend TNA with young, talented workers, and he patted Rhino on the back. The two left a very pissed off Rhino alone.

    Doug Williams and Dave Taylor came out to the Impact Zone, and called themselves the Redcoats. Williams talked himself up as a brilliant technical wrestler, and his partner as the meanest Brit the Queen ever did see.

    Match 4: Abyss/Matt Morgan vs The Redcoats
    The British duo brought a lot of intensity to the two bigger men, but the power of the two monsters was too much. A Black Hole Slam and a Hellevator put an end to it all.
    Winners via pinfall: Abyss/Matt Morgan (5:34)

    James Storm asked Shark Boy if he would be his tag team partner, but he declined.

    -Commercial break-

    Homicide was backstage with Hernandez talking about the title match at Against All Odds. Homicide asked if he was sure he was ready, and Hernandez answered that he’d never been more ready in his entire career.

    Mick Foley made his way out to the Impact Zone to give his announcement. He said that he had already signed Sting vs Hernandez at Against All Odds, but that leaves the rest of the Mafia and the Frontline out of a match. He said he put together an eight-man elimination match for the Pay Per View. It would be the Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, Booker T, and Kurt Angle of the Main Event Mafia versus AJ Styles and Samoa Joe along with two partners of their choosing. They could choose Foley and Devon again, or they could pick two other guys in the Frontline, it was up to them. The Mafia came out and asked what’s in it for them, and Foley got a grin on his face. He said that, as things stand, he does not have a main event in mind for the NEXT pay-per-view of Destination X. So, here’s the deal. Whoever is left standing on the winning team will receive a TNA Championship title shot at Destination X. If an entire team survives, then it will be a five-man match. If only two guys survive, it will be a Triple Threat. No matter what, whoever is left standing will be in a title match with the TNA Champion, be it Sting or Hernandez. Oh, and speaking of main events, he said he needed one for tonight, so for Scott Steiner and Booker T go backstage and throw on some tights, because they were facing AJ Styles and Samoa Joe NEXT.

    -Commercial break-

    Match 5: Booker T/Scott Steiner [MEM] vs AJ Styles/Samoa Joe [Frontline]
    Basic back-and-forth match. Styles and Joe were clearly better than both guys on their own, but the Mafia members had a lot of chemistry between them to keep them in it. Angle and Nash eventually made their way to ringside to cause some distractions, leading Eric Young and Brother Devon to come in to counter-weight their presence. In the ring, Joe got the Coquina Clutch in on Steiner, but Angle rushed the ring as he was about to tap! Young and Devon rushed the ring as well to brawl with Angle and Nash, and when the guys in the match got involved, the ref threw it out.
    Result: No Contest due to interference (13:12)

    Impact went off with the Frontline and the Main Event Mafia brawling inside and out of the ring.

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    Re: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    TNA Impact
    Impact Zone
    Orlando, Florida
    January 22, 2009

    Mike Tenay, Don West, and the recently added Jim Cornette welcomed us to Impact and said that we were in for a great night. Sure would be unfortunate if they advertised that we were in for a bad night :/

    Sting opened the show by himself in the ring (Note: he still doesn’t have facepaint. He’s given that up for his new “Mafia” persona). He ran down Hernandez and portrayed him as somebody who was not at all a threat. He said that over the next few weeks, leading up to Against All Odds, Hernandez would be in matches against fellow Mafia members, and MAYBE if he picked up some victories, people would see him as a legitimate threat.

    -Commercial break-

    Backstage, Rhino approached Eric Young and asked him to try and convince Joe and AJ to let him back into the Frontline. He said that at Against All Odds, he would be a great pick in the eight-man survivors match. Eric refused, and said that he agrees with his fellow Frontline members that this job needed to be accomplished by the younger, more talented guys.

    Match 1: Abyss/Matt Morgan vs Rock N Rave Connection
    The heels really never had much success in isolating a face. Instead, Rock N Rave worked the match so that Rave busted out a lot of high-risk arsenal, then Rock came in and hits a high-impact move for a pin attempt. The tide shifted once Abyss fought out of a powerbomb attempt from Rock and hit a big chokeslam on him. Morgan and Rave both got in, and Morgan bumped him around some, but Rave grabbed a roll-up with tights for a big upset!
    Winners via pinfall: Rock N Rave Connection (7:32)

    Morgan told the ref that Rave was holding the tights, but the official result stands.

    MCMG approached the 2 Crazy Negroes backstage. Shelley said he had a deal that Lethal may be interested. If Lethal and Creed gave the Guns a tag team title shot, then he would give Lethal an X-Division title match. Despite Creed’s lack of enthusiasm for the deal, Lethal agreed and so Creed accepted as well. The Guns smiled and said that the four of them should go and talk to Foley about the deal.

    Bashir and Dutt were backstage looking at blueprints of what looks to be the Capital building. When they spotted the cameraman, they packed up the blueprints up and quickly walked away.

    -Commercial break-

    MCMG and 2CN walked out of Foley’s office smiling as Jeff Jarrett walked in. Foley welcomed him back and Jeff said that he’s just here to say that he thinks he’s going to take some time off. He said he wanted to be with his family and when he did return to work, he would go back to being behind a desk for the company. Just then, Joe and AJ walked in and told Foley and Jarrett that they have found the third member of their four-person team, and he’s here tonight.

    Match 2: Doug Williams w/ Dave Taylor vs Shark Boy
    Williams was really stiff with the knees, especially considering he is wrestling a shark. Shark Boy tried a Stone Cold Stunner, but Williams pushed him away, into the turnbuckle, setting him up perfectly for the Chaos Theory. It was hit, and it was over.
    Winner via pinfall: Doug Williams (5:13)

    Backstage, James Storm asked Kiyoshi if he would be his tag team partner, but Kiyoshi did not understand.

    -Commercial break-

    A video aired highlighting the international achievements of Jonny Harlow, Volador, Averno, and Mephisto.

    Match 3: Volador/Kiyoshi vs Los Infernales [Averno/Mephisto]
    Lots of fun, high-flying action with everybody. We finally saw a story told in the ring when Kiyoshi came in and started striking the hell out of the luchas. Averno got briefly worked over, but a spotfest broke out again in the finishing run, and Volador was hit with the Spanish Fly double team for the pin.
    Winners via pinfall: Los Infernales (7:24)

    -Commercial break-

    Taylor Wilde and Roxxi Laveaux were in the back, and Roxxi said that she and Christy Hemme had a tag match with The Beautiful People, but that she was sure Awesome Kong would be watching, so she could use her in her corner. Wilde agreed.

    The Main Event Mafia discussed the match at Against All Odds, and who the other two members of Joe and AJ’s team could be. They also talked about Sting’s title match, and on the topic of titles, Nash asked what the hell was with Booker’s Legends Championship. Booker changed the subject and they all went back to talking about Against All Odds.

    Backstage, Homicide and Hernandez were with Lauren. Hernandez talked about his match coming up with Scott Steiner and then Homicide said he had something to say too. At Against All Odds, he was going to use HIS number one contender opportunity against Alex Shelley. And, at the end of the night, LAX would consist of the World AND X-Division champions.

    -Commercial break-

    Commentary confirmed that 2CN vs MCMG for the tag titles had been signed for AAO, but that they had no word yet on Shelley/Homicide.

    Match 4: Eric Young vs Sonjay Dutt w/ Sheik Abdul Bashir
    Dutt had a turban on, because why not run with the gimmick? Pretty basic 1994 Raw-style squash for Young. He got the win with the Spike Piledriver.
    Winner via pinfall: Eric Young (3:56)

    Rhino was seen watching from the back, and he didn’t look happy.

    -Commercial break-

    Match 5: Sean Hernandez vs Scott Steiner
    Both men tried to use strength to their advantage, but when neither man had much success, Hernandez used his speed advantage to take over. Hernandez tried for a stiff lariat, but he took out the referee instead! REF BUMP~! With the ref down, Steiner hit a low blow and then looked around for aid, but nobody came so he started to leave the ring himself. He grabbed a steel chair and went back in to bash Hernandez but PETEY WILLIAMS~ ran down and yanked the chair from him! Steiner got the ‘wtf’ look wiped off his face by a brutal chair shot from Petey! Hernandez was back up and hit the Border Toss on Big Poppa Pump, just in time for the ref to make the count: one, two, three, and it’s over!
    Winner via pinfall: Sean Hernandez (11:12)

    (Context Reminder: In late 2008, Steiner and Petey Williams had their mentor-protégé thing going on, but when Steiner returned from an injury, he turned on Petey to join the Main Event Mafia. It was a pretty brutal beatdown, and Petey hadn’t been seen since it happened. This would be his return.)

    Petey Williams got back in the ring and went after Steiner some more until Steiner bailed out. Joe and AJ came out and said that Petey Williams is the third member of their team at Against All Odds! Petey nodded his head triumphantly as he watched his former mentor/hero stumble back up the entrance ramp as the show went off air.

    Against All Odds--February 8, 2009

    TNA World Championship
    Sting[c] vs Sean Hernandez

    #1 Contenders Elimination Tag
    AJ Styles/Samoa Joe/Petey Williams/??? vs Kurt Angle/Booker T/Scott Steiner/Kevin Nash

    TNA Tag Team Championship
    2 Crazy Negroes[c] vs Motor City Machine Guns

    Knockouts Championship
    Awesome Kong[c] vs Roxxi Leveaux

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    Re: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    Internet Rumors~!
    -TNA is apparently in talks with several independent workers for their potential work in actual storylines and angles, including but not limited to: Chad Collyer, Eddie Kingston, Alex Koslov, Truth Martini and Jimmy Jacobs. There may be a few left out, and there may be some false leaks, but that's what we have right now.

    -Part of TNA's wish to expand their roster with independent workers is the desire to open up better relationships with indy promotions and foreign companies. This can be explained by the influx of foreign workers as lower carders. However, some of such workers may have bright futures in TNA.

    -On the same token, TNA is supposedly more open to the idea of their workers taking part in smaller promotions, in a show of diplomacy to indy promotions. Such names of TNA-contracted workers that have already mentioned time to spend at larger indy shows and even foreign tours include Homicide, the Motor City Machineguns, Jimmy Rave, Jay Lethal, and even Awesome Kong.

    Anyway, ON TO THE SHOW~!~!

    TNA Impact
    Impact Zone
    Orlando, Florida
    January 29, 2009

    Sting came out again and said that it was great Hernandez beat Scott Steiner, but he challenged him to win a match WITHOUT interference this week.

    Tenay and Don West rambled like idiots about the opportunity that Hernandez had at Against All Odds, and how the “odds” may be “against” him tonight in his tag team match with Homicide against Kevin Nash and Booker T. GET IT?! AGAINST? ODDS?! HA! Cornette told them to stop with the puns.

    Match 1: Lance Rock vs Abyss
    Rock tried to overpower Abyss, but it was futile. In an incredible feat of strength, Abyss lifted Rock up for the Shock Treatment, but Rock gouged the eyes and got free! He used underhanded tactics to stay in the lead, but a sidewalk slam gave Abyss time to set up for the Black Hole Slam, and thus the win.
    Winner via pinfall: Abyss (6:02)

    After the match, Jimmy Rave ran out and chop blocked Abyss to take him down. The Rock N Rave Connection beat him down, but only until Matt Morgan ran down to clear them out.

    -Commercial break-

    The Main Event Mafia was in the locker room talking about who the fourth guy could be. Angle speculated that it was probably Eric Young, now that Petey Williams was a member. Steiner said, speaking of Petey, where the hell were they last week when the ref was knocked down during his match. Sting stood up and said the Main Event Mafia shouldn’t need help beating a glorified tag team wrestler.

    Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed came down to ringside to watch the following match.

    Match 2: Roxxi Laveaux/Christy Hemme w/Taylor Wilde vs The Beautiful People w/Cute Kip
    Velvet Sky and Angelina Love used their double team moves to stay in control for the large part. Finally Christy made the hot tag to Roxxi, who rushed in to clean house. Roxxi lifted Love up for the Voodoo Drop, but Saeed climbed onto the apron to cause a distraction. Wilde quickly ran over and pulls Saeed off, allowing Laveaux to hit her finisher for the win.
    Winners via pinfall: Roxxi Laveaux/Christy Hemme (6:12)

    Awesome Kong stood up from her seat and she and Roxxi had a stare down once again.

    James Storm headed out of the Impact Zone and into Universal Studios, where he asked Spider Man to be his tag team part. Spidey said no, but he can have a COOL FREE SPIDERMAN LUNCHBOX~! This exhilarated Storm, but then he realized he still needed to find somebody to tag with him.

    -Commercial break-

    A hype video aired, going over Petey Williams’ history with TNA, his back-story with Scott Steiner, and his quest for revenge at Against All Odds.

    Match 3: Team Canada [Young/Williams] vs Los Infernales [Averno/Mephisto]
    The luchadores really utilized their speed nicely to gain an early lead, but before long the teamwork of Young and Williams put an end to that. Petey Williams signaled for the Canadian Destroyer on Averno, but he rolled out of the ring and Mephisto enters. The referee pushed Mephisto back out, because the lucha thought he could just enter since his partner left (yes, as is customary in lucha libre matches of Mexico, thank you Mike Tenay). The momentary distraction allowed Williams and Petey to hit a nice powerbomb/leg drop combination on Averno. Young told Williams to pin him, but Williams had something else in mind. He picked up Averno and hit the CANADIAN DESTROYER~ to a huge pop, and then covered for the win.
    Winners via pinfall: Eric Young and Petey Williams, Team Canada (7:03)

    Eric Young and Petey Williams had their feel-good celebration, until Rhino ran out and Gores the hell out of Eric Young!!! AW COME ON! Rhino bailed out of the ring before Petey could do anything and just shouted “YOU ALL NEED ME!”

    -Commercial Break-

    Backstage, Lauren got a word with Rhino, who said that the Frontline is nothing without him.

    Match 4: Two Crazy Negroes vs Sonjay Dutt/Sheik Abdul Bashir [Non-Title]
    Lots of high-flying action from all participants, but Dutt and Bashir aimed to ground Consequences Creed once they had him in their corner. Bashir tried for his Tiger Bomb (which Tenay identified as the ‘Roadside Bomb’), but Creed twisted out and hit a discus clothesline. Lethal got the hot tag, and despite a brief comeback from the newly formed tag team, he got off the Lethal Combination and Lethal elbow on Bashir.
    Winners via pinfall: 2 Crazy Negroes (7:02)

    -Commercial Break-

    Alex Shelley stormed into Mick Foley’s office, pissed about Homicide challenging him for the X-Division Championship at Against All Odds. Foley said it was Shelley’s decision to cut a deal with Jay Lethal, and Homicide is allowed to challenge whenever and wherever he wants, so both matches are on!

    Match 5: Latin American Exchange vs Booker T/Kevin Nash
    Hernandez wanted to start it off, and so Kevin Nash insisted on showing this guy a thing or two. Right off the bat, Hernandez took Nash down HARD with a lariat, so Nash bitched out and tagged in Booker T. Booker tried his luck, but he got taken back by the power as well. Homicide got in and was super fiery, but he eventually got caught up in double-teaming and was isolated. Booker eventually tried to end it with the Axe Kick, but ‘Cide ducked and hit the WEST BROOKLYN LARIAT! Hernandez got the hot tag and cleaned house in a big way. He chucked Booker T out and HIT NASH WITH THE CRACKERJACK! Homicide ran over to take Booker T out with a Suicide Dive, and leaving Hernandez to pin Nash.
    Winners via pinfall: Homicide and Hernandez, the Latin American Exchange (10:48)

    Samoa Joe was backstage on his Samoan-style bamboo cell phone and asked, “When are you going to be here?” The person responded, and Joe says, “Good, because AJ’s match is next.”

    -Commercial Break-

    Match 6: AJ Styles w/Samoa Joe vs Scott Steiner w/Kurt Angle
    The two tried to out-wrestle each other using their amateur backgrounds. Shortly into the match, Angle tripped up Styles, so Joe came around the ring and tackled the gold medalist. The Frontline and the Mafia all ran down to join in on the fight, and when Styles and Steiner joined the fight, the ref again threw out the match.
    Result: No Contest (3:02)

    Joe and Angle continued to brawl around on the outside, while Petey Williams targeted Scott Steiner, who got backup from Kevin Nash. Styles and Lethal ganged up on Sting, but the TNA Champion’s size gave him a big advantage. The Mafia started to gain and edge until CHRISTOPHER DANIELS~~~ ran down and slid into the ring. Running STO to Booker T! Snap suplex to Kurt Angle! A back heel kick to Steiner that sent him right into a hurricanrana from Petey Williams! Enzuigiri to Kevin Nash, sending him into a German suplex from Samoa Joe! Daniels got Sting in position for the Angel’s Wings, but he rolled out and hurried up the ramp with his world title in hand. As the show faded out, Styles, Joe, Petey, and Daniels all raised their hands in the middle of the ring as the rest of the Frontline applauded the team that would represent them at Against All Odds.

    (Context reminder: Daniels left TNA in late 2007, only to return in 2008 as Curry Man. He was never acknowledge to be Curry Man, so for all intents and purposes, Daniels has been gone for over a year.)

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    Re: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    TNA Impact
    Impact Zone
    Orlando, Florida
    February 5, 2009

    Sting started the show again and said that Hernandez was still not a threat to a 13-time world champion like himself. He said that he’d be willing to bet that a piece of foreign scum like Hernandez wouldn’t be able to beat a 9-time world champion like Kurt Angle. But, he doesn’t bet, because it is against his morals. But anyway, he challenged Hernandez to win a match WITHOUT interference and BY HIMSELF tonight!

    -Commercial break-

    Rhino cut a backstage promo insisting that the Frontline needed him in order to succeed.

    Match 1: Homicide vs Chris Sabin w/Alex Shelley
    Fun, fast-paced match. Sabin took control early on after Shelley tripped up Homicide from the outside. Sabin requested that Shelley not interfere, but proceeded to take advantage of the opportunity provided for him by his tag team partner. After a long stretch of control by Sabin, Homicide reversed a powerbomb into a face buster to turn the tide, and gets a nearfall for his efforts. It turned back into a struggle for control until Homicide popped him with an arched big boot. Three Amigos and a frog splash later, Homicide got the win.
    Winner via pinfall: Homicide (8:22)

    Post-match, Homicide signaled for Shelley’s X-Division Championship

    Christopher Daniels was backstage and said that, come Against All Odds, he will have earned himself a TNA Championship match. And that’s not just a promise, it’s a prophecy.

    -Commercial break-

    Match 2: Matt Morgan w/Abyss vs Jimmy Rave w/Lance Rock
    Morgan of course used his size and power to throw around Jimmy Rave, but Rave proved to be the smarter (and more douche bag of a) man by continuously leaving the ring to regroup. When a failed big boot got Morgan hung up on the rope, Rave tries to ware down the leg, but Morgan had little trouble fighting back into it. He picked Rave up for the Hellevator, but Rave floated over and rolled him up from behind. With some help from the ring ropes and Lance Rock’s pull from outside of the ring, Rave got another surprising pin over the big man!
    Winner via pinfall: Jimmy Rave (5:56)

    Jimmy Rave scurried out of the ring and up the ramp with Lance Rock before Abyss and Morgan could get their hands on him.

    Eric Young was backstage and he said that Rhino is delusional, and that the Frontline didn’t need him to succeed. He said that they’ve tried to be nice, but here’s the harsh reality: Rhino is a washed up worker who didn’t have much talent to begin with. He said that if Rhino wanted to prove himself so bad, he could do so against him at Against All Odds. But he warned Rhino that all that will come of a match between the two is the revelation of Rhino’s true status as a wrestler.

    -Commercial break-

    Match 3: Alex Shelley vs Consequences Creed [Non-Title]
    Started out on the mat, with Creed really surprising Shelley with his amateur skills. Shelley tried a German suplex, but Creed flipped through it and hit a nice reverse DDT for a two count. He went on to have a brief but surprising control segment over Shelley, but when he went up top and leapt off for a flying crossbody, Shelley rolled through with tights to get the pin.
    Winner via pinfall: Alex Shelley (6:12)

    Shelley offered a handshake, but Creed was pissed about Shelley holding the tights. Lethal ran down and told Creed it’s okay, that’s just the way Shelley is. Creed shook his hand, and Lethal told him to keep his chin up.

    Homicide and Hernandez talked to Lauren about their respective matches at Against All Odds. Homicide said that Shelley could whine and bitch all he wants about how unfair it is, but the bottom line is that he earned his title shot, and didn’t negotiate it the way Shelley did his tag title shot. Hernandez said that he hasn’t had a problem proving himself the past two weeks, and he’d have no problem doing it tonight, and again on Sunday when he beats Sting for the world title.

    -Commercial break-

    A video about Christopher Daniels’ history in TNA airs, specifically about all the classic match-ups he’s had with both AJ Styles and Samoa Joe.

    Match 4: Phenomenal Angels [Styles/Daniels] vs Los Infernales [Averno/Mephisto]
    If you blink, you probably would have missed a series of four or five moves; that’s how fast this was. If you blink, you probably would have missed a series of four or five moves; that’s how fast this was. Styles and Daniels pulled out all sorts of their old double-team moves, and Daniels got to run through a bunch of his offense in his comeback match. Still, the luchas continued to surprise everybody with their flippity stuff and good control over the established TNA workers. In the end, Mephisto got hit the Hi-Lo, and then he was chucked to the outside. Averno ate a Frog Splash from Styles, and then the Best Moonsault ever from Daniels! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winners via pinfall: AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels, the Phenomenal Angels (8:32)

    After the match, AJ Styles said that the Front Line had been rejuvenated, and that was just what he needed to get himself back into the mindset to gain the world championship. After the TNA Originals beat the Main Event mafia at Against All Odds, Styles said he was ready to take the TNA Championship at Destination X.

    -Commercial break-

    James Storm drove up to Tallahassee and asked to speak to Governor Charlie Crist about being his tag team partner. The secretary told him that he needed to leave and take the camera with him. He then offered her the tag team slot, but she declined.

    Match 5: Roxxi Laveaux vs Raisha Saeed w/Awesome Kong
    Saeed tried to fight with some backhand chops, but Roxxi’s straight up punches put her to shame. A Voodoo Drop ends this one pretty quickly.
    Winner via pinfall: Roxxi Laveaux (3:43)

    Awesome Kong helped up Raisha, who demanded that Kong attack Roxxi. Kong didn’t listen and instead had another stare down with Roxxi Laveaux.

    -Commercial break-

    Backstage, Mick Foley announced from his office that TNA was taking steps to stay connected with the international wrestling community, as we could tell with the introductions of Los Infernales, Doug Williams, and such. Therefore, Against All Odds would mark the first of a monthly International Invitational in which foreign wrestlers are free to come to TNA PPVs to show off their talent. To start things off, on Sunday we would see Volador go one on one with Alex Koslov; both gentlemen were in the 2008 World X Cup.

    The Main Event Mafia, minus Kurt Angle, was backstage in their locker room. Steiner asked if they should go out with Angle during his match with Hernandez, but Sting said that he thought they should stay back. He really wanted to watch this match, as he’s never actually seen Hernandez wrestle. Nash said that he may not be taking this seriously enough, and Sting just said, “we’ll see.”

    Petey Williams was backstage with Lauren. She asks why he’s got such hatred toward Steiner, and Williams gets cut an emotion promo about how he looked up to Steiner as a father, and then he turned his back on him. He said he felt betrayed, and he’d let that pent-up anger out on the entire Mafia on Sunday.

    -Commercial break-

    Samoa Joe was in the back and promised that he was going to kick some ass on Sunday and guarantee himself a match against Sting. He said that now that he knew where Nash’s loyalties lied, he would not make the same mistake that he made at Bound For Glory.

    Match 6: Sean Hernandez vs Kurt Angle
    Hernandez started out by throwing his weight around a bit, but he got way too comfortable and Angle started to take over. He immediately targeted the ankle, but Hernandez was able to shake him off for the most part. As the match went on though, Angle got more and more ankle work in, and it got harder for Hernandez to complete his offense. Lots of big power stuff from Hernandez, but when he got his boot stuck on the top rope, Angle really went after the ankle. They went back and forth for a while now, and by the end Hernandez could barely put weight on his left foot. Angle surprisingly got off a Belly to Belly and pulled down the straps, and he put in the Ankle Lock! After a long struggle, Hernandez showed his amazing strength and powered to one leg, then RIPPED Angle off him and pulled him up for the Border Toss!! He crawled over clutched at his ankle, but hooked a leg! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall: Hernandez (15:35)

    Hernandez walked around outside of the ring, really favoring his ankle, to celebrate with the fans. While he was rejoicing his huge victory, Sting walked out with his title belt held holds it up on the rampway. Super-Mex motioned for the championship as the show closed.

    Oh, and Mike Tenay HOPES TO SEE YOU ON SUNDAY~!

    Against All Odds (February 8, 2009)

    TNA World Championship
    Sting[c] vs Sean Hernandez

    Elimination Tag Team Match
    AJ Styles/Samoa Joe/Petey Williams/Christopher Daniels vs Kurt Angle/Kevin Nash/Booker T/Scott Steiner

    TNA Knockouts Championship
    Awesome Kong[c] vs Roxxi Laveaux

    TNA Tag Team Championship
    Two Crazy Negroes[c] vs Motor City Machineguns

    TNA X-Division Championship
    Alex Shelley[c] vs Homicide

    Rhino vs Eric Young

    Abyss/Matt Morgan vs Rock N Rave Connection

    International Invitational
    Volador vs Alex Koslov

    Go read my TNA BTB.

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    Re: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    Okay, I'm doing this differently than I originally planned. It would just take too long for me to post 2 and a half year's worth of shows, I don't know what I was thinking. Instead, here are the quick results of PPVs leading up to Bound For Glory 2010.

    Genesis 2009
    Alex Shelley def. Chris Sabin to win the X-Division title
    Sheik Abdul Bashir def. Shane Sewell
    2 Crazy Negroes[c] def. James Storm/Sonjay Dutt to retain the tag team titles
    Mick Foley/AJ Styles/Brother Devon def. Kevin Nash/Booker T/Scott Steiner
    Awesome Kong[c] def. Christie Hemme to retain the Knockouts title
    Sting[c] def. Rhino to retain the TNA title
    Kurt Angle def. Jeff Jarrett

    Against All Odds 2009
    2 Crazy Negroes[c] def. MCMG to retain the tag titles
    Eric Young def. Rhino by DQ
    Awesome Kong[c] def. Roxxi Laveaux to retain the Knockouts title
    Abyss and Matt Morgan def. Rock ‘N Rave
    Alex Shelley[c] def. Homicide to retain the X-Division title
    Alex Koslov def. Volador
    Christopher Daniels/AJ Styles/Samoa Joe/Petey Williams def. Kurt Angle/Booker T/Scott Steiner/Kevin Nash
    Sting[c] def. Hernandez to retain the TNA title

    Destination X 2009
    The Redcoats def. Chris Sabin/Consequences Creed
    Patrick Schulz def. Tyson Dux
    Jimmy Rave def. Abyss
    Awesome Kong[c] def. Roxxi Laveaux to retain the Knockouts title
    Alex Shelley[c] def. Lethal to retain the X-Division title
    Petey Williams/Low Ki def. Booker T/Scott Steiner
    Samoa Joe def. Rhino
    Sting[c] def. Christopher Daniels by DQ

    Lockdown 2009
    Abyss def. Jimmy Rave
    Roxxi Laveaux def. ODB
    America’s Most Wanted[c] def. Chris Sabin/Consequences Creed
    Masato Tanaka def. BxB Hulk
    Awesome Kong[c] def. Daisy Haze, Angelina Love to retain the Knockouts title
    Eric Young def. Rhino
    Alex Shelley[c] def. Jay Lethal to retain the X-Division title
    Sting[c] def. Christopher Daniels to retain the TNA title
    Kurt Angle/Kevin Nash/Booker T/Steiner def. Samoa Joe/Styles/Petey Williams/Low Ki in Lethal Lockdown

    Sacrifice 2009
    Chris Sabin/Consequences Creed/Los Infernales def. The Redcoats/Jihad
    Booker T/Scott Steiner def. Team Canada [Young/Williams]
    Rhino def. Jay Lethal
    Team 3D def. America’s Most Wanted
    Angelina Love def. Awesome Kong[c] to win the Knockouts title
    Low Ki def. Kenny Omega
    Christopher Daniels def. Alex Shelley[c] to win the X-Division title
    Booker T/Scott Steiner def. Team 3D to win the tag team titles
    Samoa Joe and AJ Styles def. Sting and Kurt Angle

    Slammiversary 2009
    Latin American Exchange def. No Limit
    Abyss def. Brutus Magnus
    Low Ki def. Rhino
    Chris Hero def. Shark Boy
    Team Canada def. MCMG, 2CN, AMW
    Roxxi Laveaux def. Angelina Love[c] to win the Knockouts title
    Hiroshi Tanahashi def. Christopher Daniels[c] to win the X-Division title
    Booker T/Scott Steiner[c] def. Team 3D to retain the titles and retire Team 3D
    Christian Cage won King of the Mountain to win the TNA title

    Victory Road 2009
    Teddy Hart def. Jimmy Jacobs
    Angelina Love def. Roxxi Laveaux[c], Raisha Saeed, Taylor Wilde to win the Knockouts title
    2 Crazy Negroes def The Briscoe Brothers
    AMW def. Team Canada[c] to win the tag titles
    Ravarian def. Abyss/Sabu
    Homicide[c] def. Christopher Daniels, Low Ki to retain the X-Division title
    Kurt Angle def. AJ Styles
    Samoa Joe/MCMG def. Cage/Tomko/Rhino, Sting/Booker T/Steiner

    Hard Justice 2009
    Team Canada def. 2 Crazy Negroes
    Ray Gonzales def. Shane Sewell
    Low Ki def. Christopher Daniels
    AMW/Roode def. MCMG/Jacobs
    Abyss/Sabu/Matt Morgan def. Raven/Ravarian
    AJ Styles/Jerry Lynn def. Booker T/Scott Steiner
    Sting def. Kevin Nash
    Sean Waltman def. Homicide[c] to win the X-Division title
    Christian Cage[c] def. Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe to retain the TNA title

    No Surrender 2009
    Rhino/Tomko def. 2 Crazy Negroes
    Doug Williams/Nigel McGuiness def. Los Infernales
    Robert Roode def. Samoa Joe
    AJ Styles def. Kurt Angle
    Team Canada def. Booker T/Scott Steiner
    Christopher Daniels def. Sean Waltman[c], Low Ki, Homicide to win the X-Division title
    Motor City Machineguns def. America’s Most Wanted[c] by DQ
    Raven/Frankie Kazarian def. RVD/Sabu, Rock ‘N Rave, Abyss/Matt Morgan
    AJ Styles def. Robert Roode
    Christian Cage[c] def. Sting to retain the TNA title

    Bound For Glory V
    Los Infernales/Volador/Mistico def. The Axis Powers
    Robert Roode def. Jimmy Jacobs
    Bryan Danielson def. Doug Williams
    Homicide def. Sean Waltman
    Petey Williams def. Scott Steiner
    Rob Van Dam def. Jimmy Rave, Frankie Kazarian, Abyss in Monster’s Ball
    Daisy Haze def. Angelina Love[c] to win the Knockouts title
    Low Ki def. Christopher Daniels[c] to win the X-Division title
    Motor City Machineguns def. America’s Most Wanted[c] to win the tag titles
    Samoa Joe def. Kurt Angle in a Loser Leaves Town match
    AJ Styles def. Christian Cage[c] to win the TNA title

    Turning Point 2009
    America’s Most Wanted[c] def. Los Infernales to retain the tag titles
    Robert Roode def. Eric Young
    Abyss def. Raven
    Low Ki[c] def. Doug Williams, Homicide, Petey Williams to win the X-Division title
    Booker T def. Kevin Nash
    Chris Sabin def. Alex Shelley by DQ
    Kurt Angle def. Samoa Joe
    AJ Styles def. Rob Van Dam to retain the TNA title

    Final Resolution 2009
    Doug Williams def. Homicide
    Tyson Tomko def. Sean Waltman
    Robert Roode def. Eric Young
    Christopher Daniels def. Abyss, Raven
    3 Crazy Negroes def. Kevin Nash/AMW
    Alex Shelley def. Low Ki[c] to win the X-Division title
    Kurt Angle def; Mick Foley
    AJ Styles[c] def. Rob Van Dam to retain the TNA title in a ladder match

    Genesis 2010
    Low Ki def. Jimmy Jacobs
    Robert Roode/Monty Brown def. Abyss/Matt Morgan
    Petey Williams def. Eric Young
    Tyson Tomko/Rhino def. Kevin Nash/Sean Waltman
    Raven def. Christopher Daniels by DQ
    LAX def. The Redcoats
    Alex Shelley[c] def. Volador to win the X-Division title
    America’s Most Wanted[c] def. 2 Crazy Negroes to retain the tag titles
    Kurt Angle def. AJ Styles[c] to win the TNA title

    Against All Odds 2010
    LAX def. The Axis Powers [Koslov/Kiyoshi]
    Team Canada [Young/Dux] def. 2 Crazy Negroes w/ Booker T
    Tyson Tomko/Rhino def. Abyss/Matt Morgan
    Low Ki def. Doug Williams
    Christopher Daniels/Ravarian def. Rob Van Dam/Sabu/Raven
    Alex Shelley[c] def. Petey Williams to retain the X-Division title
    America’s Most Wanted[c] def. Robert Roode/Monty Brown to retain the tag titles
    Kurt Angle[c] def. AJ Styles to retain the TNA title

    Destination X 2010
    Team Canada def. The Hooliganz
    Low Ki def. Doug Williams
    Robert Roode/Monty Brown def. 2 Crazy Negroes
    Shawn Hernandez/Chuck Taylor def. Sean Waltman/BG James
    Tyson Tomko def. Rhino
    America’s Most Wanted[c] def. Rob Van Dam/Sabu to retain the tag titles
    Alex Shelley[c] def. Homicide, Petey Williams, Alex Viktor Koslov to retain the X-Division title
    Kurt Angle[c] def. Christian Cage, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels to retain the TNA title

    Lockdown 2010
    Christopher Daniels def. Rob Van Dam
    Sean Hernandez def. Rhino
    The Hooliganz def. Team Canada
    Homicide won an X-Scape match
    America’s Most Wanted[c] def. Ravarian to retain the tag titles
    Samoa Joe/Styles/Sabin/Tomko/Collyer def. Jarrett/Angle/Roode/Monty/Shelley in Lethal Lockdown

    Sacrifice 2010
    AJ Styles def. Robert Roode
    Team Canada def. 2 Crazy Negroes, Ravarian, Abyss/Matt Morgan
    America’s Most Wanted[c] def. The Hooliganz to retain the tag team titles
    Sean Hernandez def. Rhino
    Samoa Joe def. Kevin Nash
    Mick Foley def. Jeff Jarrett
    Chris Sabin def. Alex Shelley[c] by DQ
    Christopher Daniels def. Rob Van Dam
    Kurt Angle[c] def. Tyson Tomko to retain the TNA title

    Slammiversary 2010
    Ravarian def. 2 Crazy Negroes
    Low Ki def. Alex Viktor Koslov
    Team Canada def. America’s Most Wanted[c] to win the tag team titles
    Alex Shelley def. Chris Sabin in an unsanctioned match
    Samoa Joe def. AJ Styles
    Kurt Angle won KOTM to retain the TNA title

    Victory Road 2010
    Koslov/Petey/TJ Perkins/Doug Bailout Brothers def. Styles/Homicide/Low Ki/Hooliganz/Steamboat Jr
    Sean Hernandez/Chuck Taylor def. Robert Roode/Kevin Nash
    The Enlightened def. 3 Crazy Negroes
    America’s Most Wanted def. Team Canada[c] to win the tag team titles
    Alex Shelley[c] def. Jimmy Jacobs to retain the X-Division title
    Homicide def. Alex Shelley[c] by count out
    Samoa Joe def. Kurt Angle[c] to win the TNA title

    Hard Justice 2010
    Ricky Steamboat Jr def. Sean Morley
    Robert Roode def. Tyson Tomko
    Chad Collyer def. Petey Williams
    Abyss/Matt Morgan vs Eric Young/Tyson Dux
    Ravarian def. America’s Most Wanted[c] to win the tag team titles
    Alex Shelley/Rhino def. Latin American Exchange
    Bailout def. The Hooliganz
    Christopher Daniels def. Booker T
    Samoa Joe[c] def. AJ Styles to retain the TNA title

    No Surrender 2010
    Alex Shelley[c] def. Paul London, Brian Kendrick to retain the X-Division title
    Robert Roode def. Tyson Tomko
    Bailout def. Los Infernales
    Sean Hernandez def. Low Ki
    Jay Lethal/Booker T def. Ravarian[c] to win the tag team titles
    Kurt Angle def. Jeff Jarrett
    Matt Morgan, Tyson Tomko, Monty Brown, and Viktor Koslov were the final four of the TV title battle royal
    Chris Sabin def. Jimmy Jacobs
    Team Canada def. America’s Most Wanted/Chad Collyer
    Samoa Joe[c] def Christopher Daniels to retain the TNA title


    I'll post Bound For Glory 2010 later tonight, and then from there I'll post quick results from TV shows, and then post PPV in full. That means it will only take like 6-7 posts to get all caught up. Any questions on how anything went down, please ask. Some storylines I try to forget I booked, but others I'd be glad to outline a bit more. Once I'm done catching up, I'll go back to the first post and edit in the roster and title histories to reflect what they are today.

    Go read my TNA BTB.

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    Re: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    Here's BFG 2010, TNA's version of Wrestlemania. I don't need to add much context I don't think, as I had already written in bullet points before each match to review what led to each match. Pretty much every feud had been brewing for at least 3 months, most of them more than that, and some of them for as long as a year. Oh, I should say that by this point I had gotten rid of the Knockouts division, so the single match in the pre-show would have just been a special attraction thing. I should also say that I never write shows this long, except for BFG.

    TJ Perkins/Scott Lost over James Gibson/D’Lo Brown
    Matt Morgan over Kenny King
    Awesome Kong over Roxxi Laveaux
    Jimmy Jacobs over Viktor Koslov, Amazing Red
    Abyss over Rhino

    TNA Bound For Glory VI
    UCF Arena
    Orlando, FL
    October 10, 2010

    EXCITEMENT~!~!~!~!~!~!~! OMFG WOWOWOW! Commentary was Mike Tenay, Jim Cornette, and Taz tonight, and they welcomed us to the PPV.

    Little Wayne Skype’d in from jail to sing the National Anthem for the show.

    Back to commentary, they hyped this up as the biggest show of the year for TNA, and the Super Bowl of professional wrestling. They guaranteed a memorable night, and they hyped up the entire card.

    From ringside, Jeremy Borash described the rules for Tag Team Turmoil: two teams start off, and when one is beaten, another team will replace them. This will continue until all of the participating have come out, and the winning team is the one left standing.

    Match 1: Tag Team Turmoil
    Starting bout: The Redcoats [Doug Williams/Dave Taylor] vs The Young Bucks
    The Young bucks immediately tossed The Redcoats to the floor and followed up with stereo corkscrew planchas. They went back into the ring, but Taylor and Williams quickly took over with stiff strikes and brutal mat work. Max Buck got off a springboard wheel kick and went up top for a missile dropkick, but Doug moved out of the way, then hit him with the Chaos Theory to get the pin.
    Eliminated: The Young Bucks (2:15)

    Williams and Taylor waited around for a bit for the next entrants, until out came … SHELTON BENJAMIN AND CHARLIE HAAS OH SHIT.

    Next participants: World’s Greatest Tag Team (2:20)
    WGTT immediately just started bumping them around with big suplexes. It went back-and-forth for a couple minutes, but Haas scored with a huge gutwrench suplex to Williams, and he rolled to the outside. Taylor suffered the German Suplex/Superkick combination to lose.
    Eliminated: The Redcoats (5:40)

    Next participants: Jihad [Sheik Abdul Bashir/Sonjay Dutt] (5:40)
    The quasi-terrorists came right in started literally running around the ring and jumping off the ropes. Dutt tried a springboard hurricanrana, but Benjamin countered it into a powerbomb. Bashir tried an enzuigiri, but Haas ducked it AND PUT IN THE HAAS OF PAIN~! Bashir quickly tapped.
    Eliminated: Jihad (6:10)

    Next participants: The James Gang (6:10)
    BG and Kip used some cheap tricks to take over for a bit, and they had a really aggressive beatdown of Haas. He came back pretty quickly, and this was mostly some more of a showcase for WGTT. Haas did get hit with the Pumphandle Slam at one point and so his back was giving him problems, but Benjamin hit BG with the T-Bone to pin him shortly thereafter.
    Eliminated: The James Gang (7:54)

    Next participants: Chad Collyer/Roderick Strong (7:54)
    Really fucking awesome mat wrestling from all four guys. Collyer and Strong took the advantage, probably due to WGTT being more fatigued. Collyer blocked a T-Bone Suplex from Benjamin, and hit one of his own! Strong got in and worked over his back, and they had him isolated for a while. He floated out of a vertical suplex from Collyer and did his falling neckbreaker counter, and tagged in Haas! He cleaned house, and soon all four guys were just going balls to the wall. End came when Benjamin did his super black guy jump to the top and pulled Strong down with a tossing suplex! He got up, but he walked right into a Gargoyle Suplex from Collyer! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Eliminated: World’s Greatest Tag Team (14:02)

    Next participants: The Briscoe Brothers (14:02)
    The Briscoes ran right in and started punching the shit out of both Collyer and Strong. Roddy stepped up and traded strikes with Jay, but he got caught him in the corner after missing a Sick Kick, and the Briscoes took over. They just generally beat the shit out of him, but Strong got a flash backslide! ONE … TWO … THR – Jay got out! Mark got in the ring and charged, but Roddy caught him and hit an STO Backbreaker! He tagged in Collyer, and the two guys cleaned house. They hit their Belly-to-Belly/Backbreaker Combination on Mark, and covered to win.
    Eliminated: The Briscoe Brothers (18:48)

    Next participants: The Smokin’ Gunns (18:48)
    Bart Gunn tried a big right hook, but Collyer ducked and knocked him out with a punch of his own. Kip got pinned by the Strong Backbreaker.
    Eliminated: The Smokin’ Gunns (19:01)

    Next participants: Ravarian [Frankie Kazarian/Jimmy Rave] (19:01)
    Ravarian was slow to get in the ring, and when they did they lured Strong to their corner and kept him isolated with aggressive neck work. He managed to catch a Jimmy Rave flying crossbody and hit a rolling backbreaker, then tagged in Collyer! He cleaned house with big suplexes and got off a Gargoyle Suplex on Kaz! ONE … TWO … THRE – Rave broke it up! Collyer tried a German on him, but he elbowed away and dropped him with a DDT! Kazarian dragged him to the heel corner, where he was isolated for a bit. Kaz tried the Wave of the Future, but Collyer spun out and hit a big belly-to-belly! He crawled over to make the hot tag, but Kaz made the tag first, and Rave cut off the tag! He tried the All the Rave, but Collyer pushed him away and hit a big lariat! He almost made the tag again, but Kazarian ran across and knocked Strong off the apron! Collyer grabbed Kaz from behind and hit the Everest German, but then he stood up right into the All the Rave! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Eliminated: Chad Collyer/Roderick Strong (25:48)

    Next participants: Raven/Sabu (25:48)
    Ravarian looked scared shitless, and commentary went nuts at the fact that Raven and Sabu were here to take on the guys that helped put out Rob Van Dam! Sabu and Raven came out with chairs, and they slid in the ring! Ravarian begged for mercy, BUT THE EXTREMISTS NAILED EACH GUY IN THE SKULL!
    Eliminated by disqualification: Raven/Sabu (26:07)

    Raven and Sabu kept beating them with chairs until some security could force them to the back. Ravarian were knocked down in the ring alone, until…

    HEY YO~

    Next participants: The Outsiders (26:07)
    Nash and Hall sprinted down. Nash quickly hit Rave with the Jackknife! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Eliminated: Ravarian (26:20)

    Next Participants: No Limit (26:20)
    The little Japs ran down, but Naito ran right into a big boot from Nash. Takahashi kicked Hall in the gut and ran off the ropes, but Hall got him with a sidewalk slam! He pulled him up and hit the Outsider’s Edge to get the pin!
    Eliminated: No Limit (26:42)

    Next Participants: The Steiner Brothers (26:42)
    YEAH! Scott Steiner got right in Kevin’s face, and commentary brought up the unfinished business that Scott had with the former guys in the Main Event Mafia. They mouthed off, allowing Hall to take a cheap shot at Rick! The two legendary teams broke out into a brawl, until the ref forced them to separate and Rick was left being isolated. Nash pointed at Scott on the apron and went for the Jackknife, but Rick body dropped away, and then hit Nash with a side suplex! HOT TAG TO SCOTT STEINER~! Suplexes everywhere. Rick tackled Hall to the outside, leaving Nash to suffer a Steinerline in the ring. Scott put in the Steiner Recliner and Nash tapped.
    Eliminated: The Outsiders (29:44)

    Next Participants: The Beautiful People (29:44)
    The former Knockouts walked down to the ring seductively. They brought the Steiners into the middle of the ring and tried to seduce them. The Steiners looked at each other, AND THEN PUNCHED THE WOMEN IN THE FAZES~! Steiner hit Velvet Sky with a Steiner Screwdriver because he’s the fucking man, and he pinned her.
    Eliminated: The Beautiful People (30:23)

    Next Participants: Billy & Chuck (30:03)
    Scott Steiner shouted that he hates faggots, and he punched Kip James in the face. Chuck Palumbo took a German Suplex from Rick, and then Scott set Kip up top to hit a FRANKENSTEINER FUCK YEAH! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Eliminated: Billy & Chuck (30:24)

    Next Participants: Konnan/Juventud Guerrera (30:24)
    The Steiners caught them coming in right away with big suplexes. They bumped the smaller guys around for a bit, but the Juice got an undetected low blow on Rick and they took over. Rick nearly got the hot tag, but Konnan cut him off with the Tequila Sunrise! He tackled Scott off the apron, and tagged in Guerrera, who hit a Moonsault to get the three-count.
    Eliminated: The Steiner Brothers (33:56)

    Bailout came out with JBL, and all three got in the ring. Konnan and Juventud immediately attacked Bailout and bounced them around, but JBL creamed Konnan with a big boot from behind, and then surprised Guerrera with a Clothesline From Hell. JBL called them stupid Mexicans and said that Bailout isn’t the next team in this Tag Team Turmoil. It’s him. And his partner…


    Bailout went to ringside as Ron Simmons joined JBL in the ring.

    Next Participants: The Acolytes (34:30)
    Simmons immediately killed Guerrera with a Spinebuster, and then pinned to win.
    Eliminated: Konnan/Juventud Guerrera (34:38)

    Next Participants: Psychosis/Super Crazy (34:38)
    The luchas did their high-flying for a bit, and the APA bumped big, but they came back when JBL caught Psychosis from a crossbody and hit a fallaway slam. From there the big guys tossed them around for a bit. Super Crazy made a brief comeback after a hurricanrana from the top, but he turned right into the Clothesline From Hell, and was pinned.
    Eliminated: Psychosis/Super Crazy (38:59)

    Next Participants: Super Porky/Puppet (38:59)
    The midgets ran down, and JBL DESTROYED Porky with a big boot. He had Simmons chuck Puppet into him to hit a Clothesline From Hell in midair, and then he pinned him.
    Eliminated: Super Porky/Puppet (39:11)

    Next Participants: The Bailout Brothers [Elijah Burke/Davey Richards] (39:11)
    Burke and Richards climbed into the ring from the floor, and JBL just laughed, AND THEN HIT SIMMONS WITH A CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! He helped Bailout pull Simmons up and hit the Bankruptcy, and helped Bailout advance.
    Eliminated: The Acolytes (39:21)

    Next Participants: Los Infernales (39:21)
    The luchas ran down, but instead of flying around, they just started throwing punches! Commentary brought up their recent history, probably attributing to the HATE~. Bailout bumped around big, until Davey Richards LEVELED Averno with a sick lariat. He started punching the shit out of him, and Burke joined in some and was pretty angry as well. The teams went back-and-forth for a bit, UNTIL MEPHISTO HIT A SNAP RANA TO BURKE! He went up top, and Davey ran into the ring, but Averno intercepted him with a crossbody! Mephisto looked down at Burke! MOONSAULT! ONE … TWO … THRE – Davey JUST made the save! He slapped the shit out of Mephisto and tried a DDT, but Mephisto shoved him away and hit a spinning wheel kick! He turned around, but Burke got him with a big uppercut! Burke celebrated over him, but turned around into a running leg lariat from Averno! Los Infernales wrestled Burke into the corner and set him up for the Spanish Fly! But JBL hopped onto the apron! Averno turned and kicked him off, but it allowed Burke to shove Averno to the floor! He punched at Mephisto, and Davey came over to help. He grabbed Mephisto, AND HE AND BURKE HIT A POWERBOMB/FLYING LEG LARIAT COMBO! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Eliminated: Los Infernales (43:50)

    JBL climbed into the ring to celebrated with Bailout, seemingly thinking they had won. They started to head to the back, but….


    Next Participants: Team 3D (43:50)
    Bailout had no idea what was coming! Team 3D, forced into retirement 16 months ago, rushed the ring and took them by storm with quick clotheslines! The crowd was going nuts! At first Bailout fought back, but eventually Team 3D just overran them with momentum. They ran through all their signature stuff, and topped it off with the Whassup Headbutt to Burke! ONE … TWO … THR – Burke kicked out! Devon pulled him up and they tried the 3D, but Richards broke it up with a Mafia Kick to Brother Ray! He and Devon got up for the Bankruptcy! ONE … TWO … THR – RAY BROKE IT UP! Davey charged him, but Ray ducked and dumped him to the outside! Burke grabbed Ray from behind, but he elbowed him away and sent him into a powerslam from Devon! Burke staggered to his feet! 3D!!!!! ONE … TWO … THRE – DAVEY DOVE TO SAVE! DDT to Devon! Ray grabbed him and tried the Bubba Bomb, but Davey elbowed away and slapped him into a roundhouse by Burke! They picked him up! BANKRUPTCY! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Eliminated: Team 3D (47:21)
    Winners of the Tag Team Turmoil: Elijah Burke and Davey Richards … Bailout!

    Burke and Richards slid out of the ring and celebrated up the ramp with JBL. Team 3D got up in the ring and looked pissed.

    (Well, that was probably too long. Fun to write though. I’d recommend at least skimming it to see which teams made cameos.)

    Dixie Carter was backstage talking with Lauren. She hyped up how big tonight is for TNA, and also plugged the fact that she would announce the new Impact GM this Thursday on Impact.

    Backstage, Homicide cut a promo and said that Sean Hernandez is a sack of shit, pure and simple. He said that all untalented meat heads have these undefeated streaks, then lose to a warrior, and then go back into obscurity. He said that he’s the toughest warrior in the world today, and tonight he would beat the shit out of Hernandez and make sure the only thing he’s remembered for is being the guy who lost to Homicide at Bound For Glory 6.

    AJ Styles arrived backstage, and commentary hyped up the feelings that AJ must be feeling tonight.

    A promo played hyping the Tomko/Monty match for the TV Title.
    - Tomko beats Monty in the KOTM qualifier, and post-match Monty goes nuts and attacks the ref, earning a suspension.
    - Monty returns and attacks Tomko, leading to a PPV match that Monty wins.
    - Monty helps Roode beat Tomko two times on PPV.
    - Dixie Carter announces the introduction of a TNA TV Title, along with an open-invitational battle royal to determine the four guys who will make up the TV Title tournament.
    - Tomko enters himself into the TV Title Battle Royal at the last minute.
    - Monty beats Matt Morgan, and Tomko beats Viktor Koslov
    - Their TV Title match is billed as the rubber match

    Dixie Carter was at ringside with the brand new Television Champion on her lap.

    Match 2: Tyson Tomko vs Monty Brown [TNA Television Championship]
    The big guys went right in for a lock-up and struggled for control. Eventually Monty got a good amount of momentum and he powered Tomko into the ropes, and then shoved him up over the top rope and to the outside! Tomko crumbled on the floor on the outside and looked surprised at Monty’s strength. He rolled back in and they locked up again, and this time Tomko powered Monty to the ropes and he sent him over the top rope and to the floor below! Monty was piiiiiissed on the floor, but he climbed back in. They stared off for a while, and commentary built up the power of both guys. Finally after a lot of circling around, THEY RAN TO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING AND STARTED TRADING BLOWS YEAH! The punched the shit out of each other in the ring, and it spilled to the floor! Just a ton of wild brawling in and around the ring, and both guys really dished out stiff punches, slaps, and clubs. Tomko got on a good roll, and then went for a Chokeslam, but Monty pushed him away and escaped to the outside. Tomko followed him out, AND MONTY CHOKESLAMMED HIM ON THE FLOOR! He tossed him into ring! ONE … TWO … THRE – Tomko kicked out! Monty knocked him around for a bit, really working his back, but Tomko shoved away from a powerbomb and caught him coming back with a swinging sidewalk slam! They both went back and forth for a bit, until Tomko hit his Falling Lariat! He got fired up and bumped Monty around, and he eventually connected with the Chokeslam! ONE … TWO … THRE – Monty kicked out! Tomko called for TEH BEWT~, but Monty ducked and tried for a Flying Shoulderblock off the ropes, but Tomko caught him and countered midair into a Samoan Drop! ONE … TWO … THRE – Monty kicked out! Tomko tried TEH BEWT~, again, but Monty ducked and Tomko got hung up on the top rope! He finally broke free, but he turned right into a Flying Shoulderblock! Tomko slowly got up, AND WALKED RIGHT INTO A HUGE POWERBOMB! ONE … TWO … THR – Tomko kicked out! Monty pulled him up and tried the Alpha Bomb, but Tomko floated over AND HIT A HIGH-ANGLE GERMAN SUPLEX! ONE … TWO … THRE – MONTY KICKED OUT! Tomko immediately pulled him up and tried the Argentine Neckbreaker, but Monty swung out, but he was still wobbly on his feet. Tomko ran off the ropes for a Lariat, but Monty ducked AND FUCKING NAILED TOMKO IN THE FACE WITH A SPINNING BACKFIST! Monty collapsed, but managed to crawl over and drape an arm! ONE … TWO … THRE – TOMKO KICKED OUT! Monty was pissed, but he called for the end. He pulled Tomko up and tried the Pounce, but Tomko ran forward to dodge the move, AND HE CAME OFF THE ROPES WITH TEH BEWT~! ONE … TWO … THRE – NO! MONTY KICKED OUT! Tomko couldn’t believe it! He pulled Monty up for the Argentine Neckbreaker, but Monty pulled himself down, and leaned against the ropes. Tomko charged, but Monty ducked and sent him up and over the ropes to the outside! Monty regrouped himself and went to the outside, but Tomko tackled Monty into the apron! He sent him into the ring, and climbed up to the top rope! Monty got up AND TOMKO HIT A FLYING LARIA – NO! MONTY MOVED! Tomko crashed to the mat, and Monty finally got to get back to life. He grabbed Tomko and tried a German Suplex, but Tomko elbowed away and tackled Monty into the corner. He set him up for a Superplex, but Monty fought him off. They traded blows for a while, but Monty hit a sick headbutt to send Tomko down! He slowly got to his feet, AND MONTY CAME OFF WITH A SUPER FLYING SHOUDLERBLOCK! ONE … TWO … THRE – TOMKO KICKED OUT! Monty pulled him up and tried the Alpha Bomb, but Tomko kicked away AND HIT THE CHOKEBOMB! Both guys hit the mat, but Tomko was up first. When Monty got up, Tomko ran off the ropes for TEH BEWT~, but Monty ducked, and Tomko came back off the ropes RIGHT INTO THE POUNCEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! PERIOD~!~!~! ONE … TWO … THREE!!!
    Winner via pinfall and FIRST EVER TNA TELEVISION CHAMPION: MONTY BROWN (15:19)

    Monty Brown celebrated in the ring, and Dixie came in with the brand new title. Monty took it and strapped it around his waist, and celebrated some more. Tomko eventually got up, and they had an intense stare-down, but he returned to the back and let Monty celebrate some more.

    Backstage, Sean Hernandez said that Homicide has enjoyed talking himself up, but the bottom line is that tonight, he would just become #72.

    Ricky Steamboat Jr and Sr were warming up in the back, and commentary said that this will be the first time that the father and son have ever teamed up for the world to see.

    Homicide/Hernandez hype video.
    - Homicide and Hernandez both take a leave from TNA to compete around the world, Homicide in Japan and Hernandez in Mexico.
    - Homicide returns and makes a big splash in the X-Division, including winning the title.
    - Hernandez returns later and embarks on an undefeated streak, eventually becoming obsessed with winning.
    - Homicide gets involved in a feud with Alex Shelley, and Hernandez comes to his aid.
    - Homicide is pinned in a tag team match with Hernandez, and the big man snaps on his tag team partner.
    - Hernandez takes out ‘Cide with a Border Toss into a wall.
    - Low Ki comes to Homicide’s aid, but Hernandez eventually takes him out as well.
    - Homicide returns from his injury, and he and Hernandez have been at each other’s throats since.

    Match 3: Homicide vs Sean Hernandez [Street Fight]
    Hernandez could barely get in the ring before Homicide was on him with fiery punches. Hernandez kept trying to shove him away, but ‘Cide was right back on him with rapid fire. Hernandez finally rolled to the outside, but Homicide followed him out and kept on him! The same happened on the outside, and eventually returned back into the ring. Hernandez finally blocked enough shots and returned the favor with a big headbutt to the midsection, and then a couple more. He followed up with a big lariat, and then started stomping Homicide down. He pulled him up and tried the Border Toss, but Homicide slid down and came off the ropes with a clothesline! But Hernandez no-sold it! Homicide tried another, but nothing! He tried one more! Still nothing! He ran off the ropes again, and Hernandez tried a clothesline, but Homicide slid under Hernandez’ legs, ran off the ropes and tried a crossbody, but Hernandez caught him and chucked him with a fallaway slam! He started beating the shit out of Homicide some more, and he started choking him out with the ropes, and the ref couldn’t stop it. He started to target Homicide’s ribs, but ‘Cide knew what was coming, and he desperately fought back with punches and elbows. He kept trying to get the big man down, but he never could, and all his attempts just turned into Hernandez crushing him, and increasing the intensity of his attacks to the ribs. After Homicide nearly connected with the 187, Hernandez got nervous and tried to end it quickly with the Spear, but Homicide jumped over it, and Hernandez hit the corner! He stumbled out, and Homicide came off with a clothesline, and Hernandez started reeling! Homicide exploded with rapid elbows, and Hernandez reeled some more, but wouldn’t go down! He hit another clothesline, and Hernandez nearly lost his balance! He ran off the ropes for another one, BUT HERNANDEZ EXPLODED WITH A SPEAR!! He shook the cobwebs out and covered Homicide! ONE … TWO … THRE – HOMICIDE KICKED OUT! Hernandez regrouped himself and pulled Homicide up for the Border Toss, but Homicide slipped down again, and came off the ropes with a Springboard Reverse Elbow, and Hernandez reeled again! Homicide ran off the opposite ropes and hit a Low Ki-esque Springboard Roundhouse, and Hernandez had to widen his stance to keep from falling! Homicide sprinted up the ropes! Missile Dropkick! Hernandez was back on his heels! Homicide ran off the ropes! WEST BROOKLYN LARIAT! HERNANDEZ WENT DOWN! HERNANDEZ WENT DOWN! HOMICIDE JUMPED ON HIM FOR THE COVER! ONE … TWO … THRE – HERNANDEZ KICKED OUT! Homicide spent all his energy and was down on the mat for a while, as was Hernandez. They both finally got up, and Hernandez tried a Lariat, but Homicide ducked down and low bridged him, sending him to the outside, and he followed up with a Tope Con Hilo! He sent Hernandez into the ring post and then steel barricade, but Hernandez quickly turned the tide and started bumping Homicide around on the outside, but Homicide started to rage with elbows, and he tackled Hernandez into the announce booth! He grabbed a television monitor like on Impact, and he swung for Hernandez, but this time Hernandez ducked and surprised Homicide with a Meng Kick! Homicide fell against the table, and Hernandez picked up the TV monitor, AND HE NAILED HOMICIDE IN THE FACE FUCK! Homicide was busted open, and Hernandez immediately picked him up and Military Pressed him into the ring! He followed him in and covered! ONE … TWO … THRE – Homicide got an arm up! Hernandez started beating away at Homicide’s cut, and tearing it open further. Soon his hands were covered in Homicide’s bloody, and he used them to pick Homicide up and hit a Cracker Jack! Instead of covering, he started kicking ‘Cide around and shouting that this what happens to people who lose. After a bunch of toying, he finally picked Homicide up for the Border Toss, but ‘Cide AGAIN slid out. He rested against the ropes and tried to charge, but Hernandez leveled him with a Lariat! He kicked at him some and picked him up for a Powerbomb instead, but when he got him up, HOMICIDE STABBED HIM IN THE SKULL WITH HIS FORK! Hernandez held at his head on the mat, and Homicide, like a fucking sewage rat, just squirmed onto Hernandez’s body and started stabbing at his forehead, cutting him open! He ripped back and forth, and Hernandez tried to roll away, but Homicide grabbed him from behind and put him into a half Camel Clutch, and used his free arm to stab away at Hernandez’s expose face! He started to try to stab him in the eye, and holy shit. Homicide got up, covered in blood, and looked like a fucking lunatic. He pounded his chest and shouted for Hernandez to get up, and then connected with the Three Amigos! He went up top for the Frog Splash, but Hernandez moved! Homicide held at his ribs, but crawled right on top of Hernandez and started punching away, not caring that his midsection was unprotected. Hernandez got in some body shots and managed to shove him away, but he was hesitant to get anywhere near Homicide. He tried to escape the ring, but Homicide pulled him back in attempted the Gringo Killer, but he couldn’t get Hernandez up. Instead, Hernandez body dropped it away, and planted Homicide face-first on the mat behind him! Hernandez called for the end and lined up for the Spear, and he charged, BUT HOMICIDE HIT A FLASH 187! THE COVER! ONE … TWO … THRE – NO! HERNANDEZ JUST KICKED OUT! HOMICIDE COULDN’T BELIEVE IT! He went up top! FROG SPLASH! ONE … TWO … THRE – HERNANDEZ KICKED OUT! FUCK! He went up top again! ONE MORE FROG SPLASH! Instead of keeping the cover, he rolled to the outside and grabbed a steel chair, and chucked (CHUCKED!) it on top of Hernandez! He went up top again! FROG SPLA – NO! HERNANDEZ THREW THE CHAIR UPWARDS AND NAILED HOMICIDE IN MIDAIR! Homicide folded up on the mat, holding at his ribs. He used the ropes to help himself up, gasping for breath, AND HE TURNED AROUND RIGHT INTO THE SPEAR! NO! Hernandez pulled him up! BORDER TOSS INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall: Sean Hernandez (72 – 0) (19:36)

    A bloody Hernandez slowly rose to his feet, after undoubtedly his toughest victory yet. He celebrated in the ring and up the ramp, and he shouted that now we all knew who LAX was built on.

    CONSEQUENCES CREED~ came up to Booker T and Jay Lethal, and told them to go out and be the Negroes that they were meant to be. All three negroes hugged, and yay.

    Backstage, Bryan Danielson cut a promo about how he loves to wrestle, and that’s all he wants to do here in TNA. He said that he’d beat Robert Roode tonight for a few reasons: to prove he’s best in the world, to knock the arrogance out of Robert Roode, and most importantly, to earn himself a spot in this company to give himself a platform to compete from. Christian Cage came up and told Danielson that he’d be in his corner tonight. Danielson said he’d rather go it alone to be honest, but Cage said that he’s new to the managerial thing, but he’s pretty sure he can’t let Danielson do that.

    Christopher Daniels was sitting in a room by himself with the lights dimmed, completely silent. Commentary talked about Christopher Daniels’ long struggle in TNA to climb to the top, and how winning the title tonight would change his life forever.

    A hype video for The Steamboats vs Morley/Lance played.
    - Sean Morley takes Ricky Steamboat Jr under his wing.
    - Steamboat Jr starts to get attention from people, and he finds his way onto Impact and even a PPV match.
    - Morley shows signs of jealousy, and he eventually turns on Ricky for being “ungrateful.”
    - Morley brings in Lance Storm, and they troll Steamboat Jr and TNA in general.
    - Steamboat Jr brings in his father, his true hero, and the two vow to take on Morley and Storm.

    Match 4: The Steamboats vs Sean Morley/Lance Storm
    Steamboat Jr started out with Morley, and they just punched wildly at each other. When Ricky slapped him in the face, Morley shoved him away and demanded The Dragon to beat the shit out of him for raising such a disrespectful son. He obliged, and Morley went to punch him, but Sr ducked and lit him up with chops! He hit him around, and then delivered some to Lance as well. Jr got tagged in and did some work on both guys, but Storm hit a flash Superkick and took over. They isolated him with basic neck work some, but he fought away from Morley’s Half Nelson Suplex, and he hit a standing dropkick! He bumped him around some, AND MADE THE HOT TAG TO HIS DAD! Steamboat Sr again lit both guys up with chops, AND THEN ARM DRAGS FOR EVERYONE FUCK YEAH! Morley and Lance fought back, but the Steamboats got STEREO SMALL PACKAGES YES! ONE … TWO … THRE – Morley broke out of Sr’s! They both got up, AND MORLEY SLAPPED THE DRAGON IN THE FACE! He tried to wrestle him into the Half Nelson Suplex, but Jr pulled him away and hit some big chops! He climbed up top, and his dad pulled Morley up, AND LITTLE RICKY CAME OFF WITH THE FLYING CROSSBODY! ONE … TWO … THRE – LANCE MADE THE SAVE! He kicked at Steamboat Jr, but then turned around INTO A FLYING CROSSBODY FROM STEAMBOAT SR FUCK YESSSS! Morley stumbled up to his feet, and Steamboat Jr grabbed him for the DRAGON SUPLEX! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winners via pinfall: The Steamboats (6:54)

    Father and son celebrated in the ring, and then to the back.

    The Hooliganz were in the back, and they talked up their experience in tag team wrestling, and how TNA has been the best of the best. They said that the veteran Booker T and the fiery young gun Jay Lethal have created a great dynamic, but there’s nothing better than the combination of Paul London and Brian Kendrick. They said that, in all their careers as high-fliers, they had never flown higher than they are tonight, and after they win the titles, they would be higher than ever. Not my chair, not my problem.

    LIVE~ clips from bars across the world of people watching BFG played.

    Roode/Danielson video
    - Bryan Danielson frequently raids TNA shows by getting in through the crowd and ruining matches/segments.
    - Dixie Carter finally gives him mic time, and he explains his actions.
    - Jeff Jarrett and Robert Roode object to Danielson disrupting order, and they push to have Danielson removed from television.
    - Christian Cage takes Danielson under his wing and vows to make him a new star.
    - Cage tries to get Danielson big-time matches, but none of them come through.
    - Danielson just wants to wrestler, so he challenges Collyer to a match, but Roode stops it and says it would put TNA in a legal predicament.
    - Dixie books Danielson vs Roode in a “special appearance” match, and if Danielson wins, he earns himself a TNA contract.

    Match 5: Robert Roode vs Bryan Danielson w/ Christian Cage [Contract on the Line]
    Roode didn’t take Danielson seriously at all, and Danielson made him look like a bitch on the mat. Roode refused to change his game, determined to be better than Danielson in every aspect. So he kept it on the mat, but Danielson continued to outdo him. Roode FINALLY managed to stick a headlock for a couple seconds, and he got a big grin on his face, and then just started punching Danielson in the skull! He got him to the ground and kept pounding away at him. He went to work on his head and neck, but Danielson fought back with punches and elbows, then some kicks and finally an Enzuigiri! ONE … TWO … THR – Roode kicked out! Daniels pulled him up and tried a German Suplex, but Roode shoved him into the ropes and caught him coming back with the Double R Spinebuster! ONE … TWO … THR – Danielson kicked out! Roode pulled him up and tried the Payoff, BUT DANIELSON PULLED HIM INTO A TRAIANGLE CHOKE! He kept pulling, but Roode was close enough to the ropes to get the break. Danielson met him in the corner with a bunch of elbows and he tried a Discus Elbow, but Roode ducked and gave a STIFF elbow to the back of Danielson’s neck! ROODE AWEKANING! ONE … TWO … THRE – Christian put Danielson’s foot on the bottom rope! Roode threw a fit in the ring and started screaming at Christian on the floor, AND HE TURNED AROUND INTO A BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! ONE … TWO … THRE – Roode kicked out! Danielson tried to put him into the Triangle Choke again, but Roode kicked him away! He met him with some big punches and beat him down some. He tried the Payoff, but Danielson pushed away and exploded with big elbows, and then came off the ropes with a big running elbow! Danielson was pumped, and he went up top! FLYING HEADBUT – NO! ROODE MOVED! Danielson groggily got up, AND ROODE HIT THE NORTHERN LARIAT! ONE … TWO … THRE – DANIELSON PUT HIS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE HIMSELF! Roode was irate. He pulled Danielson up for the Payoff again, but Danielson spun away and connected with a roundhouse! Roode reeled in place and Danielson came off the ropes for a clothesline, but Roode got his arm up and both guys went down! They both struggled to their feet, and Christian Cage hopped up on the apron! He shouted for Roode, but Roode ignored him, and Danielson shouted for Christian to get down and leave the match alone! They argued for a brief second, BUT IT LET ROODE HIT ANOTHER NORTHERN LARIAT! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall: Robert Roode (10:23)

    Robert Roode celebrated. Christian slid in and helped up Danielson, who was visibly upset.

    Backstage, Kurt Angle cut a pro-America promo, and America’s Most Wanted joined in. Angle stressed the patriotism, whereas AMW stressed their HATE~ of Team Canada.

    Team Canada saw the interview in the back, and scoffed. Eric Young told Petey and Tyson to go prep the hockey sticks. EY turned to the camera and said that tonight was his night.

    Abyss was in the back screaming that it was 10/10/10 and that “THEY’RE COMING,” but Don West and Shark Boy came over and hit him with a tap dancing pole.

    Booker T/Jay Lethal vs The Hooliganz video
    - Booker T and Jay Lethal finally topple Ravarian and win the tag team titles, and Booker frequently talks about how much it means to him.
    - London and Kendrick come to TNA and are put over as the most exciting team in the business.
    - Londrick has some problems when Kendrick seems afraid to do high-flying moves.
    - Kendrick eventually gets over his fear, and the Hooliganz get back together.
    - Booker and Lethal defend their titles against several teams in very little time, and then accept a challenge from London and Kendrick.

    Match 6: Booker T/Jay Lethal[c] vs The Hooliganz [TNA Tag Team Championships]
    I am not writing this out fully, because I think they could do a better job wrestling than me writing it. London and Kendrick flew around, and Booker T was super fiery in his offense. Lethal was isolated after trying to go move for move with Londrick, and then Booker T’s hot tag was crazy hot. AND HE WHIPPED OUT THE SPIN-A-ROONIE YES! He hit the Axe Kick on Kendrick and covered! ONE … TWO … THR – London made the save! He tried to toss Booker T to the floor, but he landed on the apron, climbed up top, and took out an unsuspecting London with a Missile Dropkick! He turned back around, and Kendrick surprised him with a jumping enzuigiri! Booker stumbled back and tagged in Lethal, who came in with a springboard axe handle to Kendrick! ONE … TWO … TH – Kendrick got an arm up! Lethal pulled him up and tried the Lethal Combination, but Kendrick shoved him off and hit a whiplash elbow! He grabbed Lethal by the neck and connected with the Sliced Bread #2! He was pretty beat up, but he crawled to make the cover! ONE … TWO … THRE – NO! LETHAL KICKED OUT! Kendrick looked stunned, but went up top! He looked uneasy at the top, and commentary brought up the last time Kendrick tried the SSP to win the tag team titles, and he botched it to lose. Kendrick took a deep breath and couldn’t decide what to do! He finally stood up, but Lethal was up and crotched him at the top! He elbowed at Kendrick at the top, but Kendrick shoved him away INTO A SUPERKICK FROM LONDON! Kendrick stood right up! SHOOTING STAR PRESS! ONE … TWO … THRE – BOOKER T DOVE TO MAKE THE SAVE~!~!~!~! London went to Superkick Booker T, but he ducked and hit a Roundhouse! He tried the Book End, but London shoved away and hit a Dropsault, and Booker T tripped up and fell to the outside! London helped Kendrick up, and they pulled up Lethal. They tried the Get Well Soon, BUT LETHAL COUNTERED LONDON INTO THE LETHAL COMBINATION! Kendrick went for a Superkick, but Lethal caught his leg, AND HIT A SUPERKICK OF HIS OWN! He sprinted up top! LETHAL ELBOW, BABY~! ONE … TWO … THREE!!!
    Winners via pinfall and still TNA Tag Team Champions: Jay Lethal and Booker T! (13:37)

    Jay Lethal got up and celebrated big time, and Booker T eventually slid in to join him. They strapped on their belts and played to the crowd some. The Hooliganz gave the champions a handshake, and then gracefully bowed out for the defending champs to celebrate.

    Samoa Joe was lacing up his boots in the back, and commentary hyped up the main event.

    In the back, Dixie Carter found Rhino and Angelina and told them not to even think about interfering in tonight’s Shelley vs Sabin match, or they would risk termination. Rhino objected and said that Jimmy Jacobs would probably interfere, but she said that she told him the same thing.

    A video hyping vs Team Canada vs AMW/Angle played.
    - Team Canada and America’s Most Wanted feud over the tag team titles.
    - When Team Canada fail to win the tag team titles, they instead cost AMW their straps.
    - Team Canada tries to burn the American flag, but Kurt Angle makes the save.
    - A big nationalistic feud breaks out, and yeah.

    Match 7: Team Canada vs America’s Most Wanted/Kurt Angle [Elimination Rules]
    Storm and Young started it out, and they had an intense struggle for control for a while. Young went to the eyes early and tried the Spike Piledriver, but Storm pushed him away and caught him back with a big spinebuster! Harris got in, and AMW did a number on Young’s back, but he managed to break free and tag out to Tyson Dux. He got some brief offense in on Harris, but Angle got in and ruled shit. He tossed Dux around like he was nothing, and then signaled for the Olympic Slam. He tried for it, but Dux scouted it and rolled to the outside for a rest. Angle went to follow him to the outside, but Dux saw it coming and drove him into the apron! Petey took a cheap shot from the outside, and Angle stumbled back into a roll-up from Dux! ONE … TWO … THR – Angle got out! Dux tried to fight him into the Sharpshooter, but Angle wrestled away AND GOT HIM IN THE ANKLE LOCK! Dux struggled but made it to the ropes, and pulled himself all the way out to the floor again. His stablemates got down to help him regroup, but Angle followed them out and took all three on! They started to beat him down, but AMW ran across the ring! STEREO AMW PLANCHAS YEAH! Storm chucked Dux into the ring, where he walked into the Olympic Slam! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Eliminated: Tyson Dux (6:46)
    Petey Williams rushed in and started putting boots to Angle, but he overestimated his strength when trying power moves, and Angle struck back. He got off a side suplex, and tagged in a fresh Chris Harris, who came in on fire. He bumped Petey around big, and then bumped Young around when he charged the ring. Young rolled out but came back in to sneak up on Harris, but Storm climbed in and cut him off! Petey stumbled up in the ring, and Harris pulled him up for the Catatonic, but Petey spun through and countered midair into a tilt-a-whirl -> victory roll! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Eliminated: Chris Harris (8:02)
    Harris was in disbelief, and even Petey was shocked! Petey flexed his muscles in celebration, but Young told him to focus on the match. He turned around, to a huge flurry of strikes from James Storm! He bumped him around, but Young got a blind tag in. Storm called for the Eight Second Ride on Petey, but Young got him with a roll-up with tights! ONE … TWO … THRE – Storm JUST kicked out! Young tried to put him into the Sharpshooter, but Storm powered away and caught him back with a HUGE jumping backbreaker! He called for the end, but EY saw the Eight Second Ride coming and tagged out to Petey! He immediately came in for a springboard, but Storm caught him in midair! EIGHT SECOND RI – NO! Petey did the same tilt-a-whirl -> victory roll counter! ONE … TWO … THRE – STORM KICKED OUT! Petey ran off the ropes and tried the POLISH HAMMER~, but Storm ducked! He kicked Petey in the gut! EYE OF THE STORM! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Eliminated: Petey Williams (11:04)
    Eric Young slowly climbed in the ring and was all “oh, shit” when he saw that it was him versus Angle and Storm. He challenged them both to come at him, so they did, but then he made the ref force Angle to the apron. While doing that, Young snuck in a low blow to Storm! Snap DDT! He called the ref around! ONE … TWO … TH – Angle pulled Young off and smacked him in the face! Young struck back and they got into a tussle, but the ref split it up. Young was pissed, but turned around into a HUGE right hand from James Storm! ONE … TWO … THR – Young kicked out! Both guys were down for a while. Storm tried for the tag, but Young cut him off with a Belly-to-Back Suplex! He pulled him up and hit an Inverted Atomic Drop, and then proceeded to work over James Storm’s groin after the low blow. After getting really cocky (pun lol), he tried for the Spike Piledriver, but Storm body dropped away! HOT TAG TO ANGLE! CRAZY FIERY BABYFACE KURT ANGLE! Flying Forearm! Belly-to-belly! Another! Hot as shit! Fiery punches! European Uppercuts! Young stumbled up! TRIPLE GERMANS! ONE … TWO … THRE – YOUNG KICKED OUT! Angle jumped up and was red hot! HE PULLED DOWN THE STRAPS BABY! Angle stalked EY! He slowly got up, and Angle tried the Olympic Slam, but YOUNG ROLLED THROUGH! He smacked Angle in the face and tried the Spike Piledriver, BUT ANGLE GRABBED HIS ANKLE! He had the Ankle Lock completely in! Young was struggled, BUT HE PULLED ANGLE INTO A ROLL UP! ONE … TWO … THRE – Angle JUST kicked out! They both got up, and Angle tried another Olympic Slam, but Young held his weight and wrestled Angle down into a prawn … SPIKE PILEDRIVER WHAT! ONE … TWO … THREE! WHAT WHAT WHAT!
    Eliminated: Kurt Angle (16:43)
    Eric Young was losing his shit in the ring, and everybody and their mother was flipping the fuck out. Young started parading around in the ring! Angle stood up and was piiiiiissed, but Storm climbed in and Angle told him to get Young! Young turned around completely unsuspecting! EYE OF THE STORM! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Eliminated: Eric Young (17:22)
    Sole survivor: James Storm
    Winners via pinfall: America’s Most Wanted/Kurt Angle (17:22)

    James Storm and Kurt Angle celebrated in the ring, and Chris Harris eventually came back down to join them. People started throwing red, white, and blue streamers into the ring, and that soooo wasn’t planned.

    Backstage, Chris Sabin talked about some very competitive programs he’s had in his 8 years in TNA: with Michael Shane, Low Ki, Jerry Lynn, the World X Cup, AMW, and then some. But, he said, never has he hated an opponent with such fervor as he hates Alex Shelley. He pointed to the scar across his forehead, and he said that this was a microcosm of the pain that he would inflict upon Alex tonight.

    Back in the ring, Chuck Taylor came out to clean up the streamers. Commentary was talking over him about the show, but eventually attention went back to him when The Axis Powers came out! Taz talked about their recent problems on Xplosion over the past month. They all got in the ring and pushed Chuck around, but Chuck attacked! He got them with fiery punches, but the numbers game got to him. They beat him down…

    BUT MICK FOLEY RAN OUT~!~!~! He took everybody on, and Chuck Taylor got up to join in! They cleaned house, and then Chuck Taylor and Mick Foley celebrated in the ring, and commentary said that Chuck Taylor definitely got some sort of Bound For Glory moment here tonight.

    Alex Shelley was alone in the back, with his X-Division Championship over his shoulder. He talked up the X-Title, calling it the most prestigious belt in the company, and saying that it should probably be main eventing tonight. But that’s beside the point. The bottom line is that tonight he gets to partake in what has become a frequent hobby of his, putting Chris Sabin out. He said that tonight would prove what everybody has always known: Alex Shelley carried the Motor City Machineguns, and after tonight, Alex Shelley is going to carry TNA.

    A promo played going over the Shelley/Sabin feud.
    - BAM! Shelley hits Sabin with the Shellshock two weeks after they won the tag team titles at BFG V, since they lost the titles right back.
    - Shelley goes nuts and puts Sabin out at Turning Point 2009.
    - Shelley wins the X-Division Championship and becomes a main player in TNA; meanwhile Sabin is quietly released from TNA.
    - Sabin returns in time for Lockdown 2010 to counterweight Shelley in the Lethal Lockdown match.
    - Sabin nearly beats Shelley for the X-Division Title at Sacrifice, but Shelley took the DQ instead, and then bloodied and knocked Sabin out.
    - Sabin’s health was in question, so he was booked with Shelley in an “Unsanctioned Match” at Slammiversary, where the referee stopped it when Shelley crushed Sabin’s head between a ladder, effectively putting him out again.
    - Shelley continued on his roll as X-Division Champion, claiming to have put Sabin out for good and moving on with his career.
    - Sabin returned at No Surrender to accept an open challenge from Jimmy Jacobs, and he seemed like a man obsessed with one cause: to end Alex Shelley.
    - He called Shelley out numerous times, and he said that he wanted to end him with a ladder just like Shelley tried to do to him.
    - They were booked in a ladder match for the X-Division Championship, and Sabin said he was going to destroy Shelley with a ladder, and then take his X-Division Champion, and ruin his career.

    Match 8: Alex Shelley[c] vs Chris Sabin [X-Division Championship – Ladder Match]
    Oh shit. As soon as Shelley got in the ring, Sabin attacked him with big punches. Shelley struck back and then wrestled Sabin into an arm lock and wrung him up on the ropes, then tossed him to the outside. Sabin got back in and kept brawling, and the pattern continued with Sabin trying to fight, and Shelley trying to contain him with holds and cheap shots, and throwing him out of the ring. Shelley finally managed to launch Sabin over the top rope, and he went to the floor for the first time to grab a ladder. A struggle broke out for control of the ladder in the ring, and they ended up locking up through the rungs of the ladder and fighting for an advantage. Sabin finally powered Shelley with it, and gave a big pulse to send him flying back to the corner. Sabin held the ladder up and got a huge grin, and he chucked it out of the ring! Shelley looked confused, AND SABIN RAN AT SHELLEY AND EXPLODED WITH STRIKES! Shelley was overwhelmed and kept trying to escape, but Sabin always reeled him back in. When he finally managed to get off a decent move, he’d go back out and get the ladder and bring it back in, but Sabin would also toss the ladder right back out! While Shelley was trying to win the match, Sabin was more interested in inflicting pain on Alex Shelley! Sabin got on a big roll after a Tornado DDT, and he started delivering huge elbows to the champion, and then tackled him out of the ring! They brawled around the floor for a bit, and Shelley ended up planting Sabin with a Swinging DDT from the apron and onto the hard floor on the outside! Shelley regrouped himself and got the ladder back in the ring, and started his climb. Sabin slowly got up though, AND HE TOOK OUT THE LADDER WITH A SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK! The ladder and Shelley both collapsed, and Sabin continued his momentum and rolled out of the ring. He looked under the ring and pulled something out… a beer bottle? Taz and Tenay were confused as to why Sabin had a beer bottle under the ring, but Cornette was marking out. Sabin climbed back in the ring, and when Shelley got up, HE BROKE THE BOTTLE OVER HIS SKULL! Jim Cornette marked out hard, and explained that a beer bottle shot to the head is what caused Sabin to be pinned by AMW the Impact after Bound For Glory V, and thus what led to Shelley turning on Sabin! POETIC JUSTICE! Shelley sunk like a sack of bricks, and Sabin got a semi-crazy grin and slowly looked straight up… to the X-Division Title hanging above. Shit’s on. He set the ladder up in the middle of the ring and started to climb, but Shelley grabbed him by the arm and yanked him off, going back to the arm that he targeted earlier. He started using the ropes to wear at Sabin’s arm, and then he started to use the ladder for the same goal! Fuck! Sabin fought back decently enough, but it got harder and harder as his arm got more and more impaired, so he started using the ladder as a weapon to even the playing field. When he started having trouble holding that up with both hands, he grabbed a steel chair from ringside, and that became in play. From here, these guys did what a ladder match usually is: both guys now wanted to go for the title belt hanging above, and with that came spots of larger and larger magnitude. I won’t list all the spots. I’m sure there was tons of diving and flying, and probably a LadderPlex, a Flying Leg Drop from the ladder, a few slingshots into the ladder, or some combination of absurd spots. There was only ever one ladder in play though, so nothing contrived with SEVEN LADDER BATTLES~! Anyway, Sabin nearly had the belt after a Detroit Code to Shelley, but Shelley climbed up the other side and kicked Sabin’s legs out, making him fall back and hang backwards from the middle of the ladder. With Sabin trapped, Shelley climbed up on his side, but Sabin ended up slipping into the part under the ladder (“7 years of bad luck!”, thanks Tenay), and tipping it over! Shelley got hung up on the top rope, and he bounced back INTO A SHELLSHOCK FROM SABIN! He set up the ladder again and climbed up once more, and he could reach the belt, but Shelley started tipping the ladder! He used all his strength to push it over, and then fell to the mat from exhaustion. But Sabin fell with the ladder, balanced on the top rope, and kicked off the rope to send the ladder back into the middle of the ring with himself still on it. Shelley started to get up again, SO SABIN DOVE OFF THE LADDER WITH A FLYING CROSSBO – NO! SHELLEY HIT A SUPERKICK IN MIDAIR! Sabin flung back into the ladder, knocking it down, and him landing on top of it. Shelley got up and got a familiar demonic look in his eye… AND HE SANDWICHED SABIN’S HEAD BETWEEN THE LADDER LEGS! FUCK NO! THIS IS HOW HE PUT SABIN OUT BEFORE AT SLAMMIVERSARY! Shelley climbed up to the top rope just like last time, and he leapt off, BUT SABIN MOVED! Shelley hit nothing but steel! He jumped up holding his leg, AND HE TURNED RIGHT INTO A SUPERKICK! Both guys were down, but Sabin was up first. He set the ladder up and climbed up, but when he got to the top, SHELLEY HIT HIM WITH THE STEEL CHAIR RIGHT INTO THE ARM! Sabin screamed out and held at his arm, and it allowed Shelley to grab him from behind AND DRILL HIM WITH A POWERBOMB FROM THE TOP! Shelley slumped down with exhaustion, but he finally started to climb. By the time he got to the top, Sabin was climbing too, but he was doing so with basically only one arm. Shelley reached up for the title, but Sabin was able to reach up and take shots at his midsection! Sabin climbed up further and started delivering punches and elbows with his good arm, but Shelley threw up both arms to block shots coming from that side. With no other option, Sabin delivered a HUUUUUGE right hand, even though it was his bad arm! Shelley reeled back, with only his legs keeping him up. Sabin held at his arm and was clearly in real pain. He tried to lean forward and shove Shelley off, but Shelley held on! Sabin used both hands to try to push him off, but he got too far away from a stable stance on his side, and Shelley took both his arms, AND PUT HIM IN THE BORDER CITY STRETCH ACROSS THE TOP OF THE LADDER FUUUUUCK! Sabin started tapping out, but of course it did nothing in a ladder match. Shelley finally let go and tried to shove Sabin off, but he wouldn’t go down! He started kicking at his bad arm, but Sabin held on with his good one. Shelley leaned down and grabbed both of Sabin’s arms as he clung to the top of the ladder (Simba-Scar Final Battle Style, baby), and he started ramming Sabin’s head into the top of the ladder! BUT SABIN STILL HELD ON!. Shelley finally lifting Sabin up by the head and onto the top with him, AND HE LEAPT OFF, DRIVING SABIN SKULL-FIRST INTO THE MAT WITH A SUPER DUPER DDT! FUUUUUUCK! Shelley started back on his slow, dramatic ascent, and Sabin wasn’t even budging on the mat. Shelley reached up, AND HE GRABBED THE TITLE.
    Winner via pinfall and STILL TNA X-Division Champion: Alex Shelley!! (26:49)

    An exhausted Alex Shelley collapsed down to the mat, but with his X-Division Championship safely in his arms. He tried to pull himself up, but he was really beat up, so Rhino and Angelina Love ran down to help him to the back and celebrated for him. The champion finally got enough energy to raise his belt up at the stage, and a cocky grin came across his face. Chris Sabin was still down on the mat, and he was being attended to by medical professionals.

    Commentary talked about that vicious fight to top off a vicious rivalry, but then switched gears to talk about the main event of Joe vs Daniels vs Styles. Taz said he thought Joe would retain, Tenay predicted Styles would win, and Cornette picked Daniels.

    Before tonight’s main event though, a video package played looking back at the past Bound For Glory main events: Jeff Jarrett vs Rhino, Jarrett vs Sting, Kurt Angle vs Sting, Samoa Joe vs Sting, and Christian Cage vs AJ Styles. After the short video, Mike Tenay noted that AJ Styles is the only guy in tonight’s match to have won a BFG main event, and Christopher Daniels is the only guy to have never been in a BFG main event, so maybe those two factors could play in.

    In the back, Chris Daniels came out of his room alone, and Elix Skipper walked up. He told Daniels that they’ve been friends for eight years now, and that he would be honored to go to ringside with him tonight and finally see him win the TNA Championship. Daniels thanked him, but said he had to do this alone, and to tell the rest of the Enlightened to stay back as well. Christopher Daniels then went, on his own, out for the main event.

    AJ Styles was getting one last stretch in, and Christian Cage came up. He said that one of his protégés failed tonight, but his favorite student of his career has yet to fight. He told AJ that he has done more than he could have dreamed of doing, and he wished him the best. Styles thanked him, but said that this title victory had to be for himself tonight, to reassure himself that he’s right in thinking that he’s the best in the business.

    Samoa Joe taped up his fists and looked at his hands, and said it’s clobberin’ time.

    An epic hype video played to build up the main event of Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels.
    - All three guys were built up as TNA originals, and they touched on their deep history, including the Phenomenal Angels, their three-way feud (including their classic at Unbreakable 2005), and their work together in the Frontline.
    - AJ Styles sees himself as being overlooked, and becomes sort of a “tweener” character.
    - Samoa Joe beats AJ Styles at Slammiversary in a #1 Contenders match, and then goes on to win the TNA Championship.
    - Styles beats Daniels in a #1 Contenders match, but then loses his title match with Joe at Hard Justice.
    - Daniels gets a title match with Joe on Impact, but it barely goes 5 minutes before AJ ruins it and lays out both guys.
    - Daniels gets a full title match at No Surrender, but AJ interferes and helps Joe retain, saying that he wants to be the one to pin Samoa Joe and win the title.
    - Daniels and Styles are booked in a #1 Contenders match on Impact, with Joe as the special guest referee. Joe lays both guys out to throw out the match, and says that he wants BOTH guys in a triple threat match at BFG.

    AJ Styles came out first, then Christopher Daniels, and finally the champion Samoa Joe. Jeremy Borash did formal introductions.

    Match 9: Samoa Joe[c] vs AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels [TNA World Championships]
    As soon as the bell rang, Styles charged at Joe and went for a lock up. Joe was taken aback and Styles took the charge, but it turned into a big power struggle, and Styles looked really impressive holding his own. Daniels stood to the side for a while, but eventually started taking cheap shots at both guys, and ducking away to encourage them to go back at each other. Joe and Styles traded dueling neck work, but Joe threw a smack, and shit was on. They traded big strikes, founded in LAYERED STRIKING~. Joe dominated with chops, but Styles worked in chops, elbows, and kicks to stay in the game. Styles tried an early Pele Kick, but Joe moved and put him into a Dragon Sleeper! But Daniels came in and took both guys out with a Springboard Crossbody! He punched at both guys, but they eventually came back and worked together to send Daniels packing. They went back at each other, but Daniels again kept throwing cheap shots, and Joe and Styles again beat him around some and sent him to the outside. After Daniels tried a Double DDT to them both, they shoved him off and bounced him around for an extended period, getting into territory of one-upping the other. Joe slapped in a Dragon Sleeper, but Styles pulled him off and delivered some big elbows, and a Discus Lariat! Joe went down to a knee, and Styles came off the ropes with a clothesline, and Joe reeled in place. Styles bounced off again, but Joe got him with a Snap Powerslam! He hopped up, but turned right into the Double Flying Knees from Daniels, which took Joe down! Daniels started going after Joe’s neck like crazy, and commentary mentioned how that strategy nearly beat Joe last year at No Surrender before Styles interfered. Anyway, Styles got up and surveyed the situation, and joined in with Daniels in beating down Joe! They also did a one-upping thing, but Joe fought back with wild punches! Daniels got a cheap elbow to the back of the head, and then Styles tried a Discus Clothesline, but Joe ducked and it hit Daniels! Shit broke down and all three guys started throwing big strikes! Moves got traded, and it spilled to the outside after a dive train. Styles hit Daniels with a Rack Bomb on the floor, and that was pretty big. He started to celebrate, but Joe grabbed him from behind and it an X-Please on the outside! FUCK! Joe tossed Styles into the ring, but then turned and started throwing Daniels around the floor some more. He tried an X-Plex as well, but Daniels elbowed away and jumped on the apron and tried a Moonsault, but Joe caught him and ran him into the barricade! He backed up and started an Ole Chant! OLE KICK TO DANIELS! He got pumped up and slid back into the ring as Styles was getting up. HE GRABBED HIM FOR THE COQUINA CLUTCH, but Styles ducked down and pulled him into a roll-up! ONE … TWO … THR – Joe kicked out! Styles immediately hit a roundhouse and tackled him into the corner and started to keep the champion moderately controlled, and he started making desperate attempts to pin Joe, continuously looking out of the ring to make sure Daniels was still down. When he saw Daniels stirred, he started to leave the ring, but Joe grabbed him on the apron and pulled him back in. He started slapping him around, and killed him with a Falling Lariat, and both guys were down. They started to stir, but Daniels slid in and covered both guys for only a two-count. He pulled Joe up and tried the Last Rites, but Joe shoved him off and he ran into Styles. He kicked Styles in the gut and tried the Angel’s Wings, but Styles shoved him away into a powerbomb from Samoa Joe! He turned it into a Boston Crab, but Styles took him out from behind with a Bulldog! He kept tossing Daniels out of the ring and only trying to pin Joe, and Tenay chalked that up to Styles being obsessed with pinning Joe to win the TNA Championship, not just pinning anybody. He nearly had Joe in the Styles Clash, but Joe pulled his legs down and body dropped away. He tried for the Choke, but Styles kicked his leg up to break free, and then nailed a big Enzuigiri! Joe stirred, and Styles tried a Brainbuster, but Joe held his weight, spun him around and put him into a Dragon Sleeper! He pulled back, but Daniels snuck in and hit a Running Swinging Neckbreaker! He tried to put in a Crossface, but Joe rolled out and smacked the fuck out of Daniels! He flew back into the corner, and Joe pulled him out and put in the Dragon Sleeper! He had it in for a long time, BUT STYLES WAS UP AND USED THE PHENOMENAL DDT TO SPRINGBOARD OVER DANIELS AND TAKE OUT JOE WITH THE FALLING REVERSE DDT! ONE … TWO … THRE – Joe kicked out! Styles went up top, but Daniels came from the apron and shoved him off! He climbed up top and tried a Flying Crossbody, but Styles ducked! Daniels got up as Styles ran off the ropes, but Daniels caught him and put him right into the Koji Clutch! He pulled at it for a while, but Joe got up and put Daniels into the Coquina Clutch! SUBMISSION TRAIN~! Daniels let go of the Koji, and Styles then broke up the Coquina. Styles pulled Joe up, but he exploded with a belly-to-belly! Styles got right up, but Joe hit another! ONE … TWO … THR – Styles kicked out! Joe pulled him up and tried a Muscle Buster, but Daniels broke it up with a chop block, and then hit Joe with his RUNNING STO INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! ONE … TWO … THRE – Styles made the save! He pulled Joe up for the Styles Clash, but Joe pushed him into the corner! He set him up top, but Joe smacked him away AND CAME OFF WITH A FLYING FAT GUY SENTON!! ONE … TWO … THR – Styles kicked out!! Joe yanked him and SHOVED him into the corner and put him up. He put him up for the Muscle Buster … AND HE HIT IT! ONE … TWO … THRE – DANIELS DOVE TO SAVE! He picked Joe up and tried the Last Rites, but Joe threw him off and tried to get him up for the Muscle Buster, but Daniels swung through with a Falling Twisting Neckbreaker! He pulled Joe up for the Angel’s Wings, BUT JOE COUNTERED WITH THE PINNING COMBINATION THAT WON AJ THE MATCH AT UNBREAKABLE 2005! ONE … TWO … THRE – NO! DANIELS JUST KICKED OUT! They both got up, and Daniels hit a leg-feed enzuigiri! LAST RITES!!! ONE … TWO … THRE – STYLES BROKE IT UP! Styles pulled him up for the Styles Clash, but Daniels crawled through his legs and tried a backslide, BUT STYLES FLIPPED OVER DANIELS AND COUNTERED RIGHT INTO AN UNPRETTIER! ONE … TWO … THRE – NO! DANIELS JUST KICKED OUT! Styles couldn’t believe it! He went up top and looked down at Daniels, but then turned his attention to Joe! SPIRAL TA – NO! JOE MOVED! Styles held at his midsection as he got up, RIGHT INTO A GERMAN SUPLEX FROM JOE! DRAGON SUPLEX! X-PLEX! ONE … TWO … THRE – STYLES KICKED OUT, but Joe put him right into the COQUINA CLUTCH! STYLES STARTED FADING! HE COULDN’T HOLD ON! HE COULDN’T BREATHE! HE HAD NO CHOICE! AJ STYLES TA – DANIELS HIT THE BEST MOONSAULT EVER TO BREAK IT UP! He covered AJ! ONE … TWO … THRE – Joe dove to save! Daniels pulled him up and hit a SICK superkick! He got Joe in position for the Angel’s Wings, BUT INSTEAD HE POWERBOMBED SAMOA JOE! HE GOT A TIGHT PRAWN! ONE … TWO … THRE – JOE KICKED OUT! Joe sat up, but Daniels hit a stiff as fuck spinning roundhouse to the side of his head! He ran to the corner! BEST! MOONSAULT! EV – NO! STYLES RAN OVER AND SHOVED DANIELS TO THE OUTSIDE FUCK! Styles climbed up! SPIRAL TAAAAAAAP TO SAMOA JOE~!~!~! ONE … TWO … THREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

    AJ Styles slowly got to his feet and celebrated with his new TNA World Championship, and commentary put over that he just pinned Samoa Joe. Styles was going crazy with excitement, to a HUGE mixed reaction from the crowd. He strapped the belt around his waist and celebrated up the ramp, then posed at the top of the stage to close Bound For Glory once again as TNA Champion.

    Go read my TNA BTB.

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    Re: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    - Dixie Carter announces that Booker T will be the TNA General Manager once he loses his tag title, to avoid a conflict of interest. In the meantime, Scott Steiner will act as Interim GM.
    - Kevin Nash has also been appointed Chancellor of the X-Division
    1. Monty Brown def. TJ Perkins to retain the TV Title
    2. The Hooliganz def. Ravarian
    3. Chris Daniels def. Richie Steamboat (Ricky Jr)
    4. Petey Williams/Tyson Dux def. AMW
    - EY and Roode teased reforming a full Team Canada
    5. Robert Roode def. Christian Cage.

    1. Red/Sewell def. Kiyoshi/Magnus
    2. Sheik Abdul Bashir def. Chuck Taylor
    3. Brandon Bonham def. Sonjay Dutt
    - It was announced that the Hooliganz would be going on a global tour, and would be gone for some time.
    4. Los Infernales def. Young Bucks
    5. Jimmy Jacobs def. TJ Perkins, Volador, Viktor Koslov

    Impact--October 21, 2010
    - Steiner announced a rematch, Styles vs Joe vs Daniels, for the main event of Turning Point.
    1. Petey/Dux def. Young Bucks
    - Nash announced an X-Title #1 contender’s match to conclude at Turning Point, while Shelley nursed his injuries.
    2. Richie Steamboat def. Davey Richards to advance in the X-Tournament Round 1 when Team 3D came out to the stage!
    3. Amazing Red def. Elijah Burke to advance in the X-Tournament Round 1 when Team 3D made a run-in!
    4. Booker T/Jay Lethal def Jihad to retain the Tag Titles. Post-match, Steiner came out and announced their challengers for Turning Point: WORLD’S GREATEST TAG TEAM!
    5. Monty Brown def. Christian Cage to retain the TV Title after interference from Roode and Young.
    6. Kurt Angle def. Eric Young by DQ when Roode attacked. They beat him down until CHRISTIAN CAGE made the save.
    7. Chris Daniels/Ravarian def. Styles/Joe

    Xplosion--October 23, 2010
    1. Petey Williams def. Super Crazy to advance in the X-Tournament Round 1
    2. Jimmy Jacobs def. Scott Lost to advance in the X-Tournament Round 1
    3. TJ Perkins def. Volador to advance in the X-Tournament Round 1
    4. Sean Waltman def. Kiyoshi to advance in the X-Tournament Round 1 when Kevin Nash threw his shoe into the ring from the announce booth to distract him.
    5. Jihad def. Brandon Bonham/Eddie Edwards
    6. Charlie Haas vs Chad Collyer went to a 15-minute time limit draw

    Impact--October 28, 2010
    1. Jihad def. AMW in a BIG upset after huge interference from Team Canada
    2. Viktor Koslov def. Chuck Taylor to advance in the X-Tournament
    - Hernandez made fun of his “friend” Chuckie T for losing, so Chuck challenged him to a match sometime!
    3. Roderick Strong def. to advance in the X-Tournament Round 1
    4. Booker T/Jay Lethal def. TJ Perkins/Scott Lost to retain the Tag Team Titles.
    5. AJ Styles def. Rhino
    6. Chris Daniels/Monty Brown def. Samoa Joe/Kurt Angle. Post-match, Team Canada, AMW, and AJ Styles ran out for a big brawl.

    Xplosion--October 30, 2010
    1. Viktor Koslov def. Amazing Red to advance in the X-Tournament Round 2
    2. Sean Waltman def. Richie Steamboat to advance in the X-Tournament Round 2
    3. Roderick Strong def. Petey Williams to advance in the X-Tournament Round 2
    4. Jimmy Jacobs def. TJ Perkins to advance in the X-Tournament Round 2
    5. Shelton Benjamin vs Chad Collyer went to a 15-minute time limit draw

    Impact--November 4, 2010
    1. Elijah Burke def. Brother Devon
    2. Sean Waltman def. Roderick Strong to advance in the X-Tournament Semi-Finals. Strong was about to win, but Nash had the bell rung at 7:12 and called it a draw in accordance with Backlund Rules. And in the event of a draw, guy with the first last name in reverse alphabetical order goes through, and that’s Sean.
    3. Jimmy Jacobs def. Viktor Koslov to advance in the X-Tournament Semi-Finals
    4. WGTT def. Jihad. Post-match, Steiner announced that Collyer/Strong had been added to the Tag Title match.
    - Samoa Joe was taken out backstage by the Enlightened to eliminate him form the main event tonight.
    5. Matt Morgan def. Kiyoshi
    6. Daniels/Roode/Young/Petey/Monty def. Styles/Cage/Angle/Tomko when ROODE PINNED STYLES!

    Xplosion--November 6, 2010
    1. Eddie Edwards def. Sonjay Dutt
    2. Sean Hernandez def. Jerome Robinson
    3. Brutus Magnus def. Shane Sewell
    4. Bailout def. Al Snow/Stevie Richards
    5. Jacobs/Strong/Steamboat def. Waltman/James Gang

    TNA Turning Point
    Impact Zone
    Orlando, Florida
    November 7, 2010

    Mike Tenay, Jim Cornette, and Taz were on commentary again, implying that they’re the official PPV announce squad.

    They talked a good deal about the USA vs Canada feud, and how it really started with AMW vs Dux, but how Petey eventually joined Team Canada by turning on AMW.

    Match 1: America’s Most Wanted vs Petey Williams/Tyson Dux
    Basic formula, but some good early AMW offense got the crowd going. Dux got chucked to the outside twice, once by a fallaway slam and once by a vertical suplex, so that was cool. Petey tried to use his strength to take on AMW, but lol. Storm ran through Petey, but Dux grabbed Storm’s leg, and he ate the POLISH HAMMER~! Team Canada isolated him for a bit, but he came back after catching Dux off the ropes and hitting a sitout powerbomb! ONE … TWO … THRE – Dux kicked out! Storm tried the Eight Second Ride, but Petey spun through and countered with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors! He tried to lock in the Sharpshooter, but Storm powered him away and tagged in Harris! Normal hot tag, and he topped it off with a Half Nelson Slam to Dux! ONE … TWO … THRE – Petey broke it up! Storm rushed the ring and brought it to Petey with big punches, then clotheslined him out of the ring, and followed up with a STORM PLANCHA~! In the ring, Dux tried to grab Harris’ legs to force him to the mat, but Harris lifted him right up and turned it into the Catatonic! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winners via pinfall: America’s Most Wanted (7:54)

    Storm and Harris celebrated in the ring.

    Jimmy Jacobs was in the back, and he said that he’s gone through Scott Lost, TJ Perkins, and Viktor Koslov, and Sean Waltman is worse than all of them. He guaranteed a win tonight, and then promised that he was going to do what his good friend couldn’t: beat Alex Shelley for the X-Division Championship.

    Backstage, Scott Steiner announced that he had signed Monty Brown vs Abyss for the TV Title earlier in the day.

    Burke, Richards, and Bradshaw came out and talked themselves up. JBL specifically called Team 3D garbage wrestlers, and that drew out the Dudz.

    Match 2: Team 3D vs Bailout w/ JBL
    Team 3D started right off with a bunch of fire, but Bailout slowed it down after a stiff Davey kick spun Ray right into some jabs from Burke, which spun him into a nasty rapid roundhouse from Davey! They beat Dudley White down for a bit, but he made his comeback after moving out of the way of the Elijah Express and hitting the BIONIC ELBOW BABEH~! He hit a belly-to-back suplex and made the hot tag to Devon, who came in with good black man fire. They tossed Burke to the outside and tried the Whassup Headbutt to Burke, but JBL pushed Devon off the top! The ref, suspicious of Devon randomly falling, SENT JBL TO THE BACK! Team 3D got pumped up and they called for the end! They tried the 3D on Burke, but Davey dove to take Ray out, and it turned into just a flapjack. Davey tried a Bankrupt Driver on Devon, but he powered away and HIT THE SAVING GRACE OH TESTIFY~! Burke stumbled to his feet, and Ray hit the Bubba Bomb! Devon came in and they wanted it~! 3D!!! ONE … TWO … THRE – DAVEY BROKE IT UP WITH A CHAIR SHOT!
    Winners via disqualification: Team 3D (5:20)

    Scott Steiner came out and told Bailout, you want weapons? You got weapons. He restarted the match under HARDCORE~ rules.

    Match 2.5: Team 3D vs Bailout [Hardcore Match]
    Davey was all flustered, and he turned into a big lariat from Devon! Burke attacked from behind, but then turned into a chair shot from Ray! It went back and forth for a bit, until Team 3D got some momentum and tossed Burke to the outside and hit Davey with the Whassup Headbutt! They both got up, and Ray got that look on his eyes. DEVON, GET THE TABLES~! The black man obliged to the white man’s wishes, and he brought in a table! They whipped Davey across, but Burke grabbed him from the floor and pulled him to safety. Both Dudleys followed them out, but Ray was immediately tackled into the ring steps! Devon charged at Burke with a clothesline, but then turned around into Flying Kick from Davey off the apron! He rolled him into the ring and tried a DDT, but Devon shoved him off and went for a powerbomb, but Davey rolled through and landed on the outside side. He quickly picked up the steel chair, and NAILED Devon across the skull! Burke rolled into the ring and they pulled Devon up AND PUT HIM THROUGH THE TABLE WITH THE BANKRUPTCY! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winners via pinfall: Bailout (5:43)

    Bailout celebrated in the ring, and JBL came out to celebrated with them on the ramp.

    Samoa Joe arrived in the back,

    Commentary was talking about the show so far, and Taz and Cornette were arguing over the legitimacy of hardcore wrestling – BUT WE CUT BACKSTAGE FOR BREAKING NEWS!

    Christian Cage was found laid out in the back, bloodied up! Steiner ran over and asked what the hell happened, but none of the stagehands knew. He was pissed off, knowing that his headlining tag team match was in peril. He shouted for some medical guys to come over and help Christian, and he stormed off.

    Commentary reacted to Christian being taken out, but said that the show had to go on, and then sent us to a video package.

    Highlights of the X-Division #1 contender’s tournament played, highlighting Jacobs’ desire to get at Shelley and Waltman’s constant cheating to scrape through.

    Match 3: Jimmy Jacobs vs Sean Waltman [X-Division #1 Contender’s Match]
    Jacobs got a great head of steam and really bumped Waltman around big, trying to end it several times when he could. Whenever Waltman got so much as a headlock, Jacobs threw everything out to break away, determined not to get caught up in Waltman’s slow, plodding offense. Eventually, since Jacobs was throwing out all his stuff at the start, he ran out of unique moves that he had mastered, and when he tried a second Springboard Dropkick, Waltman moved and came off the ropes with a Wheel Kick! He FINALLY started to wear Jacobs down, and he cheated whenever he could to keep that up. Jacobs fought out of an abdominal stretch and threw some wild elbows, so Waltman poked him in the eye and tossed him into the corner. He charged, but Jacobs got a boot up and ran out of the corner with a Spear! ONE … TWO … THRE – Waltman kicked out! Jacobs continued on his momentum, but Kevin Nash ran out! Jacobs shouted at him to the outside, and then turned around into a kick to the groin and a roll-up! ONE … TWO … THRE – Jacobs kicked out! Waltman pulled him and tried the Pedigree but Jacobs shoved away. He bounced off the ropes, but when he came back, Waltman ducked, Jacobs continued running over, AND HE TOOK OUT NASH ON THE OUTSIDE WITH A SUICIDE DIVE! He stumbled up and rolled back into the ring, RIGHT INTO THE SYXX-FACTOR! ONE … TWO … THRE – Jacobs got his foot on the bottom rope! Waltman couldn’t believe it! He tried another, but Jacobs held onto the ropes! Waltman got up, AND JACOBS GRABBED HIM AND HIT THE DETROIT CODE! He went to cover, but Nash hopped up on the apron to distract the ref. Jacobs got up and was furious. He ran over, grabbed Nash by the neck, ran up the turnbuckle on the inside, AND LEAPT OVER TO THE OUTSIDE TO HIT NASH WITH THE DETROIT CODE FROM THE APRON TO THE FLOOR BELOW HOLY SHIT! He held at his back as he climbed back into the ring, and Waltman tried another Pedigree, but Jacobs body dropped away and came off the ropes with another Spear! He went up top! FLYING BACK SENTON!! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall: Jimmy Jacobs (8:48)

    Jacobs got up and celebrated big, and motioned for the title. Waltman and Nash got up, and they were both pissed.

    Backstage, Scott Steiner found Kurt Angle, who was visibly upset. Steiner started to tell about him Christian, but Angle said he had already heard. Steiner said he was considering rescheduling the match, but Angle insisted that it go on, and said he could take both guys on at once.

    Christopher Daniels had just finished praying with his robe on, and he threw off the hood and took a big breath. Lauren ran up and asked for a word, and Daniels said that all he had to say that this could very well be his last chance ever, and he walked off.

    Hype for the tag team title match played, and how it got here. Taz sounded like he was going to have an orgasm talking about this match.

    Match 4: Booker T/Jay Lethal[c] vs The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs Chad Collyer/Roderick Strong [TNA Tag Team Championships]
    Two guys in a time. Lots of fun mat work between several combinations, and when Haas and Benjamin worked tandem to isolated Collyer, they really went after the leg that they both had worked on the last couple weeks on Xplosion. He almost made a hot tag, but he was closer to the champs, and he hesitated, so Benjamin pulled him back and WGTT isolated him further. He finally shook off from the Haas of Pain and blocked a German Suplex from Haas, AND HE HIT THE GARGOYLE SUPLEX! HOT TAG TO STRONG! Backbreakers for everybody, and soon shit broke down and everybody just got solid action in and the IWC fapped. Lethal tried the Lethal Combination on Benjamin, BUT HE COUNTERED WITH THE PAYDIRT! ONE … TWO … THRE – Letal kicked out! Haas came in illegally, so Booker rushed the ring, but Haas tossed him to the outside and followed up with a plancha to Book! Collyer and Strong hopped off the apron and those four brawled on the outside. In the ring, Benjamin tried a T-Bone Suplex, but Lethal hit the LETHAL COMBINATION! ONE … TWO … THRE – Shelton got his foot on the rope! During the brawl on the outside, Haas snuck in the ring and WGTT did their leapfrog guillotine! Haas ran for a clothesline, but Lethal ducked AND HAAS HIT BENJAMIN! Lethal got some good fire, but he eventually got NAILED by an undetected running elbow from Haas! Lethal stumbled to his feet, RIGHT INTO THE SUPERKICK/GERMAN SUPLEX COMBINATION FROM WGTT! ONE … TWO … THRE – COLLYER DOVE TO SAVE! Haas and Benjamin pounced on him and tried a double suplex, but he floated over and came off the ropes with a double flying clothesline! He got some good steam, and Strong rolled in to join him, AND THEY HIT HAAS WITH THE BELLY-TO-BELLY/BACKBREAKER COMBINATION! ONE … TWO … THRE – BOOKER T JUST BROKE IT UP! Booker elbowed at Strong, but Collyer grabbed him from behind and hit a big German Suplex! But he turned around into a DOUBLE SUPERKICK from WGTT! They pulled up Strong and went for the leapfrog guillotine, but Lethal intercepted Benjamin with a Flying Missile Dropkick! And then Strong used a headscissors to take Haas to the outside! Strong turned around right into an enzuigiri from Lethal that sent him spinning into the BOOK END! Lethal climbed up top AND HIT THE LETHAL ELBOW! Booker T stood guard as Lethal covered! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winners via pinfall and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: Booker T/Jay Lethal (15:46)

    Lethal and Booker T got up and celebrated with their belts. Strong got up and offered his hand to the champs, and they accepted. Collyer got in and did the same, and eventually WGTT did the same.

    Robert Roode and Eric Young were in the back. They denied having anything to do with Christian being taken out, and said it was probably a nervous AJ, jealous Tomko, or demented Angle. EY reminded everybody that he pinned Angle already at BFG, and now with Roode at his side, it would be even easier. Roode gloated that he pinned AJ Styles this past Impact, and would challenge whoever walks out TNA Champion after he beats Angle here tonight.


    Match 5: Monty Brown[c] vs Abyss w/ Matt Morgan [TNA Television Championship]
    Lots of power-offs. Monty actually got taken off his feet fairly early after a trip up from Morgan let Abyss hit a sloppy-as-hell German Suplex! ONE … TWO … THRE – Monty kicked out! Abyss kept on him, and this was actually done with Monty as the face and Abyss as the monster. They built to Abyss falling over, and when Monty pulled out his top-rope Diving Shoulderblock to do it, it actually got a pop. He got on a roll bumping Abyss around, and then topped it off with his Lariat! ONE … TWO … THRE – Abyss kicked out! Monty tried the Alpha Bomb, but Abyss powered out and got him up for the Shock Treatment! ONE … TWO … THRE – Monty got an arm up! Abyss pulled him up and tried the Black Hole Slam, but Monty came back to the middle and reverse the whip AND CAME OFF THE ROPES WITH THE POUNCE~~~~~~! PERIOD! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall: Monty Brown (6:56)

    Monty Brown celebrated in the ring.

    AJ Styles was shining his TNA Championship in the back, and Lauren came up and asked for a word. AJ said it felt great to be world champion again, and said that tonight would be a repeat of Bound For Glory.

    Christian Cage still didn’t come out for his match.

    Match 6: Robert Roode/Eric Young vs Kurt Angle
    Angle got beat around really well, despite putting up a really good fight. He played it just as one should in a handicap match. He generally avoided going to the outside, stayed away from their corner, and tried not to expend himself too much. When Angle finally started to get isolated, it was really cocky work by Team Canada, but their numbers advantage kept them in control anyway. After shutting down several of his comebacks, CHRISTIAN CAGE RAN OUT, with a bandage on his head, still in his t-shirt and slacks like he had when he first arrived. Didn’t matter though, because he was officially in the match anyway and he stood in the corner! Roode and Young continued their good heeling, and Angle fought off the fatigue for a final comeback and went all out with it, using the Triple Germans, two big belly-to-bellys, and the FLYING FOREARM! HOT TAG TO CHRISTIAN, YES! THE CROWD WENT NUTS. CHRISTIAN SLAPPED HIS CHEST. CHRISTIAN STRUTTED, BABY. CHRISTIAN TURNED … AND PUNCHED ANGLE WHAT NO! It was all a lie! They triple teamed him, and Angle was FULL of rage to take them all on in a HUGE fury, but it only last a few seconds before they took him down. Cage laid him out with the Unprettier, and then Roode pulled him up and hit the Payoff! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winners via pinfall: Robert Roode/Eric Young (12:44)

    Roode, Young, and Christian kept stomping away at Angle, and the younger guys pulled him up for Christian to hit another Unprettier! They posed over him as the crowd booed like nuts.

    Commentary reacted to the swerve.

    Backstage, Cage, Roode, Young, Petey, and Dux were celebrating. Lauren came up and asked Christian, WHY?! Christian put on his cocky smile and told her, “If you didn’t know in 2000. If you didn’t know in 2002. If you didn’t know from 2004 – 2006. Now. You. Know.” He walked off, and Roode turned to Lauren and said that Team Canada was about to reach it’s full potential.

    A big video package played, mainly hyping each guy rather than the feud, though it did go over some basic stuff since BFG until now.

    Match 7: AJ Styles[c] vs Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels [TNA World Championship]
    Longer match, more spots, less of a story. The underlying thing here was the growing heat between Joe and Daniels, and Styles along for the ride. At this point, Styles had already pinned Joe at BFG, and so he was fine with pinning either guy to retain, unlike last month. Anyway, Joe and Daniels eventually started killing each other on the outside, and after Joe laid Daniels out on the outside with a powerbomb on the floor, he rolled in, but walked right into a RACK BOMB! ONE … TWO … THRE – Joe kicked out! Styles pulled him up and tried the Styles Clash, but Joe body dropped away! He tried the Coquina Clutch, but Styles elbowed away and ran off for the Phenomenal DDT, but Joe caught him midair with a Samoa Drop! Styles staggered to his feet, and Joe hit the German/Dragon/X-Plex Combination! ONE … TWO … THRE – STYLES KICKED OUT! Joe pulled him up and tried the Muscle Buster, but Styles floated over and hit the Pele Kick! Joe staggered, and STYLES HIT THE PHENOMENAL DDT! ONE … TWO … THRE – JOE KICKED OUT! Styles went up top AND HIT THE SPIRAL TA – NO! JOE MOVED! Styles held at his ribs as he got up, AND JOE HIT THE MUSCLE BUSTER! ONE … TWO … THRE – DANIELS DOVE TO SAVE! Joe got up, but Daniels gouged his eyes and tossed him to the outside! He covered AJ! ONE … TWO … THRE – STYLES KICKED OUT! Daniels pulled him up and tried the Angel’s Wings, BUT STYLES COUNTERED WITH THE PINNING COMBO THAT WON HIM THE UNBREAKABLE 2005 MATCH! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall and STILL TNA WORLD CHAMPION: AJ Styles (20:10)

    AJ Styles celebrated in the ring. Daniels got up and was pissed, and then an IRATE Joe came in and pounded him into the ring. Styles watched on as they brawled out of the ring and up the ramp, but then just celebrated with his title to close the show.

    Go read my TNA BTB.

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    Re: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    Impact--November 11, 2010
    - Roode, Cage, Young, Petey, and Dux came down under the banner of “Team Canada” to start the show. Angle eventually ran down to fight, but he got laid out.
    1. Collyer/Strong def. Jihad
    2. Chris Daniels def. Richie Steamboat. Post-match, Joe attacked.
    - Roode told Monty he could be in Team Canada, but he turned it down.
    3. Bailout def. Raven/Sabu
    4. Monty Brown def. Eddie Edwards to retain the TV Title
    5. Sean Hernandez def. Chuck Taylor
    6. AJ Styles def. Shelton Benjamin
    7. Christian Cage def. James Storm

    Xplosion--November 13, 2010
    1. Los Infernales def. Magnus/Schulz
    2. Kiyoshi def. Raven
    3. Amazing Red def. Super Crazy
    4. Jacobs/Bonham/Edwards def. Koslov/Jihad

    Impact--November 18, 2010
    1. Monty Brown def. Abyss to retain the TV Title. Post-match, Morgan attacked Monty.
    2. Sean Waltman/Rhino def. Jimmy Jacobs
    3. Davey Richards def. Booker T
    4. Samoa Joe def. Kiyoshi. Post-match, the Enlightened ran out to attack him but LOW KI AND HOMICIDE returned to make the save.
    5. Harris/Collyer def. Petey/Morley
    6. Sean Hernandez def. Jerome Robinson
    7. Robert Roode def. Kurt Angle to become #1 contender to the TNA Title

    Xplosion--November 20, 2010
    1. Richie Steamboat def. Kenny King
    2. Averno def. Patrick Schulz
    3. Doug Williams def. Shark Boy
    4. Bonham/Edwards def. Jihad by DQ
    5. Collyer/Strong def. Perkins/Lost

    Impact--November 25, 2010
    1. Chad Collyer def. Tyson Dux
    2. Jay Lethal def. Elijah Burke
    3. Alex Shelley/Rhino/Angelina Love def. Jimmy Jacobs
    4. Matt Morgan def. Richie Steamboat
    5. Christopher Daniels def. Low Ki
    6. Robert Roode/Christian Cage def. AJ Styles/Kurt Angle

    Xplosion--November 26, 2010
    1. Volador def. Richie Steamboat
    2. Scott Lost def. Mephisto
    3. TJ Perkins def. Amazing Red, Stevie Richards
    4. Roderick Strong def. Doug Williams
    5. Brandon Bonham/Eddie Edwards def. Jihad in a No DQ Match

    Impact--December 2, 2010
    1. Samoa Joe def. AJ Styles by DQ at 2-minutes when Daniels attacked Joe
    2. Petey Williams def. Roderick Strong
    - Christian Cage introduced the newest member of TNA and Team Canada … BRYAN DANIELSON WHAT
    3. Christian Cage/Eric Young def. Kurt Angle/Chad Collyer
    4. Sean Hernandez def. Jeremy Buck
    5. Robert Roode def. Monty Brown
    6. Homicide def. Frankie Kazarian
    7. AJ Styles def. Tyson Tomko

    Xplosion--December 4, 2010
    1. Scott Lost/Kenny King def. Los Infernales
    2. Eddie Edwards def. Viktor Koslov
    3. Stevie Richards def. Max Buck. Post-match, Max teased a heel turn and walked away from Jeremy.
    4. TJ Perkins def. Amazing Red
    5. Tyson Tomko def. Brandon Bonham

    TNA Final Resolution
    Impact Zone
    Orlando, Florida
    December 5, 2010

    Viktor Koslov/Brutus Magnus over Shark Boy/Stevie Richards
    Brandon Bonham over Sean Morley
    Ritchie Steamboat over Scott Lost
    Tyson Tomko over Amazing Red


    Match 1: Chad Collyer/Roderick Strong vs Petey Williams/Tyson Dux
    This was a basically-structured match, starting with a lot of momentum from the babyfaces. Roddy eventually got caught up in some double teaming, and while he tried to trade chops with Dux, Petey made a blind tag and caught him from the side with a SICK Polish Hammer! ONE … TWO … THRE – Strong kicked out! The heels kept him worked over, really playing up a dazed Strong from the blow to the side of the head. Strong seemed really out of it, and it only got worse when Petey worked a strong headlock. Collyer pumped up the crowd and Strong to some momentum, and he arm dragged Petey away. Petey charged and Strong exploded with a jumping enzuigiri! He tried to make the tag, but Dux got in first and pulled him away! He stomped down at Strong, and eventually tried his North of the Border Brainbuster, but Strong floated over! HOT TAG TO COLLYER! He came in like a MAN ON FIRE~ and punched at both guys, then started tossing them around with his trademark suplexes. He was completely fresh, so he took it to both guys with lots of intensity. He tried a Gutwrench on Dux, but he floated through and shoved him into a big right hand from Petey. He tried the Border’s Edge, but Collyer floated over and chucked him to the outside. He turned around and Dux tried to wrestle him into the Sharpshooter, but Collyer brought him to the mat and wrestled around him and brought him right up with a GUTWRENCH SUPLEX! ONE … TWO … THRE – Petey dove in to save! Strong rushed into the ring, but he walked right into a HUGE big boot from Williams, and Strong was knocked completely out. Collyer grabbed Petey and tried a belly-to-belly, but Petey elbowed away and shoved him off. He went to attack, but the ref stopped him and forced him to his apron. With the ref’s attention there, Dux kicked Collyer in the nuts and hit his NOTB Brainbuster! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winners via pinfall: Petey Williams/Tyson Dux (9:35)

    Williams and Dux celebrated up the ring, and Collyer and Strong were pissed.

    Homicide and Low Ki were backstage warming up, and Homicide spoke crazy Mexican to the camera, and Ki scowled.

    Footage played of Jacobs making his way through the #1 Contenders Tournament, beating Waltman last month to earn a title shot. It then switched over to some big Alex Shelley hype,

    Before the match, Scott Steiner came out and sent Angelina Love and Rhino to the back!

    Match 2: Alex Shelley[c] vs Jimmy Jacobs [X-Division Championships]
    I HAVE THREE EXAMS TOMORROW OH GOD I’M GOING TO FAIL. Jacobs looked strong and refused to ever tap to the Border City Stretch, but he was pinned after a Shellshock.
    Winner via pinfall and still X-Division Champion: Alex Shelley (13:12)

    Shelley celebrated with his belt, and commentary said that Jacobs nearly won several times due to having Shelley thoroughly scouted out.


    Kevin Nash found Steiner backstage and told him that he had no right sending Love and Rhino to the back. Steiner said that he did, because he’s GM. Nash said that he’s in charge of everything involving the X-Division, and if Steiner wants to take that on, he’d be glad to present his case to Dixie. Steiner told Nash to fuck himself, but said he’d agree to stay away from X-Division matters.

    Clips of Homicide and Low Ki killing people played.

    Match 3: Ravarian vs Homicide/Low Ki
    After a brief flurry of offense from ‘Cide and Ki, Ravarian took over and kept it there with their superior tag teaming. Both guys got isolated for a bit, but as time went on the face comebacks got longer and longer, and they got more and more nearfalls. Low Ki got an awesome head of steam and kicked everybody around, but Kaz caught one of his kicks, and then Rave ran across and leveled him with a big running elbow! They chucked him out and then double-teamed Homicide for a bit. Ki finally got up on the outside and was pissed, and he tried to climb into the ring, but Kaz cut him off. With the ref’s attention there, Rave kicked Homicide in the nuts! He tried his All the Rave, BUT KI BROKE THROUGH KAZ AND RAGED HARD ON RAVE! Killing people and murder happened, and Homicide joined in as well when he got up. Kaz got the shit smacked out of him with a sick Low Ki backhand, and then Homicide took Rave out with the West Brooklyn Lariat! He yanked Kaz up and chucked him into a Superkick from Low Ki! They pulled him up and hit the ABSURDLY DANGEROUS GRINGO KILLER/GHETTO STOMP COMBO TO WIN!
    Winners via pinfall: Homicide/Low Ki (14:38)

    ‘Cide and Ki celebrated in the ring, and Taz said that this gives Joe a huge amount of momentum going into his match with Chris Daniels later tonight.

    Backstage, a LIMO~ arrived, and Robert Roode, Christian Cage, Eric Young, and Bryan Danielson stepped out.

    Match 4: Monty Brown[c] vs Matt Morgan [TNA Television Championship]
    Lots of clubbering and stuff. Monty tried his Leaping Shoulderblock at one point, but Morgan ducked and Monty nailed the turnbuckle. Morgan took over by working over the arm some, but Brown eventually mounted his comeback with KICKS! He got Morgan down after a running boot and then stomped the snot out of him. He got pumped up, but Abyss walked down to ringside. Monty got distracted by him for a bit, and it let Morgan hit his big dropkick and take over. He tried to keep Monty contained, and when he connected with a sidewalk slam, he went up top. BLUEPRINT CROSSBO – No! Monty ducked! Morgan hit the mat, and as he got up, Monty signaled for the end! He ran off the ropes, but Abyss grabbed his leg! He turned around and shouted at Abyss, AND THEN TURNED AROUND INTO THE CARBON FOOTPRINT! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall and NEW TNA Television Champion: Matt Morgan (7:06)

    Abyss pulled Matt Morgan out of the ring, and Monty got up PISSED.

    Chris Daniels was in the back, and Ravarian walked up, all beat up. They started to speak up, but Daniels just held his hand up to silence them, and he walked off.

    In the back, Christian and Roode were talking, and Christian said that they would both have both Young and Danielson in their corners tonight. Roode said that he didn’t want Danielson in his corner, so he’d take Young, and Christian could have that dirty … American. Cage seemed frustrated, but went along with it.

    A video played hyping up the tag team title match. Tenay reiterated that if Lethal and Booker lose their straps, Booker T will retire from active competition to take over GM duties.

    Match 5: Jay Lethal/Booker T[c] vs Bailout [TNA Tag Team Championships]
    This was mostly Lethal offense on the champion side, and commentary put over how he’s really stepped up lately. Bailout got crazy close tons of times, including nearfalls after an undetected Clothesline From Hell via JBL run-in; a tag title shot to the Lethal’s skull that he barely kicked out of; and a Bankruptcy DDT to Booker T that Lethal broke up. Booker T’s leg got a good working on, and a low blow -> figure four from Burke had Booker about to tap, and commentary put over that if he taps, he’ll have to retire. He nearly passed out from the pain, but shot back up and kept a big struggle. Lethal rushed the ring to break it up, but Davey charged him for a clothesline, but Lethal ducked and hit a SUPERKICK! Burke started bashing Booker’s shin to get a submission faster, but Lethal got there in time and dove to break it up! Burke hit a bare-knuckle punch and tried the Bankrupt Bomb, but Lethal body dropped away and followed up with an enzuigiri! He tried the Lethal Combination, but Burke shoved him into a MAFIA KICK FROM RICHARDS! Davey chucked Lethal out of the ring and followed up with a diving kick off the apron. In the ring, Burke went to put Booker back into the figure four, BUT BOOKER T PULLED HIM INTO A SMALL PACKAGE! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winners via pinfall and still TNA Tag Team Champions: Jay Lethal/Booker T (15:02)

    Burke just got out! But it was too late! He threw a fit in the ring, and then started attacking Booker’s leg, but Lethal came in to make the save! He ran Bailout off, and then helped Booker to his feet. They were exhausted, and commentary said that this was absolutely the champions’ hardest challenge yet, and the closest yet that Booker has come to having to retire.

    Young and Danielson were sitting in the back awkwardly, not talking at all but just sitting there. Christian Cage came up and told them to get ready to come out with him for his match with Angle, but that only Young would stay out to stay with Roode for the title match.

    A big Joe/Daniels hype video played.

    Match 6: Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels
    These guys are good and had a good match. Daniels continued to use his DASTARDLY~ tactics to outsmart Joe, but Joe was in the killing mood. Still though, Daniels made some good progress by going after the leg. Nobody made run-ins, and it was straight one-on-one. Daniels got a leg sweep on Joe and tried the Last Rites, but Joe shoved him away and caught him coming back with the German/Dragon/X-Plex Combination to win!
    Winner via pinfall: Samoa Joe (16:56)

    Samoa Joe celebrated in the ring. As he went to the back, Daniels got up and he threw a small temper tantrum at ringside.

    Roode was warming up in the back, and he looked a bit nervous.

    Lauren had AJ Styles in the back for an interview. The world champion said that defending the title against a TNA guy like Roode was a big step in the right direction for TNA, but he added that, even with a weasel like Christian behind him, Roode was not ready for the pressure of being world champion. Only somebody as phenomenal as AJ Styles is fit to be champ.

    HYPE PACKAGE~. It centered around Christian Cage’s turn on Kurt Angle last month at Turning Point.

    Match 7: Kurt Angle vs Christian Cage w/ Eric Young & Bryan Danielson
    The played this completely as Angle being a lot better as Christian, and Christian even seeming overwhelmed at points. Angle bitched him on the mat and then get really aggressive and started throwing strikes, but a trip up from EY on the outside let Cage hit his Falling Neckbreaker. He took over with will intense neck work, and whenever he started to get cocky and let up, Young kept him in check and told him to keep on Angle. Christian worked an Ortonlock for a bit, but it wasn’t as good, and Angle fought away and chucked him with a belly-to-back suplex! He got some steam and hit a bunch of high-impact suplexes, but Cage went to the eyes to stop it. He tried the Unprettier, but Angle pulled his arms through and hit the Triple Germans! ONE … TWO … THRE – Young put Cage’s leg on the bottom rope! Angle threw a fit while holding at his neck, which got hurt with the Germans. He climbed to the outside to get at EY, and threw Danielson out of the way to get there! He chased Young around, but got blindsided by a Baseball Slide from Cage! He tossed Angle around some on the outside, using the barricade and ring post to attack his neck. He rolled him back into the ring and tried his Falling Neckbreaker again, but Angle used a big uppercut to get away. Angle shoved him into the turnbuckle and charged, but Cage moved, and Angle’s neck crashed into the steel! Cage grabbed a roll up, and EY gave him leverage from the outside! ONE … TWO … THRE – ANGLE KICKED OUT! Cage yanked him up and tried the Unprettier, but Angle shoved him forward into the turnbuckle, AND THEN GRABBED HIS ANKLE YEAH! He took Cage to the mat and pulled at his ankle, but Christian quickly rolled through and sent Angle into the ropes. Cage called the ref over and had him check his ankle, and in that time, Young ran over with a BIG right hand to Angle! He staggered backwards, and Cage grabbed a backslide! ONE … TWO … THRE – Angle kicked out! And he immediately ran out of the ring and attacked Eric Young! He pummeled him with big punches on the floor, and then chucked him into the steel barricade! Christian followed him to the outside, but ate a big European Uppercut! He rolled Christian back into the ring, and then turned to give Young one last toss into the barricade for good measure. He climbed back into the ring, but STOOD UP RIGHT INTO THE UNPRETTIER! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall: Christian Cage (12:23)

    Cage celebrated in the ring, and then climbed out to the floor to help Danielson assist Young to the back.

    A Robert Roode video package played, highlighting his DEVIOUS~ tactics to get into position to be #1 contender, and then capitalizing by beating Angle on Impact.

    Jeremy Borash did formal introductions.

    Commentary noted that Roode wanted Young in his corner, but Angle took him out last match, and now he’ll be alone.

    Match 8: AJ Styles[c] vs Robert Roode [TNA World Championship]
    Roode did a lot of dodging here actually, and Tenay said that Roode seemed nervous here. They finally locked up and Styles mostly dominated at the mat, and Roode got really frustrated and kept keeping near the ropes for a quick break. Styles started to make a move to target his arm to prevent the Northern Lariat, and still Roode had trouble at first. He finally managed to connect with some big elbows, and then charged Styles into the corner and started to beat him down. He was super aggressive with going after the ribs, and when Styles started to get some steam with some chops, he tried a roundhouse, but Roode caught his leg and hit a HUGE leg-trap powerbomb! Shit! He settled down into his routine and wore away at AJ, cutting off his comebacks with more and more ferocity. What a good word! This was AJ’s bumping and selling and Roode’s downs syndrome rage. After a while, Styles could hardly get anything off due to his ribs, but he did manage to dodge the Payoff and hit the Pele Kick! He held at his midsection and slowly got up, and connected with some big elbows AND THEN HIS DISCUS LARIAT! ONE … TWO … THR – Roode kicked out! Styles pulled him up and tried the Styles Clash, but Roode body dropped away! He came off the ropes and tried the Northern Lariat, but Styles ducked and roundhouse kicked Roode’s shoulder! The challenger faltered, and Styles jumped up for a hurrican – NO! POWERBOMB BY ROODE! ONE … TWO … THRE – Styles kicked out! Roode yanked him and tried another powerbomb, but Styles rolled through and landed behind. He ran off the ropes, but came back INTO THE DOUBLE R SPINEBUSTER! ONE … TWO … THRE – STYLES KICKED OUT! Roode stomped at his ribs, and then chucked him out of the ring and bumped him around on the floor. He went to toss AJ into the ring post, but the champion reversed it and sent him crashing! HURRICANRANA ON THE FLOOR! He rolled Roode into the ring and crawled to cover, but by then Roode had rolled up off the mat. The met on their feet and traded blows, but Roode went to the eyes and tackled Styles into the corner. He set him up for a Superplex, but Styles blocked it with some elbows. They had a long struggled, until Styles exploded with chops AND THEN A CHOP TO THE FACE FUCK YEAH! Roode flew down to the mat, and Styles stood up! FROG SPLAS – NO! ROODE GOT UP THE KNEES! RIGHT TO AJ’S RIBS! FUCK! Styles flopped around every on the mat screaming in pain. He finally got up, AND ROODE CREAMED HIM WITH THE NORTHERN LARIAT! ONE … TWO … THRE – STYLES GOT HIS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! But Roode didn’t see it! He thought he’d won! He started celebrating and calling for the title, but when the ref told him what happened he SNAPPED! He shouted at the officials and then picked him up by the collar, BUT STYLES GRABBED A ROLL UP! ONE … TWO … TH – Roode got out! Roode got right up with a kick to the ribs and tried a powerbomb, but Styles weight just collapsed to the mat. Roode got a cocky grin on his face and walked over to Styles, WHO SURPRISED HIM WITH THE KIP UP HURRICANRANA! Roode flew into the corner and bumped backwards, and Styles hopped up and ran to the corner, and came back with the PHENOMENAL DDT! He crawled over for the cover, but couldn’t hook a leg due to his ribs, ONE … TWO … THRE – Roode kicked out! AJ picked him up and threw him into the corner and charged with a roundhouse, but Roode ducked and AJ got caught up on the top. Roode took him in his vulnerable state and tried the Roode Awakening, but Styles elbowed away and rushed with a TORNADO DDT! He was coughing up a lunch as he held his midsection and quickly pulled Roode up! STYLES CLASH! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall and still TNA World Champion: AJ Styles (16:55)

    AJ Styles held his midsection as he strapped on his title, still TNA Champion.

    Go read my TNA BTB.

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    Re: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    Impact--December 9, 2010
    1. AMW def. Roode/Dux
    2. Angle/Collyer/Strong def. Perkins/Lost/King
    3. Sean Hernandez def. Chuck Taylor
    4. Sean Waltman/James Hang def. Jimmy Jacobs
    5. Booker T/Jay Lethal[c] def. Alex Shelley/Rhino to retain the Tag Titles
    6. Young/Cage/Petey def. Joe/Homicide/Low Ki after the Enlightened interfered and help Young pin Joe. Per pre-match stipulations, somebody on the winning team will be named #1 contender.

    Xplosion--December 11, 2010
    1. Los Infernales/Volador def. TJ Perkins/Scott Lost/Kenny King
    2. Sean Hernandez def. Norman Smiley
    3. Matt Morgan[c] def. Lance Hoyt to retain the TV Title
    4. Bailout def. Brandon Bonham/Eddie Edwards
    5. Roderick Strong def. Amazing Red

    Impact--December 16, 2010
    1. Sean Waltman def. Jimmy Jacobs by DQ when Jacobs wouldn’t stop choking
    - Christian reveled that he had him vs. Style signed for Genesis, even though EY got the pin last week. Team Canada wasn’t happy, but went along.
    2. Matt Morgan def. Doug Williams
    3. Robert Roode def. Chris Harris. Post-match, Harris was hurt by a Payoff to a steel chair, and he was helped out.
    - Lethal was granted an X-Division Title shot for Genesis, and Creed made his return to agree to team with Booker T to defend against Bailout.
    4. Samoa Joe def. Jimmy Rave
    5. Bryan Danielson def. Chad Collyer
    6. AJ Styles/Monty Brown def. Christian Cage/Tyson Tomko

    Xplosion--December 18, 2010
    1. Sean Hernandez def. Max Buck
    2. Sean Hernandez def. Jeremy Buck
    3. Amazing Red/Eddie Edwards def. Viktor Koslov/Brutus Magnus
    4. Doug Williams def. Jerome Robinson
    5. Monty Brown def. Abyss

    Impact--December 23, 2010
    1. Jimmy Jacobs def. Kevin Nash by DQ when Waltman attacked. They beat him down, but CHRIS SABIN~ returned to help Jacobs.
    2. Davey Richards def. Consequences Creed
    3. Jay Lethal def. Rhino
    4. Eric Young def. Chad Collyer
    - The Enlightened and Joe/Homicide/Low Ki had a violent brawl, ending with the faces trying to attack with weapons, but the faces escaping
    5. AJ Styles def. Tyson Tomko
    6. Christian Cage def. Monty Brown. Post-match, Monty hit Roode with the Pounce to solidify his face turn.

    Christmas Xplosion--December 25, 2010
    1. Kevin “Claus” Nash def. a bunch of midgets dressed as elves
    2. Brandon Bonham def. Ken Doane
    3. Matt Morgan[c] def. Dave Taylor to retain the TV Title
    4. Sean Hernandez def. Amazing Red
    5. TJ Perkins/Scott Lost def. The Young Bucks
    6. Collyer/Steamboat def. Dux/Morley

    Impact--December 30, 2010
    1. Chris Sabin def. Sean Waltman
    2. Petey/Dux def. Collyer/Strong
    3. Elijah Burke def. Consequences Creed
    4. Low Ki def. Elix Skipper
    5. Abyss/Matt Morgan def. The Redcoats
    6. Lethal/Steamboat def. Shelley/Perkins
    7. Styles/Angle/Storm/Brown def Team Canada

    Xplosion--January 1, 2010
    1. Richie Steamboat def. TJ Perkins
    2. Sean Hernandez def. D-Ray 3000
    3. Viktor Koslov def. Jerome Robinson
    4. Sean Hernandez def. Shark Boy
    5. Tyson Dux def. Amazing Red

    TNA Genesis
    Impact Zone
    Orlando, Florida
    January 2, 2011

    TJ Perkins over Brandon Bonham
    The American Dragon over Scott Lost
    Petey Williams/Tyson Dux over Brandon Bonham/Ritchie Steamboat
    Monty Brown over Jimmy Rave

    WELCOME TO THE PPV~! Tenay, Cornette, and Taz welcomed everybody to the show and ran down the card.

    A quick video package played going over Jacobs’ feud with Waltman/Nash, and Sabin’s return to help Jacobs.

    Match 1: Chris Sabin/Jimmy Jacobs vs Kevin Nash/Sean Waltman
    Sabin and Jacobs pretty much jumped around taking out Waltman, and then they built up to a double springboard dropkick to take down Nash! Jacobs tried for the Detroit Code, but Nash shoved him off and leveled him with a big boot! He and Waltman took over with some basic isolation, but Jacobs eventually fought away from a Waltman DDT, and he hit a big wheel kick! He got the hot tag, and Sabin came in with big fire and took Waltman down with a series of strikes. Nash got in and charged with a boot, but Sabin ducked and came off the ropes with a Springboard Tornado DDT! Waltman grabbed him from behind and tried the Comedown, but Sabin shoved him away into a SPEAR FROM JACOBS! Sabin quickly pulled him up! CRADLE SHOCK! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winners via pinfall: Chris Sabin/Jimmy Jacobs (6:12)

    The faces celebrated in the ring.

    Bailout was talking strategy in the back, and JBL walked up. They said they were glad he could make it tonight, and JBL told them to make it worth his time. Burke grinned and said it absolutely would be, and JBL offered them a huge bonus if they won the tag titles tonight.

    Cage arrived backstage to Danielson waiting for him, and Danielson’s had ice on his arm. Cage asked what the hell happened, and Danielson said he had a match earli – uh, he slept on his arm wrong. Cage said he didn’t have time for this, because he has a huge title match tonight, and he told Danielson to run get him his lucky boots.

    Booker T and Consequences Creed were getting ready in the back, and Lethal came up. He said that he knows he should have confidence in Creed, but he’s still nervous. Creed told him not to worry, but to go win the X-Division Title, and trust him that he and Book would defend the titles. Lethal said that he hoped so, and walked off.

    Match 2: Sean Hernandez vs Mick Foley
    Foley tried to go slow and try to throw jabs at Hernandez, but the big man took them and struck back with big clubs of his own. He took Foley to the ground with a Cracker Jack, and then seemed to enjoy toying with Old Man Foley. He called for the end and lined up for the Spear, but when he charged, FOLEY PUT IN THE MANDIBLE CLAW! Hernandez writhed around and got to the ropes, but Foley jumped on him and exploded with punches! Hernandez finally shoved him off and caught him with a HUGE Lariat! He took some time to wear Foley out some more before trying to finish, but Foley surprised him with swinging neckbreaker! He tried to work a chinlock, but Hernandez tossed him off and rested on the ropes. BUT FOLEY CHARGED AND TOOK HIM OUT WITH A CACTUS CLOTHESLINE YEAH! Foley pulled him up on the floor, but Hernandez chucked him into the barricade! He military pressed Foley back into the ring, and followed in with a Spear, but Foley ducked and Hernandez hit the corner! Foley tried the Double Arm DDT, but Hernandez spun out and hit a Cracker Jack! He quickly yanked Foley up and hit the Border Toss! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall: Sean Hernandez (100 – 0) (6:42)

    Hernandez celebrated in the ring, and when Foley stirred, Hernandez hit him with another Border Toss. He celebrated to the back, and the camera zoomed in on Foley, who was writhing around with a huge grin on his face.

    Collyer and Angle were warming up, and Collyer said he wanted his hands on Danielson bad. Angle said he seemed overrated on the mat, and Collyer scoffed and told him not to underestimate him.

    Commentary talked up Booker/Creed vs Bailout, including Bailout nearly beating Booker/Lethal last month, both Burke and Richards pinning Creed on Impacts, and the ongoing deal that if the Negroes lose the tag titles, Booker T has to retire.

    Match 3: Booker T/Consequences Creed[c] vs Bailout w/ JBL [TNA Tag Team Championship]
    Booker T and Elijah Burke had a long exchange at the start, with neither guy wanting to tag out. Book stuck some basic arm work, but Burke threw his sharp jabs when he could. Burke tried a big uppercut, but Booker sidestepped him and hit his arm-lock hook kick! He started bumping Burke around for a bit, but Burke caught him with a flying clothesline off the middle rope, and he tagged out. Davey slapped him around a bit, and then did the same to Creed. The Little Negro managed some brief offense on both guys, but a brief distraction from JBL let Richards hit him with the spinning slap! Snap DDT! ONE … TWO … THRE – Creed kicked out! Davey continued his offense, and then Burke joined in for some good old fashion isolation. They didn’t really focus on a body part, but just beat the holy snot out of him. After some comebacks cut off by JBL interference, cheating, and sheer violence, Creed got off a springboard crossbody that took out both guys! HOT TAG TO BOOKER T! He cleaned house with his awesome blackness, and topped it off with a Harlem Sidekick to Burke! ONE … TWO … THR – Burke dove to save! Burke pulled him up and tried the Bomb Driver, but Booker floated away and came off the ropes with his FUCKING AWESOME BICYCLE KICK! Creed kicked Burke out of ring, and Booker T picked up Davey for the Book End, but Davey elbowed away and hit a quick jawbreaker, then EXPLODED upwards with an uppercut! ONE … TWO … THR – Booker kicked out! Davey pulled him up, but Booker exploded with a Superkick! Both guys crawled to their corners, and Davey tagged out to Burke, BUT CREED GOT THE HOT TAG TOO! Creed came right in with a Springboard Clothesline, and then hit a standing moonsault! ONE … TWO … THR – Burke kicked out! They went back and forth briefly, but Creed hit the CREED-DT OUT OF NOWHERE! ONE … TWO … THRE – Davey dove to save! Booker T charged in at Davey with big punches, and then sent him to the outside. Davey slowly got up in the floor, AND BOOKER T FLEW OUT WITH A SUICIDE DIVE AND BOTH GUYS CRASHED INTO THE BARICADE FUCK! In the ring, Burke pulled Creed up for the Bankrupt Bomb, BUT HE FLOATED OVER WITH A SUNSET FLIP! ONE … TWO … THRE – Burke kicked out! Creed pulled him up for the Fireman’s Carry Cutter, but Burke spun through and shoved Creed into the corner, and he followed with the ELIJAH EXPRESS! He got a huge grin on his face, but JBL shouted for him to finish it. He pulled Creed up for the Bankrupt Bom – NO! ANOTHER SUNSET FLIP! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winners via pinfall and still TNA Tag Team Champions: Booker T/Consequences Creed (15:03)

    Richards JUST got out but it was too late! Creed hopped up and celebrated, and Booker T joined him in the ring to celebrated. Burke threw a fit at ringside. Davey told him to harden the fuck up, and they went to the back. JBL joined them, but shouted up at Booker T and called him garbage.

    Backstage, Storm cut a promo on Roode. Sorry about yer damn luck.


    Match 4: Kurt Angle/Chad Collyer vs Eric Young/Bryan Danielson
    Collyer and Danielson started and did a lot of aggressive mat work, but Danielson got the better of it and started working the neck. When he began to attack it with elbows, Collyer rolled away and tagged in Angle! ANGLE AND DANIELSON! They stared off for a while, and finally locked up and had a really extended mat exchange. Neither guy could get a definitive advantage, and EY got impatient so he tagged himself in. He charged, but Angle caught him right away with a belly-to-belly! He and Collyer took turns bouncing him around, but he finally got Angle with a boot in the corner. He and Danielson kept him contained and did some basic wearing down, but Angle got Danielson with a German and made the tag to Collyer! He suplexed both guys around, and whipped out the Triple Belly-to-Bellys on Young! ONE … TWO … THR – Young kicked out! Collyer pulled him up and tried the Everest German, but Young elbowed away. He went for the Spike Piledriver, but Collyer spun through and hit a GUTWRENCH SUPLEX! ONE … TWO … THR – Daniels broke it up! Angle charged, but Danielson low bridged him to the outside and followed up with a TOPE SUICIDA~! Collyer grabbed at Danielson, but he nailed him with a HUGE elbow, and he flew back a POWERBOMB! ONE … TWO … THRE – Collyer kicked out! EY and Danielson had a long control segment over Collyer now, especially targeting his back. Young tried the Sharpshooter a couple times, but Collyer always blocked it, and eventually kicked him to the outside! Young scurried back in, but COLLYER GOT THE HOT TAG! Angle came right in with his FLYING FOREARM! One for Danielson! Young got up, and Angle hit a big GERMAN SUPLEX! ONE … TWO … THR – Young kicked out! Angle yanked him up and set him up top, but Danielson ran over to block it. He tried a German, but Angle held his weight and elbowed him backwards into a German Suplex from Collyer! Young leapt off the top, but Angle ducked, and Young flew into a DROPKICK FROM COLLYER! OLYMPIC SLAM! ONE … TWO … THRE – Danielson JUST dove to save! But Collyer threw Danielson to the outside with a belly-to-belly! Young got up and dropkicked Angle to the corner, and followed up with a Drive-By Boot! Collyer grabbed him for a belly-to-belly, but Young took him to the mat AND PUT IN THE SHARPSHOOTER! He pulled back, BUT ANGLE GRABBED HIM FROM BEHIND AND HIT THE OLYMPIC SLAM! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winners via pinfall: Kurt Angle/Chad Collyer (12:43)

    Angle and Collyer celebrated in the ring.

    Backstage, Roode cut a promo on Storm. It pays to be Roode, etc.

    Alex Shelley arrived with his posse in the back, and Nash ran up and asked where the hell he’d been. Shelley said to calm down, because there was still like an hour and a half until the main event, but Nash told him that his match was on after the next. Shelley asked why the hell the X-Division Championship match was on before AJ Styles vs Christian Cage in not-2007, and Nash said that if he could change it , he would, but he can’t.

    Commentary talked about Roode and Storm’s past history, along with more recently Roode having taken Chris Harris out with a neck injury.

    Match 5: Robert Roode vs James Storm
    Basic brawl between these two. It started in the ring, but it grew in intensity until it spilled to the outside. Storm brought it with rapid but powerful punches, and he pulled out a bunch of high-impact moves, including some of Harris’. Roode managed to survive it all, and snuck in some control segments working the neck when he could. After a series of close nearfalls for Storm, Roode began to just try to end it when he could and he pulled out his signature stuff too, but Storm kicked out off all the non-finishers. Roode tried to sneak in a chair like he used on Harris, but the ref stopped him. As he threw the chair to the outside, Roode kicked Storm in the nuts and hit the Roode Awakening! ONE … TWO … THR – Storm got a foot on the ropes! Roode pulled him up and tried the Payoff, but Storm body dropped him away and hit a big lariat! EYE OF THE STO – No! Roode spun through! Falling DDT! He climbed up top! BUFF BLOCKBUSTER! ONE … TWO … THRE – STORM KICKED OUT! Roode measured him up for the Northern Lariat, but Storm ducked! Roode bounced off the ropes and Storm tried a Superkick, but Roode caught his leg! PAYOFF! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall: Robert Roode (13:02)


    Lethal was with Lauren before his match, and said that he’s been craving the X-Division Championship back around his waist for the past three years, and finally he gets that opportunity. He put over that Booker T and Creed won earlier, and said that tonight all 3 Negroes would hold gold. This night, well … TONIGHT. IS THE NIGHT. I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!

    A promo for Shelley’s epic title reign thus far played, brought to you by Kevin Nash & Friends of the X-Division.

    Match 6: Alex Shelley[c] w/ Rhino & Angelina Love vs Jay Lethal [X-Division Championship]
    They had a long mat struggle, and Shelley used his fancy holds to get the better at first, but Lethal used good old fashion headlocks and arm bars to gain control. Shelley kept getting frustrated, but refused to move away from the mat, determined to up his challenger in every way possible. When Lethal missed a clothesline and Shelley wrung his arm on the top rope, the champ went nuts with his arm. He eventually tried to put in the Border City Stretch, but Lethal rolled through and clotheslined Shelley to the apron! Shelley got in an eye gouge and tried toe springboard in, but Lethal dropkicked him in midair! ONE … TWO … THRE – Shelley kicked out! Lethal bounced him around some, and then Shelley did the same. It went back-and-forth until Shelley tried a superkick, but Lethal ducked and clotheslined him to the outside! He measured him up, and come back with a SUICIDE DIVE! They brawled around the floor some, but Lethal tried a Creed-like Somersault Clothesline and Shelley moved, and Lethal’s arm hit the steel post! Shelley rolled him back in and went to town on the arm some more. Lethal made a bunch of his comebacks, but Shelley kept going to the arm to break them up. Lethal kicked Shelley to the outside again, where he had good success last time, and he kicked him around a bit. Shelley tried throw his arm into the post again, but Lethal scouted it and sent Shelley headfirst into the steel! He pinballed Shelley around on the floor, AND GOT OFF THE LETHAL COMBINATION! He had trouble rolling Shelley into the ring with one arm, and by the time did, Shelley was stirring on the mat. Still, he crawled in and covered! ONE … TWO … THR – Shelley kicked out! Lethal pulled him up and tried the Lethal Combination again, BUT SHELLEY REVERSED INTO THE BORDER CITY STRETCH! Lethal yelled out in pain with his arm being pulled back, but after a long struggle, HE MADE IT TO THE ROPES! Shelley held on for a four-count, and then started stomping like crazy at it. He tried to lock it in again, but LETHAL PULLED HIM INTO A CRADLE! ONE … TWO … THRE – Shelley got out! Lethal kept getting him with backslides, small packages, rollups, etc. UNTIL SHELLEY LEVELED HIM WITH A SUPERKICK! ONE … TWO … THRE – Lethal got an arm up! Lethal grabbed the arm and put it in a fujiwara armbar, but Lethal quickly rolled through! DDT! ONE … TWO … THR – Shelley got a foot on the bottom rope! Lethal pulled him up and tried the Dragon Suplex, but Shelley blocked it and got behind him. He tried the SHELLSHOCK, but Lethal blocked and charged him into the corner! He set him up top and there was a long struggle, but Lethal got him with a SUPER BACK SUPLEX! ONE … TWO … THRE – Shelley JUST kicked out! Lethal bumped him around some, taking time in between to nurse his arm, and then he called for the end. He tried the Lethal Combination, but Shelley spun through! Shelley tried a Superkick, but Lethal ducked behind him! FLIPPING DRAGON SUPLEX! ONE … TWO … THRE – SHELLEY KICKED OUT! Lethal couldn’t believe it! He pulled Shelley up again, but Shelley EXPLODED with a Superkick ! He crawled over, ONE … TWO … THRE – LETHAL GOT A SHOULDER UP! Shelley flipped a shit, but pulled Lethal up, BUT LETHAL GOT OFF HIS OWN SUPERKICK! ONE … TWO … THRE – Shelley kicked out!! Lethal dragged himself up and pulled himself to the top turnbuckle! But Shelley was up and he crotched Lethal at the top! They had a back-and-forth trading strikes, but Lethal got some big punches and then kicked Shelley down just like he did to pin him on Impact! Lethal stood up! LETHAL ELBO – NO! SHELLEY MOVED! Lethal’s bad arm smashed down on the mat! He writhed around in pain holding at it, and Shelley quickly pounced on him and locked in the BORDER CITY STRETCH! Lethal tried everything he could to get out, but it was locked in perfectly! He tried to make it to the ropes, but he couldn’t hold on anymore! LETHAL HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO TAP!
    Winner via submission: Alex Shelley (25:34)

    Shelley pulled himself up in the ring, and Love gave him a big kiss, and then Rhino paraded him around. Lethal looked crushed the ring, but Lethal ignored him and celebrated his win to the back.

    Monty Brown was walking around back, and he found Scott Steiner. He said that he wanted his hands on Roode this Thursday, but Steiner said he had something better in store as part of a huge announcement, and to come ready to fight on Impact.

    Joe, Ki, and ‘Cide were in the back. Joe said that the Enlightened have been nothing but a thorn in his side, and tonight it ends. He said that TNA has always overlooked Homicide and Low Ki, and he himself has always been pushed to the side whenever a new group comes around—first the Christian Coalition, then the Angle Alliance, then the Main Event Mafia, then Planet Jarrett, and now Team Canada and the Enlightened on the fringe. He said that he and his ass-kicking buds have finally teamed up, and their going to DELIVER SOME PAIN~ to anybody who gets in their way to the top of the company.

    A big video package of the Enlightened vs WMD feud played.

    Match 7: Christopher Daniels/Ravarian vs Samoa Joe/Low Ki/Homicide
    Everybody except Frankie Kazarian got equal amounts of time, so this was as good as it could be. Low Ki especially looked really strong, and he and Daniels ended up against each other several times. The end came when Homicide and Low Ki hit Daniels with the ridiculously dangerous Ghetto Stomp/Gringo Killer Combination. They then took out Ravarian on the floor with stereo planchas, leaving Joe to lock the Coquina Clutch in on Daniels, and he tapped!
    Winners via pinfall: Samoa Joe/Low Ki/Homicide (15:55)

    The faces celebrated in the ring, and commentary put over that this was the third month in a row that Samoa Joe pinned Christopher Daniels, and that he must clearly be declared the decisive winner in their feud.

    AJ Styles finished lacing up his boots, took a deep breath, and headed for the curtain.

    A Team Canada video played, along with Christian Cage’s sketchy means to get into this title match, and Styles being dragged into a battle with them.

    Match 8: AJ Styles[c] vs Christian Cage [TNA World Championship]
    This pretty much happened. The story here was that they both knew each other’s stuff, which was pretty much already established at last year’s Bound For Glory. This was largely AJ dominating and looking really strong, though some of Christian’s CUNNING~ antics came through and he had some offense. Styles won with the Styles Clash, in a continuing effort to rebuild the legitimacy of finishers.
    Winner via pinfall and still TNA World Champion: AJ Styles (12:00)

    AJ Styles celebrated with his world title to close the show.

    Go read my TNA BTB.

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    Re: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    Special “End of the Year Awards” Impact--January 6, 2011
    - FEUD OF THE YEAR: Alex Shelley vs Chris Sabin
    - SHOCKER OF THE YEAR: Christopher Daniels demolishes Rob Van Dam in the home of ECW
    - SHOW OF THE YEAR: Bound For Glory VI
    - MATCH OF THE YEAR: Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe, Victory Road
    - TAG TEAM OF THE YEAR: America’s Most Wanted

    Xplosion--January 8, 2011
    1. Sean Hernandez def. Shane Sewell
    2. The Young Bucks def. Los Infernales after Jeremy used a steel chair to turn them heel
    3. Amazing Red def. Dave Taylor
    4. Sabin/Jacobs def. James Gang
    5. Viktor Koslov def. Eddie Edwards
    6. Samoa Joe def. Doug Williams

    Impact--January 13, 2011
    - Steiner announced an 8-man #1 contender’s tournament for a title match at Against All Odds
    1. Robert Roode def. Jay Lethal [#1 Contender’s Tournament Quarter-Finals]
    2. Matt Morgan[c] def. Abyss to retain the TV Title
    3. Homicide def. Alex Shelley [#1 Contender’s Tournament Quarter-Finals]
    4. Monty Brown def. James Storm [#1 Contender’s Tournament Quarter-Finals]
    5. Low Ki def. Christopher Daniels [#1 Contender’s Tournament Quarter-Finals]

    Xplosion--January 15, 2011
    1. Chris Sabin/Jimmy Jacobs def. Kiyoshi/Schulz
    2. Sean Hernandez def. Shark Boy
    3. James Storm def. TJ Perkins
    4. The Young Bucks def. Los Infernales
    5. Consequences Creed def. Doug Williams

    Impact--January 20, 2011
    1. Matt Morgan[c] def. Eric Young to retain the TV Title
    2. Jay Lethal def. Tyson Dux
    3. Samoa Joe def. Jimmy Rave
    - Alex Shelley attacked Homicide backstage
    4. Low Ki def. Homicide [#1 Contender’s Tournament Semi-Finals]
    5. Chris Sabin/Jimmy Jacobs def. Jihad
    6. Christian Cage/Bryan Danielson def. Brandon Bonham/Eddie Edwards
    7. Monty Brown def. Robert Roode [#1 Contender’s Tournament Semi-Finals]

    Xplosion--January 22, 2011
    1. Amazing Red def. Scott Lost
    2. The American Dragon def. Sheik Abdul Bashir
    3. Richie Steamboat def. Jeremy Buck
    4. Sean Hernandez def. Rick Steiner
    - Alex Shelley cut a long promo outlining exactly why the X-Division Championship is superior to the TNA Championship.
    5. Chad Collyer def. Eric Young for a shot at the TV Title

    Impact--January 27, 2011
    1. Matt Morgan[c] def. Chad Collyer to retain the TV Title
    2. Kurt Angle def. Bryan Danielson by DQ when Christian attacked Angle after like a minute. Danielson wasn’t happy.
    3. Sabin/Jacobs def. Magnus/Kiyoshi
    - Foley cut a promo about Hernandez unleashing the hardcore side of him, and now he’s going to release it on him or something
    4. Alex Shelley/Christopher Daniels def. Samoa Joe/Homicide
    5. 3 Crazy Negroes def. TJ Perkins/Scott Lost/Kenny King
    6. Low Ki def. Monty Brown [#1 Contender’s Tournament Finals]

    Xplosion--January 29, 2011
    1. Roderick Strong def. Doug Williams
    2. Max Buck def. Brandon Bonham via the Twin Switch with Jeremy
    3. Petey Williams def. Shark Boy
    4. TJ Perkins/Scott Lost/Kenny King def. Richie Steamboat/Volador/Stevie Richards
    5. Rhino def. Amazing Red

    Impact--February 3, 2011
    1. Chad Collyer/Roderick Strong def. Matt Morgan/Eric Young
    2. Kurt Angle/James Storm def. Jihad
    3. Petey Williams def. Consequences Creed
    4. Sean Hernandez def. Al Snow
    5. Sabin/Jacobs def. Koslov/Kiyoshi
    6. AJ Styles/Low Ki/Monty Brown def. Roode/Cage/Danielson

    Xplosion--February 5, 2011
    1. Steamboat/Bonham def. Young Bucks
    2. Kiyoshi/Magnus/Schulz def. Sewell/Los Infernales
    3. Chris Sabin def. Viktor Koslov
    4. Homicide def. Rhino

    TNA Against All Odds
    Impact Zone
    Orlando, Florida
    February 6, 2011

    Roderick Strong over Brutus Magnus
    Los Infernales over Kenny King/Scott Lost
    Max Buck over Amazing Red
    The American Dragon over TJ Perkins

    Commentary welcomed us to the show and Taz hyped Mike Awesome vs Spike Dudley in the main event!

    Match 1: Matt Morgan[c] vs Chad Collyer vs Eric Young [TNA Television Championship]
    Collyer and Morgan worked together to bump EY around some, but when they sent him out of the ring, Morgan turned on him with a Discus Clothesline to the back of the head! He kicked him around some, but Young came back in to get involved. This turned into a bunch of trading moves with some three-man spots mixed in. Young kept ducking out of the ring to avoid stuff, but whenever he could he went after either guy’s back. He tried to put the Sharpshooter in on Morgan, but he kicked him off, right into an Everest German from Collyer! ONE … TWO … THR – Morgan broke it up! He pulled Collyer up and tried the Hellevator, but Collyer got down. He tried the Everest German, but Morgan elbowed out in the corner. He yanked Collyer out and climbed up top for the Blueprint Crossbody, but Collyer ducked! HE GOT OFF THE EVEREST GERMAN! ONE … TWO … THRE – Young pulled out Collyer’s legs to break it up, and he strapped him right into the Sharpshooter! He pulled back, and Collyer struggled, but Morgan was up! CARBON FOOTPRI – No! Young ducked! He clotheslined Morgan to the outside! He turned around, and Collyer tried the Everest German, but Young got a big back elbow! SPIKE PILEDRIVER! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall and NEW TNA Television Champion: Eric Young (7:45)

    Eric Young dropped to his knees and celebrated, and the ref came over and handed Eric Young his first ever singles title in his 7-year career in TNA! He strapped it around his waist and celebrated to the back as Collyer got up disappointed, and Morgan got up pissed.

    The 3 Crazy Negroes arrived in the back and did some black dancing. Creed asked how Booker T could be in such a good mood though on the night of a title defense that could potentially end his career. Book said that he’s been doing this is his fourth decade of wrestling, and he never had one good match when he went into it with a bad attitude. He said that he loves this sport, and ain’t no Canucks gonna get him down.

    A video package built up the history between Roode and Monty, along with Monty’s face turn over the past few months.

    Match 2: Robert Roode vs Monty Brown
    This was entirely Monty bumping Roode around in big fashion, until he missed his Flying Shoulderblock and Roode went after the arm. Still, Monty had a lot of offense with his good arm AND HEADBUTTS~. Monty got on a big roll after his Flying Shoulderblock with his good side, and he kicked him around some, but Christian Cage ran down! Monty yelled out at him, and Roode grabbed a roll up! ONE … TWO … THRE – Monty got out! Roode pulled him up and tried the Payoff, but he was too weak, and Monty threw him off. He tried the Alpha Lariat, but Roode ducked and Monty got his arm on the top rope! Roode tried the Northern Lariat, but Monty ducked. He threw him off the ropes for the POUNCE~, but Cage tripped him up! Monty stumbled forward, AND ROODE HIT THE NORTHERN LARIAT! ONE … TWO … THRE – MONTY KICKED OUT! Roode couldn’t believe it! He pulled him up and tried the Payoff again, but Monty pushed him away! Christian hopped up on the apron, and Monty ran him off, but Roode grabbed a backslide, and Christian helped him with leverage from the outside! ONE … TWO … THRE – MONTY GOT OUT ANYWAY! He started raging on Roode with big punches, and then got him up for the Alpha Bomb, but Roode elbowed his way down! Roode Awakeni – No! Monty elbows away! He tossed Roode off the ropes … AND HIT THE POUNCE~!~!~!~!~! Period. ONE … TWO … THRE – CHRISTIAN BROKE IT UP BOO YOU WHORE.
    Winner via disqualification: Monty Brown (12:34)

    Roode scurried out of the ring where Christian Cage helped him up the ramp. Monty Brown threw a fit in the ring and started throwing shit at ringside.

    Mick Foley was backstage in his Cactus Jack gear and he cut a weird promo on Sean Hernandez about VIOLENCE~.

    Backstage, Petey Williams and Tyson Dux were headed out to the ring and they promised to retire Booker T.

    Commentary built up the tag team titles, how big of a role Team Canada has played in the division for several years, and how Booker T’s career hinges on this title defense, just like on every one of his title defense.

    Match 3: Jay Lethal/Booker T[c] w/ Consequences Creed vs Petey Williams/Tyson Dux [TNA Tag Team Championship]
    Lethal and Tyson had a heated mat exchange, but Lethal got caught up in the double-teaming and got isolated for a bit, with them really going after his back. He managed to duck under a double clothesline and hit a Handspring Back Elbow to take them both out! He tagged out to Booker T, who came in with big fire. Kicks for everyone, etc. He got Petey with the Book End, but Dux broke up the pin. Lethal charged in, but Dux ducked, and Lethal landed on the apron. He punched at Dux in the ring, but Dux ducked and hit a big elbow, and joined him on the apron. They fought on the apron some, AND DUX HIT LETHAL WITH A ROCK BOTTOM ON THE APRON SHIIIIIIIT. With Lethal’s spine torn in half, Dux got in and helped Petey ground Booker T and isolate him some. They got really aggressive and kept him down, but Booker T got off his epic Bicycle Kick on Dux! Superkick to Petey! He crawled over to his corner, AND LETHAL PULLED HIMSELF IN! HE TAGGED IN! He held at his back as he pulled Petey up! LETHAL COMBINATION! He held his spine as he crawled over to make a cover, ONE … TWO … THR – Petey kicked out! Lethal stomped at him some and climbed up to the top for the Lethal Elbow, but Dux shoved him off, and Lethal’s back crushed on the mat! Petey got up and HE STRAPPED LETHAL INTO THE SHARPSHOOTER! Lethal yelled out in pain as his back was bent in half! Booker T tried to came in, but Dux caught him off and tackled him to the outside! Dux kept him contained on the floor as Lethal screamed in pain in the middle of the ring! He’s gonna tap! Booker T’s career will be over! Booker T shouted for him on the outside! Lethal looked over and tried to will himself to the ropes, BUT PETEY PULLED HIM TO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! Booker couldn’t break free from Dux on the floor! Lethal couldn’t stand the pain anymore! He was in the middle of the ring! Lethal couldn’t stand it! LETHAL … POWERED UP! HE PUSHED HIMSELF UP OFF THE MAT, AND HE BROKE THE FUCKING HOLD! Petey still had one of Lethal’s legs, and he tried to strap the hold back in, BUT LETHAL GRABBED A SMALL PACKAGE! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winners via pinfall and still TNA Tag Team Champions: Jay Lethal/Booker T (10:20)

    Monty Brown was in the back, and he said that this wasn’t over with Robert Roode, and it certainly wasn’t over with Christian Cage.

    Bryan Danielson and Roderick Strong were talking, and Danielson congratulated him on his win in the pre-show. As Christian Cage walked up, Strong congratulated Danielson on his win in the pre-show as well, and Danielson shook his head. He said he didn’t have a match in the pre-show, and he walked off with Christian before he could ask questions.

    James Storm and Kurt Angle were getting ready to head out, and Angle said that it was Storm who was left standing at Bound For Glory, and he had full confidence in going into their tag match tonight.

    Low Ki was shown backstage meditating.

    A hype package played for the following tag match.

    Match 5: Kurt Angle/James Storm vs Christian Cage/Bryan Danielson
    Angle and Danielson started off, and the IWC came. That went on for a while, but when Danielson started getting cheered, Christian demanded to get in. Angle dominated on the mat, and Storm got in and bumped him around some. He tagged out to Danielson, who caught Storm a bit with some mat work, but he used his power to toss him around too. Danielson ended up getting stuck in the babyface corner for a while, but he fought out with a Butterfly Suplex to Angle! Cage got the tag and immediately poked Angle in the eye! He tried the Unprettier, but Angle slid out and hit his Triple Germans! ONE … TWO … THRE – Christian kicked out! Angle pulled down the straps and tried the Ankle Lock, but Christian rolled through and tagged out. Danielson and Angle did some more mat stuff, and Angle tried the Ankle Lock on him, but Danielson countered into one of his own, and then turned it into a Half Boston Crab! He kept outing on various submission holds on Angle, so Angle had to go to the ropes. He looked highly impressed and gave him a bit of a clap, and then let Storm in. They went back-and-forth for a bit, and Danielson got off a big running enzuigiri! He climbed up top, but Christian tagged in. He immediately went for the Unprettier, but Storm shoved him off and hit the Half Nelson Slam! He and Angle bumped him around for a while, and then Storm topped it off with the Eight Second Ride! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winners via pinfall: Kurt Angle/James Storm (8:03)

    Angle and Storm celebrated in the ring, and then to the back. Christian got up in the ring and shouted why the hell Danielson didn’t come in to break up the pin. He shrugged, and said it was against the rules.

    Backstage, Homicide cut a promo saying that he was going to win the X-Division Title and his best friend Low Ki was going to win the World Title tonight, and it would be perfect.

    A Hernandez/Foley hype video played, going back to Hernandez being a dick to Chuck Taylor and Foley stepping up to defend him.

    Match 5: Sean Hernandez vs Mick Foley [Hardcore Match]
    This jumped right into lots of violence and stuff. Both guys bled, and Foley took huge bumps, including through the announce table and being killed with some chair shots. Hernandez took some big bumps too, including HOLY SHIT FOLEY JUST SMASHED HIM IN THE FACE WITH BARBIE! Hernandez held at his eye as he held himself up on the ropes, BUT FOLEY HIT THE DOUBLE ARM DDT! ONE … TWO … THRE – Hernandez kicked out! Foley pulled him up AND PULLED OUT SOCKO! He tried to put in the Claw, but Hernandez chucked him off wit the Cracker Jack. It took him a while to get up, but when he did HE PICKED HIM BARBIE HIMSELF! He looked down at Foley and got a really sadistic look on his face, and he lined up in the corner! BUT CHUCK TAYLOR RAN OUT FUCK YEAH! He got behind Hernandez and surprised him with a Flying Dropkick off the top! Hernandez was stunned as he got up and turned around, INTO THE TWIST OF FATE FUCK YEAH! Hernandez struggled to his feet, AND TAYLOR HIT A BASEMENT DDT! YES YES YES! Taylor shook Foley to life! FOLEY COVERED! ONE … TWO … THRE – NO! HERNANDEZ KICKED OUT! Foley and Taylor pulled him up and tried a Double DDT, but Hernandez shoved them both off! DOUBLE SPEAR! He military pressed Taylor over the top rope to the floor below! Foley stumbled to his feet, and Hernandez killed him with another Spear! He yanked him up! BORDER TOSS! ONE … TWO … THREE
    Winner via pinfall: Sean Hernandez (108 – 0) (12:31)

    A bloody Hernandez celebrated in the ring as some officials helped Foley to the back. But Hernandez went back and attacked! He chucked the refs away, and gave Foley one last Border Toss ON THE FLOOR! He finally went to the back and a couple EMTs came out to help Foley.

    AJ Styles was in the back and he cut a promo about how the TNA World Championship is the greatest title in the world title, and it would be a great honor when he adds Low Ki to his list of successful defenses.

    A replay of Shelley’s big X-Division promo played.

    A video played hyping up the Shelley/Homicide feud.

    Match 6: Alex Shelley[c] w/ Rhino & Angelina Love vs Homicide [TNA X-Division Championship – Title Defense #13]
    There was a really heated mat segment, and every time Shelley rolled out to the floor to rest, Homicide was right behind him. Cornette brought up Shelley and Homicide’s last feud over the X-Title a few months ago, and how Shelley kept getting counted out to avoid losing the belt, and that probably being why Homicide wouldn’t let it happen again. So, yeah. Anyway, that cost Homicide as a distraction from Rhino let Shelley get him with a Reverse STO to the side of the apron! Shelley rolled him back in and did a lot of brutal stuff to his face, like his push up facebusters, sliding his face against the ropes, etc. Homicide had his fiery comebacks and stuff, but eventually Shelley hit the Reverse STO to the turnbuckle! ONE … TWO … THRE – Homicide kicked out, but he had some blood truckling down his nose! Shelley went nuts on him with some punches to the nose, but ‘Cide was very welcoming of this becoming a brawl. They both threw wild strikes for a while, both on the inside and out, and Homicide finally scored with his West Brooklyn Lariat! He went up top, but Shelley crotched him. They fought for a bit, and Homicide shoved him off with a big headbutt! FROG SPLASH! ONE … TWO … THRE – NO! Shelley JUST kicked out! Homicide pulled him up and tried the Gringo Killer, but Shelley spun through! He tried the Shellshock, but Homicide spun through! 187! ONE … TWO … THRE – Rhino put Shelley’s leg on the bottom rope! The ref didn’t see it, but Homicide did, and he dove out with a Top Con Hilo to take Rhino out. He climbed back into the ring, RIGHT INTO A SITOUT FACEBUSTER! ONE … TWO … THRE – HOMICIDE KICKED OUT! Shelley tried to put in the Border City Stretch, but Homicide rolled through it and came off the ropes with a Flying Enzuigiri! He pulled himself to the top, but Shelley was up again! He climbed up and the two went back and forth, until Shelley connected with a BIG right hand to the nose! He pulled Homicide up AND HIT A SUPER SITOUT FACEBUSTER!!! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall and still TNA X-Division Champion: Alex Shelley (11:52)

    Angelina Love came in with the X-Division Championship, and she strapped it around Shelley’s waist as he celebrated.

    Samoa Joe was backstage with Lauren and he cut a promo on Christopher Daniels.

    The camera cut to the ring, but there was no ring announcer to announce a match. Instead … PAUL LONDON AND BRIAN KENDRICK CAME BACK! THE HOOLIGANZ ARE BACK! AND HOLY SHIT THEY HAVE MULLETS AND LONDON HAS A 1980’s MUSTACHE! They posed for the crowd some, and announced that their tour or Japan, Mexico, and Narnia had ended and they were back in TNA! They said that they were putting everybody on notice, because the list of top names in TNA would soon become two names longer: London and Kendrick! They posed some more to their music, and then went to the back.

    Chris Daniels was backstage with the Enlightened, and he told them to stay in the back for his match with Samoa Joe. He said that he’s been beaten by Samoa Joe too much, and he had to beat him tonight on his own. He said that it has been his dream for NINE YEARS in this goddamn company to hold that world title, and Samoa Joe is a huge roadblock to that. He said that another loss to Joe tonight would all but end that dream for good.

    A hype video played for the Joe vs Daniels feud.

    Match 7: Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels
    I will again not write this out. Daniels targeted the leg after he had success with it last time, but this time he was a lot more aggressive and cognizant of Joe’s strikes. After a huge trading of strikes, Daniels ducked under a right hook, and scored with a big uppercut! He hit a bunch of elbows, and then a Discus Elbow that took Joe to a knee! He came off the ropes AND HIT A SHINING WIZARD! Daniels pulled himself up to the top, but Joe was up! He met him up top with big punches, and then started delivering stiff elbows! Daniels fought back with some desperate elbows, but Joe creamed him with a HUGE headbutt! He picked him up at the top! SUPER MUSCLE BUSTER~!~! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall: Samoa Joe (14:26)

    Samoa Joe got up and celebrated in the ring. Daniels slowly came to and was absolutely devastated. Joe looked back up the ramp and saw nobody coming, so he turned back to Daniels … and extended his hand! Daniels looked across, and ignored him and rolled out of the ring and back up the ramp as Joe shook his head.

    A big video package played going over Low Ki’s road through the tournament, beating Christopher Daniels, Homicide, and Monty Brown.

    Match 8: AJ Styles[c] vs Low Ki [TNA World Championship]
    Yeah, not writing this out. Super long and epic battle. Low Ki was pulling himself up for the Ghetto Stomp when time expired.
    Time Limit Draw (45:00)
    But still TNA World Champion: AJ Styles

    WHAT! NO! Low Ki slumped down off the top rope and collapsed on the mat, staring up at the ceiling in disbelief. Styles’ eyes were still glazed back as the ref tried to pull him up, but he fell to the mat again. He grabbed the belt and draped it over AJ’s chest, and Low Ki couldn’t believe it! He rested on the bottom turnbuckle as AJ Styles slowly started to rustle and realized what happened. The crowd chanted for 5 more minutes, but Styles rolled out with his belt and worked his way up the ramp, exhausted. Low Ki shook his head in the middle of the ring, in shock that he was about 6 seconds away from the winning the world title, and the show faded to a close.

    Go read my TNA BTB.

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    Re: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    Impact--February 10, 2011
    - GM Steiner booked an Ultimate X TNA World Title match for Destination X, and gave Low Ki the first of three open challenger spots.
    1. Robert Roode def. Chris Sabin
    2. Sean Hernandez def. Roderick Strong
    3. Kurt Angle def. Christian Cage
    4. Jay Lethal/Booker T/Chad Collyer def. Young/Petey/Dux
    5. The Hooliganz def. Styles/Low Ki

    Xplosion--February 12, 2011
    1. Sabin/Jacobs def. Petey/Morley
    2. The American Dragon def. Doug Williams
    3. Eric Young[c] def. Matt Morgan to retain the TV Title
    - Kevin Nash announced there would also be an X-Division Title Ultimate X at Destination X in an ongoing effort to prove the X-Title to be superior to the TNA Title
    4. The Hooliganz/Low Ki/Homicide def. Bailout/TJ Perkins/Scott Lost
    5. Roode/Cage def. Angle/Monty

    Impact--February 17, 2011
    1. Eric Young[c] def. Chad Collyer to retain the TV Title
    2. Sabin/Jacobs def. 2 Crazy Negroes
    - Backstage, Christian told Danielson he heard rumors that he was the American Dragon, but Danielson laughed it off.
    3. Sean Hernandez def. Volador
    4. Kurt Angle def. Robert Roode by DQ when Team Canada attacked at 2-minutes. The American Dragon and Monty Brown ran down to run them off.
    5. AJ Styles/Low Ki def. Ravarian
    6. Christopher Daniels def. Paul London to qualify for the TNA Championship Ultimate X

    Xplosion-February 19, 2011
    1. The American Dragon def. Roderick Strong
    2. Sean Hernandez def. Super Crazy
    3. Sabin/Jacobs def. Bailout
    - Christian had Monty/American Dragon vs Christian/Danielson booked for Destination X to get to the bottom of the AmDrag mystery.
    4. The Young Bucks def. Los Infernales
    5. Alex Shelley[c] def. Shark Boy to retain the X-Division Title
    6. The Hooliganz def. Ravarian

    Impact--February 24, 2011
    1. James Storm vs Matt Morgan for a shot at the TV Title went to a no contest when Young attacked both guys
    2. The American Dragon def. Robert Roode!
    - Nash announced that Homicide and Paul London were the first two entries in the X-Division Ultimate X
    3. Homicide/Paul London def. Alex Shelley/Rhino
    4. Christian Cage def. Monty Brown
    5. Chris Sabin def. Jay Lethal
    6. Brian Kendrick def. Kurt Angle to qualify for the World Title Ultimate X!!!

    Xplosion--February 26, 2011
    1. Brandon Bonham def. TJ Perkins
    2. Viktor Koslov def. Richie Steamboat
    3. Young/Dux def. Collyer/Strong
    4. Jimmy Rave def. Amazing Red
    5. Styles/Kendrick def. Cage/Danielson

    Impact--March 3, 2011
    1. Jimmy Jacobs def. Consequences Creed
    2. Roode/Cage def. Angle/American Dragon
    3. Sean Hernandez def. Brandon Bonham
    4. Young/Dux def. Storm/Morgan
    5. AJ Styles def. Frankie Kazarian
    6. Shelley/London/Homicide def. Daniels/Low Ki/Kendrick. Post-match, Samoa Joe ran down to attack Shelley, revealing himself to be the four X-Division Ultimate X challenger.

    Xplosion--March 5, 2011
    1. TJ Perkins def. Brandon Bonham
    2. Bryan Danielson def. Roderick Strong
    3. Storm/Collyer def. Young/Morgan
    4. The Hooliganz def. Koslov/Kiyoshi
    5. Low Ki/Samoa Joe/Homicide def. Ravarian/Elix Skipper
    5. Booker T def. Chris Sabin

    Destination X
    Impact Zone
    Orlando, Florida
    March 6, 2011

    Richie Steamboat over TJ Perkins
    Chad Collyer over Steve the Turtle
    Viktor Koslov/Doug Williams over Kiyoshi/Shane Sewell
    Petey Williams over Volador
    Ravarian over Elix Skipper/Amazing Red

    Tenay, Cornette, and Taz welcomed us to the show and ran down the card, highlighting the TWO Ultimate X matches tonight!

    Hype package for the TV Title feud, discussing the ongoing heat between Young and Morgan for the title, along with Storm’s victories over both guys.

    Match 1: Eric Young[c] vs Matt Morgan vs James Storm [TNA Television Championship]
    Young tried the thing he did last month of ducking to the outside, but Morgan was aware of it so he took it to him on the floor. They brawled for a bit while Storm just walked around in the ring, and then he grabbed his beer bottle and started drinking some. He got bored with Morgan and Young on the outside, so the Cowboy took them both out with a STORM PLANCHA~. All three fought along the floor for a bit, but Morgan drove them both back-first into the barricade! He rolled Young in and started suplexing him around, and he hit an awesome side belly suplex to top it off! ONE … TWO … TH – Storm broke it up! He and Morgan traded some big blows, and Storm got off a Powerbomb to the big man! ONE … TWO … THRE – Young broke it up! Storm tried one on Young, but EY grabbed his legs and strapped in the Sharpshooter! He pulled back and had Storm in the middle of the ring, BUT MORGAN LEVELED YOUNG WITH THE CARBON FOOTPRINT! ONE … TWO … THRE – Storm JUST dove to save! Morgan beat Storm down some now, but when he tried the Hellevator, Storm held his weight to block. He got in some big body shots and tried a Superkick, but Morgan caught his leg. He ran off the ropes and tried the Carbon Footprint, but Storm ducked AND CAUGHT HIM OFF THE ROPES WITH A BIG SPINEBUSTER! ONE … TWO … THRE – Morgan kicked out! Storm pulled him up and tried the Eight Second Ride, but Morgan powered out! He tried the Hellevator, but Storm floated over! EYE OF THE STORM! He JUST stood up from it, AND HE WALKED INTO YOUNG’S SPIKE PILEDRIVER! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall and still TNA Television Champion: Eric Young (8:02)

    Eric Young celebrated up the ramp with his title, and Storm was upset in the ring. Morgan got up and yelled up at Young, and then turned to glare at Storm.

    Backstage, Kurt Angle cut a promo and said that Robert Roode was about to learn his lesson for failing to show an Olympic gold medalist the respect he deserves. Oh, it’s real. It’s damn real.

    Daniels was in the back and he said that he received his first TNA Championship match two years ago at Destination X and was screwed by Sting; he was in the main event title match at Destination X last year and was screwed by Kurt Angle; but tonight he makes Destination X his night.

    Shelley found Nash backstage and asked if his match was the main event, and Nash said that no, the TNA Championship Ultimate X was. Shelley said that was bullshit, and he stormed off.

    A video played going over American Dragon coming to TNA, speculation over his identity and if he’s Bryan Danielson, Christian’s relationship with Danielson being wholly unknown, and Monty Brown wanting to murder Christian.

    Match 2: Christian Cage/Bryan Danielson vs Monty Brown/The American Dragon
    Danielson and Monty started it, and it was awesome. Danielson tried everything to chop down the monster, but Monty threw his strength around a ton. Christian got in and said he’d show Danielson how it was done, but he got bumped around even more! He scurried back and tagged Danielson back in, and then Monty tagged in Dragon! BRYAN DANIELSON VS THE AMERICAN DRAGON. They had some great mat stuff, and Dragon started lighting him up with chops! Danielson came back with kicks, but Dragon caught one and took him down with a Dragon Screw! Danielson screamed out and held at his leg, and it seemed like he was really hurt. Dragon gave him room and looked concerned, and the ref went over to check on him. Danielson was screaming that something was wrong, so the ref called for medical help! EMTs came running down and carried Danielson to the back as he yelled about his leg. Christian got in the ring and shouted out at Danielson to come back, and he was pissed. He threw a fit, and backed up RIGHT INTO MONTY BROWN! Monty pinballed him around some, but when he went for the POUNCE~~~~~, Christian kicked him in the balls to take the DQ.
    Winners via disqualification: Monty Brown/The American Dragon (7:12)

    Christian kept stomping at Monty, and then rolled out to grab a steel chair! He rolled in with it, and when Monty got up, Christian NAILED him across the skull! Christian posed over him, but Dragon came in and attacked Christian! He gave some big elbows, but when he ran off the ropes, Christian BASHED HIM WITH THE CHAIR TOO! He hit him once more for good luck, AND THEN STARTED TO UN-MASK HIM! Dragon fought back, but Christian kept punching him, and finally he got it. He pulled off the mask and it was … RODERICK STRONG?! But we’ve seen Dragon vs Strong before! WHAT THE HELL, TAZ?!

    Christian looked stunned, but then pissed. He started stomping at Strong, until … BORN! IN THE USA! AND OUT RAN … THE AMERICAN DRAGON?! Mind fuck. Christian was confused as hell, and completely overwhelmed as this other American Dragon ran down and tackled him to the mat! He elbowed away like a madman as the crowd went nuts. Cage finally broke away and rolled out as the Non-Roderick Dragon stood up and celebrated. He grabbed a microphone and shouted that Christian was a coward and he was sick of him and Team Canada. And that’s why … HE QUITS TEAM CANADA! Huh? DRAGON PULLED OFF HIS MASK AND IT WAS BRYAN DANIELSON FUCK YEAH. Christian turned bright red with anger and he started shouting at the top of his lungs. He screamed that Danielson would pay for this, but he kept backing up the ramp … WHERE HE BUMPED INTO BIG MONTY BROWN! Christian was scared shitless, and Brown grabbed him and chucked him back into the ring! He staggered to his feet, and Danielson hit him with the Eagle-Plex! He climbed up top! SOARING EAGLE HEADBUTT! Monty climbed back in, and he tossed Cage against the ropes for the POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUNCE~~~~~~~~~~~~~! PERIOD! Monty then military pressed Christian to the floor, and Monty, Strong, and Bryan Danielson celebrated in the ring.

    Can you believe it, Taz? What a turn of events!

    Robert Roode was watching from the back with disgust, and he turned to the camera and said he knew he couldn’t trust Danielson. But unlike Christian, tonight he’s going to take care of his problem in Kurt Angle.

    The 3 Crazy Negroes were doing black things in the back, and Booker T said that every title defense felt better and better, with the high of knowing his career is on the line for each one. He said that he wouldn’t be enjoying his run with any guys more than Lethal and Creed.

    Match 3: Kurt Angle vs Robert Roode
    They went to the mat to start, and Roode actually held his own! He stuck a headlock for a long time, and Angle couldn’t shake it. Roode didn’t hesitate to use the ropes to help, but still, Angle couldn’t get anything going. He started to try to throw him off with suplexes, but Roode got in a few cheap punches and began laying into Angle. He was super aggressive and never gave Angle a chance to come back, until Angle got off his Flying Forearm off the ropes! It turned into a wild brawl, and then spilled out to the floor! It continued to be aggressive, including tackling into the barricade and some throws on the floor. Angle got the advantage after a German on the floor, and then rolled Roode in! ONE … TWO … THRE – Roode kicked out! Angle was pissed now and he really laid into Roode with big strikes and throws, but Roode hung on and took breaks when he could. After Roode tried to bail to the outside, Angle got him and hit the Triple Germans! ONE … TWO … THRE – Roode kicked out! Angle pulled down the straps and tried the ankle lock, but Roode rolled through and sent Angle to the floor! Roode finally got a good breather, and then went over to undo the top turnbuckle pad! The ref stopped him, but Roode went over and undid the other! Angle came back in, and Roode tried to send him into the corner, but Angle shoved him away and hit a big belly-to-belly! He tried the ankle lock again, but Roode rolled through once more AND THIS TIME ANGLE HIT THE EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE! He flew back hard, into a Roode roll up! ONE … TWO … THRE – Angle kicked out! But he was busted open! Roode took back over in his beating, and he was even more aggressive, going for the cut when he could. Angle’s comebacks got harder and harder with more blood loss. Angle had one final batshit insane adrenaline-fueled comeback, but Roode dodged the Olympic Slam, and hit a HUGE spiking DDT! ONE … TWO … THRE – Angle JUST kicked out! Roode immediately jumped up and went to the corner to wait for Angle to get up. He pulled himself up by the ropes, AND ROODE CREAMED HIM WITH THE NORTHERN LARIAT! ONE … TWO … THRE – NO! ANGLE KICKE OUT! WHAT! Roode threw a fucking fit, Christian Wrestlemania 18 Style. He screamed at the ref, and called him a failure. He shoved the ref and then went back to the corner and tried to undo the turnbuckle pad again, but the ref stopped him. Roode left the corner and reached into his tights AND PULLED OUT BRASS KNUCKLES! He yanked Angle up and NAILED Angle in the face! Shit! He put the knucks back into his tights and called for the ref! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall: Robert Roode (16:32)

    Roode got up and celebrated like crazy in what Cornette called somewhat of a semi-upset. Angle slowly got up and tried to tell the referee about the knucks, but it was too late. Roode celebrated up the ramp, and Angle was pissed in the ring.

    Sabin and Jacobs were in the back, and they said that they were sorry they’d have to end Booker T’s career, but that winning those tag team titles meant everything to them right now.

    Paul London cut a promo to continue his heat with Shelley.

    Sean Hernandez came out to the ring and said it was bullshit that he wasn’t even considered to be in the Ultimate X match for the TNA World Championship tonight. He listed some of the names he’s beaten, including Mick Foley, Homicide, Low Ki, and D-Ray 3000, and said that those alone should get him some sort of attention. Scott Steiner came out and told Hernandez to shut the hell up and get to the back, because cries for attention like this would get him nowhere. They got in each other’s faces and shared words for a bit, but Hernandez seemed to back down. He started to leave, BUT THEN TURNED AND SPEARED SCOTT STEINER! HERNANDEZ SPEARED THE GENERAL MANAGER! He was super arrogant as he went to the back, and Steiner slowly got up and was irate.

    Alex Shelley was in the back and he talked up his X-Division Championship.

    A small video package played going over the slow rise of the Sabin/Jacobs tag team, along with the Negroes tag title run and how the paths crossed, and how the stipulation still stands that when the Negroes lose the belts, Booker T will retire from wrestling to become the General Manager.

    Match 4: Booker T/Jay Lethal[c] vs Chris Sabin/Jimmy Jacobs [TNA Tag Team Championships]
    Sabin and Jacobs again ran it up front, with the continuing theme of established teams underestimating the chemistry between them. Lethal finally caught Sabin with a leg lariat off the ropes, but he stayed in, wanting revenge for Sabin beating him on Impact a couples weeks ago. They had a back-and-forth for a while, playing off some spots from their Impact match, including Lethal avoiding the Cradle Shock at all costs. Lethal made his mistake by going for a second leg lariat, but Sabin kicked it out of midair and really seemed to mess up his leg. He and Jacobs took over with some pointed leg work, and Jacobs especially seemed really eager to end it when he could. Sabin continued to slow it down and really try to wear it down, but Jacobs kept trying to lock in leg bars, and then he just forgot the leg and tried some high impact moves to get a pin. He hit some nice suplexes, but when he tried the Flying Back Senton, Lethal rolled away and tagged in Booker T! He came in with huge fire to Jacobs and really knocked him around. He tried to finish it with the Book End, but Jacobs elbowed away. He ran off the ropes for a Spear, but Booker T caught him with his awesome Spinebuster! ONE … TWO … THRE – Jacobs kicked out! Booker T kept on him and really worked him over, and when Lethal had healed up enough, he joined in too, careful not to use his leg too much. Jacobs got some good strikes in, so Lethal tried the Lethal Combination, but he hesitated after the STO Backbreaker half due to it hitting his bad leg, and Jacobs nailed a flipping neckbreaker! Hot tag to Sabin! He cleaned house with his high-flying, but Lethal tilt-a-whirled away from the Cradle Shock and tagged in Booker T! Sabin and Booker T squared off, both pretty fresh, and went wild with big strikes. Sabin tried a Superkick, but Booker T ducked and came off the ropes with his BICYCLE KICK! He pulled Sabin up and hit the Book End! ONE … TWO … THRE – Jacobs broke it up! Lethal rushed the ring and ring and tackled Jacobs out of the ring, but messed up his leg on the way out. Jacobs tossed him into the barricade, and then took him out with a Suicide Dive! In the ring, Booker T tried the Axe Kick, but Sabin ducked AND HIT A SUPERKICK! ONE … TWO … THRE – Booked T kicked out! Sabin gave some big elbows and tried to get him up for the Cradle Shock, but Booker T powered his way down. He tried a vertical suplex, but Sabin floated over and hit a Back Suplex! He climbed out to the apron, and measured Booker T up … EPIC SPRINGBOARD TORNADO DDT! ONE … TWO … THRE – BOOKER T KICKED OUT! Sabin couldn’t believe it! He tried the Cradle Shock again, but Booker T kneed out and came off the ropes with his flying elbow! Sabin staggered to his feet, AND BOOKER T HIT THE AXE KICK! ONE … TWO … THRE – JACOBS DOVE TO SAVE! Booker T yanked him up and exploded with chops, then sent him out of the ring! Sabin slowly got up and tried a Superkick, but Booker T ducked AND HIT HIS OWN SUPERKICK! Booker T pulled himself up top, AND HE JUMPED OFF WITH THE FUCKING HARLEM HANGOVER! ONE … TWO … THRE – NO! JACOBS JUST BROKE IT UP! Booker T jumped on him and fucking wailed on him with stiff elbows, going nuts. He tried to send Jacobs out of the ring, but he landed on the apron. He measured Booker T up for something, BUT LETHAL RAN ACROSS AND TACKLED JACOBS THROUGH THE ROPES AND TO THE FLOOR! Booker T turned around, RIGHT INTO THE CRADLE SHOCK! ONE … TWO … THRE – NO! BOOKER T KICKED OUT! Sabin couldn’t believe it! He pulled Booker up again and tried one more Cradle Shock, but Lethal grabbed him from the apron! Sabin tried to shake him off, but it let Booker T get down. He tried the Bicycle Kick again, but Sabin ducked AND BOOKER T HIT SABIN! He turned around, AND SABIN HIT THE FUCKING OVER EASY! Jacobs slid in and climbed up to one corner, and Sabin climbed up to the other! Booker T was down in the middle of the ring, and Lethal was down on the floor! Sabin and Jacobs looked down at Booker T! FLYING BACK SENTON FROM JACOBS AND FLYING LEG DROP FROM SABIN COMB-O-NATION! ONE … TWO … THREE!!!
    Winners via pinfall and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions: Chris Sabin/Jimmy Jacobs (17:29)

    Sabin and Jacobs celebrate like crazy and went out to grab their new belts. Booker T slowly got up to a big ovation, and soon everybody realized that this meant that Booker T would have to retire! Booker called the new champs back in and graciously shook their hands, and then they went to the back. Lethal rolled in and looked sad, and then Creed came down too and looked upset. Book told them to brush it off and that they have big futures, and then the 3 Crazy Negroes went to the back

    Commentary reacted to the Negroes losing the belts, and how this meant the end of Booker T’s 22-year wrestling career.

    Kurt Angle was being bandaged up in the back, and he said that Roode was a dead man.

    A big Bound For Glory VII on October 9! And, for the first time in TNA history, it will take place … IN THE LEGENDARY HAMMERSTEIN BALLROOM!

    A biiig hype package played, going over the Shelley/Homicide feud from a couple months ago, London’s momentum since returning to TNA last month, and Samoa Joe’s big announcement that he’d be in this match, and his promise to reclaim the X-Division from this nobody Alex Shelley.

    Match 5: Alex Shelley[c] vs Homicide vs Paul London vs Samoa Joe [X-Division Championship – Title Defense #14]
    All three guys surrounded Shelley, so he backed up, and started ran to one of the corners and started climbing up! They all pulled him down, and started pinballing him around! All three smacked him back-and-forth, and then pinballed him around together. London threw him into a Samoan Drop from Joe, who picked him up and chucked him into a 187 from Homicide! They pulled him up and set him against the ropes, and London Superkicked him to the outside! The crowd was losing it as finally Shelley was beat around, but then the three remaining guys turned to look at each other. They built to a start, and then the really got going beating each other around. Joe and ‘Cide sort of worked together when they could, but they also had no problem going at it themselves. London and Homicide started to work together to keep Joe down, and that pissed him off. He threw London off and then chucked him to the outside, and then punished Homicide for being a two-timing bitch. Headbutts, chops, kicks, elbows, etc. He went for the Muscle Buster, but Homicide slid down! 18 – No! Joe shoved him off and caught him back with his Snap Powerslam! Better than Orton’s! London came back in with a springboard, but Joe countered with a Samoan Drop! He pulled up London and Homicide, DOUBLE NOGGIN KNOCKER YEAH! He chucked them out, but turned into a DDT from Shelley! He started to climb, but Joe stopped him and pulled him off! All four guys took turns trying to climb up when they could, but spots happened. Rhino ran down at one point to stop London, and Love came down to beg off Homicide, so he shoved her out of the way because Mexicans have no problem pushing women. Joe continued to look like the dominant guy here, and everybody flew around some. London and Samoa Joe were down on the floor after some diving, and Homicide was climbing up, but Shelley caught him at the top and superkick him off! He climbed to the middle and grabbed the belt!
    Winner and still X-Division Champion: Alex Shelley (14:29)

    Alex Shelley dropped down with his belt and held it title and hugged it closely. Love rolled in to celebrate with him, and Rhino helped him up and to the back. Homicide was still out of it on the outside, and London and Joe both got up and were pissed. Shelley taunted them on his way up the ramp, his belt still safe around his waist.

    Lauren caught up with Booker T backstage and he looked sad, but said that tonight wasn’t the night to talk about him hanging up the boots.

    Pre-tapes from all the guys played:

    Christopher Daniels talked about how his prophecy would be fulfilled tonight.

    Brian Kendrick said that literally nobody believes he can win tonight, and that’s exactly why he will.

    Low Ki growled.

    AJ Styles discussed how he’s the best in the world, and tonight he continues to prove that he’s The Man here in TNA.

    Match 6: AJ Styles[c] vs Low Ki vs Christopher Daniels vs Brian Kendrick [TNA World Championship]
    Styles and Ki went right for each other, so Daniels took a cheap shot at Kendrick and went at it with him. Daniels discarded of Kendrick first, so he went over to the other two, but they turned and started wailing on him! Styles and Low Ki worked together to bump him around, whilst Cornette brought up their histories with him. Anyway, they kicked him out and immediately went back to each other! They traded blows, but Kendrick came in with a Springboard Crossbody to take them both out! He was the first one to try to climb, but Styles yanked him down and threw him into a kick from Low Ki! And then Styles and Ki worked together to pinball Kendrick around! They eventually threw him out again, and then right away Styles and Ki went back at it! Styles eventually got pissed and just stuck a headlock, and started using the ropes to keep his leverage! Ki started to fight out, so Styles punched him in the throat and hit a Snap DDT! He pulled him up for a Brainbuster, but Ki kneed out. He tried a spinning backfist, but Styles ducked and hit the Pele Kick that sent Low Ki out! Styles started to climb, but Daniels came in to stop him. He and Styles went at it in the ring, and that’s never bad. Kendrick came in to get involved, and when Low Ki started to get back in, Styles convinced them all to take him out ahaha. Kendrick kept trying to climb whenever he could, but he got taken out by bigger and bigger moves until he was struggling to stay a part of the match. Low Ki and AJ brawled on the floor, and Styles brought out a chair! He went to bash Ki, but he ducked AND KICKED IT INTO’S AJ’S FACE! Styles leaned against the announce booth, AND LOW KI BASHED HIM IN THE SKULL! Bloody AJ laid across the booth as Ki returned to the ring to stop Daniels from climbing. They went at it for a bit, and Ki flattened him with a Spinning Backfist! He started to climb, but Kendrick met him at the top! They traded blows, and Kendrick met them up there to join in. Daniels kicked Low Ki down and traded stuff with Kendrick. Low Ki got back up and climbed up, and he looked across at Daniels and Kendrick going at it. He looked away, AND LOOKED DOWN AT AJ STYLES BELOW LAYING ACROSS THE ANNOUNCE BOOTH! He looked back at Daniels and Kendrick, AND HE LOOKED DOWN AT AJ! He looked at Daniels and Kendrick, and then he turned, AND LOW KI DOVE OFF THE X WITH A FLYING ELBOW DROP ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE ANNOUNCE BOOTH ON THE OUTSIDE DANGEROUSSSS!!!!!!! AS GOD AS MY WITNESS DESE MEN ARE DEAD. Daniels got distracted by it briefly, AND KENDRICK KICKED HIM OFF! He slid over to the middle, but Daniels ripped him off! Last Rites! He started to climb up, BUT LOW KI PULLED HIMSELF OVER HOLY SHIT WHAT A BAD ASS! Daniels look scared shitless, but he kept climbing anyway! Ki pulled himself up, but Daniels was already up and climbing out to the belt! Low Ki got up and pulled himself across! Daniels met him in the middle! Low Ki tried a big elbow, but Daniels ducked AND KICKED LOW KI OFF! DANIELS TURNED BACK TO THE MIDDLE! DANIELS GRABBED THE BELT! CHRISTOPHER DANIELS GRABBED THE TNA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

    HOLY SHIT! HE DID IT! Christopher Daniels dropped down to his knees and maybe actually started to cry a little bit. THE NINE YEAR JOURNEY COMPLETE. The Enlightened came down to celebrate with him, but he sent them to the back and said that this was HIS moment. Kendrick and Low Ki returned to the back upset, and Daniels continued his celebrated in the ring. He climbed up one corner and looked down at Styles in the wreckage at ringside, and he got a huge grin on his face. Styles slowly came to, and he looked horrified to see Daniels holding his TNA World Championship in the ring. Daniels shouted that it was his time now, and he strapped the TNA World Championship around his waist to close the show.

    Go read my TNA BTB.

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    Re: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    Impact--April 14, 2011
    - Booker T set up a Strange Bedfellows #1 Contenders Tournament where challengers would be split into tag teams for a tournament, and the winning team would face off against each other for a title match at Sacrifice
    1. Collyer/Strong/Steamboat def. Perkins/Lost/King
    2. Daniels def. Raven
    3. Eric Young[c] def. Matt Morgan to retain the TV Title
    4. AJ Styles/Low Ki def. Samoa Joe/Chris Sabin [Strange Bedfellows #1 Contenders Tournament]
    5. Ravarian def. Los Infernales, Young Bucks
    6. Monty Brown/Christian Cage def. Robert Roode/Jimmy Jacobs [Strange Bedfellows #1 Contenders Tournament]

    Xplosion--April 16, 2011
    1. Jay Lethal def. Kenny King. Post-match, Hernandez attacked Lethal to get at Booker T for not giving him a title shot.
    2. Homicide def. Petey Williams by count out when Petey bailed after a beating
    3. Chris Sabin def. Scott Lost
    4. Eric Young def. Bryan Danielson
    5. Roderick Strong def. Jimmy Rave
    6. Samoa Joe def. Jimmy Jacobs

    Impact--April 21, 2011
    1. Chad Collyer def. Eric Young[c] to win the TV Title!
    2. Homicide def. Petey Williams by count out when Petey bailed again
    3. Robert Roode def. Chuck Taylor
    4. Roderick Strong def. Frankie Kazarian
    5. Monty Brown/Christian Cage def. AJ Styles/Low Ki [Strange Bedfellows #1 Contenders Tournament]

    Xplosion--April 23, 2011
    1. Roderick Strong/Elix Skipper def. Ravarian
    2. Sean Hernandez def. Jay Lethal
    3. Paul London def. Rhino
    4. Chad Collyer[c] def. Eric Young to retain the TV Title
    5. Shark Boy def. Alex Shelley in a non-title match after help from Paul London!
    6. Petey Williams def. Homicide in a Falls Count Anywhere match with help from Tyson Dux

    Impact--April 28, 2011
    1. Sabin/Jacobs[c] def. Jihad to retain the Tag Titles
    2. Chad Collyer[c] def. Sean Morley to retain the TV Title
    3. Homicide/Samoa Joe def. Petey Williams/Tyson Dux by count out when Team Canada bailed
    4. Roderick Strong/Bryan Danielson def. Richie Steamboat/Amazing Red
    5. Robert Roode def. Chuck Taylor
    6. Christopher Daniels def. Elix Skipper
    7. Christian Cage vs Monty Brown ended in confusion after a double pin, and the show closed without a decisive winner.

    Xplosion--April 30, 2011
    1. Roderick Strong def. Frankie Kazarian
    2. Alex Shelley[c] def. Shark Boy to retain the X-Division Title
    3. Samoa Joe def. Tyson Dux by count out when Dux bailed
    - Booker T announced that Sacrifice would be Daniels vs Monty vs Christian in a Triple Threat at Sacrifice
    4. Sean Hernandez def. Consequences Creed
    5. Chad Collyer/Matt Morgan def. Eric Young/Sean Morley. Post-match, Morgan laid Collyer out and held up his title.
    6. AJ Styles/Low Ki def. The Redcoats

    Impact--May 5, 2011
    1. AJ Styles def. Jimmy Jacobs
    2. Kiyoshi def. Patrick Schulz
    3. Robert Roode/Eric Young def. Kurt Angle/Chuck Taylor
    4. Petey Willliams/Tyson Dux def. Los Infernales
    - Alex Shelley had a ceremony to celebrate BEING X-DIVISION CHAMPION FOR 500 DAYS!
    5. Low Ki def. Chris Sabin
    6. Monty Brown/Bryan Danielson def. Chris Daniels/Jimmy Rave, Christian Cage/Tyson Tomko

    Xplosion--May 7, 2011
    1. Frankie Kazarian def. Elix Skipper
    2. Samoa Joe/Homicide def. The Young Bucks
    3. Kiyoshi/No Limit def. The Axis Powers
    4. Chad Collyer def/ Sean Morley
    5. Sean Hernandez def. 2 Crazy Negroes
    6. Paul London def. Rhino

    TNA Sacrifice
    Impact Zone
    Orlando, Florida
    May 8, 2011

    Richie Steamboat over Frankie Kazarian
    Tyson Tomko over Seth Delay
    Bryan Danielson/Roderick Strong over TJ Perkins/Scott Lost
    Jimmy Rave over Amazing Red

    Tenay, Cornette, and Taz welcomed us to the show and ran down the card.

    Hype package played for the following match, with Petey/Dux constantly skirting away.

    Match 1: Samoa Joe/Homicide vs Petey Williams/Tyson Dux [Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Match]
    Petey and Dux attacked at the bell, but the hard-hitting faces quickly turned it around. The heels really got bumped around a bunch and couldn’t mount anything, so they tried to bail. Joe and Homicide both waved them “goodbye,” and they remembered the #1 contendership on the line, so they came back. They FINALLY isolated Homicide with double-teaming and whatnot, and they worked the back a lot. They had builds to the hot tag, and when he finally got it, Samoa Joe exploded and cleaned house. Some nearfalls later, Joe hit Petey with the Muscle Buster, and then Homicide finally got his revenge and pinned him with the Frog Splash.
    Winners via pinfall and #1 contenders to the TNA Tag team Championships: Samoa Joe/Homicide (8:02)

    Samoa Joe and Homicide celebrated in the ring and signaled for the belts!

    AJ Styles and Low Ki arrived backstage, TOGETHER!

    Match 2: Chad Collyer[c] vs Matt Morgan [TNA Television Championship]
    Collyer got too overconfident on the mat, and Morgan took over with his power. Morgan mostly controlled, but Collyer softened up the arm and neck when he could. He finally put it in when reversing out of the Hellevator, but Morgan drove him into the corner to get out. He tried for the Carbon Footprint, but Collyer ducked and grabbed a roll-up! ONE … TWO … THRE – Morgan kicked out! He tried the Everest German, but Morgan slipped out and got a waistlock of his own. He tried a German, but Collyer slid around and got an O’Conner Roll! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall and still TNA Television Champion: Chad Collyer (6:12)

    Collyer celebrated with his belt.

    Sabin & Jacobs were backstage with the belts, and they talked about when they started tagging together, they found more success than they could have imagined, and it propelled them to winning the titles and retiring Booker T. They put over their chemistry in the ring and compared it to how Styles and Ki don’t get along, and they said that would be the difference-maker.

    Big Koslov/Kiyoshi video played, with Kiyoshi finally turning on Koslov after like a year of putting up with his crap.

    Match 3: Viktor Koslov vs Kiyoshi
    Kiyoshi brought a lot of HATE~, and commentary put over how long he’s probably been waiting to beat Koslov up. Koslov came back with cheating, and after one comeback, Magnus ran down for a distraction. After Kiyoshi took him out with a Suicide Dive, then hit Koslov around some more in the ring, but Schulz ran down now! Kiyoshi tried to fight the numbers on the outside, but he got caught up in it all and turned into the Red Scare for the 1, 2, and 3.
    Winner via pinfall: Viktor Koslov (6:24)

    The Axis Powers celebrated to the back, and Kiyoshi got up pissed.

    Backstage, Kurt Angle said that he hasn’t beat Roode yet, but he knows he can, and tonight he’d prove it.

    Scott Steiner was backstage, and SEAN HERDEZ YOU R JUST A DUMB MESIKAN AND I WILL BEAT UR ASS. Commentary talked about all the problems Hernandez gave Steiner when he was interim GM, and then his attack on him at the Booker T Tribute Xplosion.

    I NEED A HERO! Coming 5/19/11.

    Match 4: New Age Machine Guns[c] vs AJ Styles/Low Ki [TNA Tag Team Championship]
    The story here was that Styles and Ki completely took the champs by surprise by working fluidly together at the start. The nearly got the win a bunch of times, but the champs regrouped themselves and did a good divide and conquer. Communication issues between the challengers really made comebacks difficult, and even when they were cooperating fully, they didn’t have timing and stuff down, whereas Sabin and Jacobs worked like a well-oiled machine. After Low Ki was isolated for a bit, Styles got a big hot tag and cleaned up on both guys, looking pretty dominant himself. The numbers got to him, but Low Ki stepped up to help, and they started to work perfectly together under the pressure! They hit a double powerbomb on Jacobs, but he JUST kicked out! Styles pulled him up on his shoulder as Ki climbed up top, but Sabin pulled Low Ki down and to the floor! Jacobs got Styles with a Victory Roll! ONE … TWO … THR – Styles got out! Jacobs pulled him up and tried the Code 616, but Styles threw him off and hit his BIG Discus Lariat! He climbed to the outside for a springboard, but Sabin yanked him down and he crashed on the apron! Sabin rolled him in and Jacobs climbed up top! FLYNG BACK SENT –NO! Styles moved! Both guys stumbled up and Sabin slid into the ring. He tried a Superkick on Styles, but he ducked and turned RIGHT INTO A SPINNING BACKHAND FROM LOW KI! He flew into the ropes, and Styles dropkicked him to the outside! Jacobs ran over and tried to toss Low Ki out, but Styles pulled him back and hit the Rack Bomb! Low Ki pulled him up on his shoulders, and Styles went to the apron … SPRINGBOARD ELBOW SMASH DOOMSDAY DEVICE~! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winners via pinfall and NEW TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: AJ STYLES/LOW KI (16:34)

    NEW CHAMPS! The ref brought in the title belts, and Styles and Ki strapped them on and celebrated. Sabin and Jacobs regrouped on the outside, and then rolled in together and looked upset, but shook hands, then left. Styles and Ki kept celebrating, and Styles went to hug Low Ki, but Ki just glared at him, so Styles backed off. But they did return to the back together.

    Monty Brown was shown getting ready in the back. He looked at the camera, sniffed, and shouted, I SMELL AN ALPHABOMB.

    Backstage, Robert Roode said that he’s got a great streak going with Kurt Angle, and a win here solidifies his spot as a – no, THE newest top dog in TNA.

    Match 5: Sean Hernandez vs Scott Steiner
    As soon as Hernandez got in the ring, Steiner tackled him to the ground! Yeah! He just threw wild punches and stuff and didn’t really protecting himself any, so Hernandez pretty easily beat him back. He started squashing him, but Steiner slid down from the Border Toss and hit a bunch of Steiner Lines, but Hernandez only went down to a knee, SO STEINER HIT A STANDING FRANKENSTEINER! ONE … TWO … THR – Hernandez kicked out! Steiner tried to put in the Steiner Recliner, but Hernandez stood up with it and countered with an Electric Chair Drop! Steiner kept nearly getting big moves off, but Hernandez kept powering out, and he eventually hit the Spear and Border Toss to win.
    Winner via pinfall: Sean Hernandez (132 – 0) (6:16)

    Hernandez celebrated in the ring and shouted that he demanded a TNA World Championship match.

    Bryan Danielson was with Lauren, and he talked up pinning Christian Cage on Impact. He said he hopes Monty Brown wins tonight, but if Christian Cage does, he certainly deserves a World Title match.

    Backstage, Alex Shelley said that he had held the X-Division Championship for 504 days, and it wasn’t about to be ended by Paul London.

    Roode/Angle video, going over Roode constantly pinning Angle.

    Match 6: Robert Roode vs Kurt Angle
    Roode played a lot of mind games with Angle, and Angle could never shake him. Roode even kept him contained on the mat, so Angle tackled him out of the ring and they brawled on the outside. Angle actually showed promise by brawling, and he started knocking Roode around both on the inside and outside. Roode cut Angle off by going to the arm to stop the wild punches, but Angle used the other one for elbows, chops, European Uppercuts, straight punches, and he also threw in some kicks to the gut. Roode nearly got the win with the Northern Lariat, but Angle was too close to the ropes. He tried to end it with the Payoff, but Angle took him to the mat and put in the Ankle Lock! He couldn’t hold it with the arm though, and he had to let go. They went through a stretch of Angle continuously trying the Olympic Slam, but Roode always dodging it. Angle finally faked one and hit a German instead, then pulled Roode’s body up and tried it again, but Roode held his weight AND COUNTERED WITH A CRUCIFIX DRIVER! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall: Robert Roode (14:22)

    Roode got up and celebrated, and when Angle got up, Roode hit him with the Northern Lariat for the hell of it! He celebrated over Angle’s body, and then to the back.

    Christian Cage was backstage and said that he’s 37-years-old and it’s been a hell of a journey, and everybody thinks he’s getting ready to move on, but he’s not even close to being done yet. He said tonight starts the Instant Classic’s FOURTH World Title reign, because THAT’S how he rolls.

    Hype stuff for Shelley/London. It hit on Shelley putting out Brian Kendrick and trying to do the same to London, and things getting so heated that their Lockdown match never happened because they wouldn’t stop brawling beforehand. It ended with London saying that he was glad that Shelley got to have his 500 Day Celebration, because now he gets to go down as the guy that toppled the

    Match 7: Alex Shelley[c] vs Paul London [X-Division Championship – Title Defense #16]
    Shelley asked for a lockup, but London charged at him and just started wailing! He really took it to the champion with big brawling, and it spilled to the floor where that continued. Shelley managed to shoved him knee-first into the steel steps, and he worked those over on the floor and then back in the ring. London managed to fight back with strikes, and then pulled out an Indy Exploder into the corner! He went after the back now with throws and stuff, and kept throwing him out of the ring to beat him around there some. Shelley kept trying to go back to the knees, but he couldn’t really get anything going, as London had him neutralized on the floor. Shelley finally got his lucky break when London missed an enzuigiri on the floor, and he kicked the ring post! He wrapped a modified leg bar around the post, and then went after the leg like crazy. London knew he was getting into trouble so he kept trying to get flash pinning combinations, but that just pissed off the champ even more. He locked in an STF and when London nearly got to the ropes, Shelley lunged forward and did the Joe thing where he went right to the Crossface! And he shouted that he’s BEST IN THE WOOOORLD. London got to the ropes, but Shelley pulled him back and tried the Shellshock, but London spun through. He tried a Superkick, but he collapsed on his own leg, and Shelley got an evil grin. He pulled Shelley up and smacked him around some, and talked some smack, then kicked at the leg. He tried another Shellshock, but London spun with him AND GOT A BACKSLIDE! ONE … TWO …. THRE – Shelley JUST kicked out! The champ jumped to his feet, RIGHT INTO A SUPERKICK! London collapsed on his leg, but pulled himself over and climbed up top! SHOOTING STAR PRES – NO! SHELLEY MOVED! He quickly came across and grabbed a La Magistral Cradle! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall and still X-Division Champion: Alex Shelley (14:01)

    Shelley JUST got the win! He celebrated with his X-Division Championship, and Love met him at the ramp to make out. London regrouped and looked very upset.

    Sean Hernandez was in the back, and he said that he better fucking get a TNA World Title shot now.

    The Enlightened was backstage, and Chris Daniels talked about how it was his destiny to win the TNA Championship. He said that his destiny fought through the rise-and-fall of both Monty Brown and Christian Cage, and he wouldn’t let either of them take back the thrown that he earned.

    Backstage, Samoa Joe and Homicide said that they sure were gonna have a hell of a fight over those tag team belts with Styles and Low Ki, and they were looking forward to it. But Sabin/Jacobs walked up and said that they still had to cash in their rematch clause to win the belts back, so that match would be with THEM, not Styles/Ki.



    Match 8: Christopher Daniels[c] vs Monty Brown vs Christian Cage [TNA World Championship]
    Cage and Daniels kept trying to work the same strategy of sitting out while the other got bumped around, but that kept leaving Monty with nobody to kill, so he went after them both. For a while he was successful, but eventually it de facto turned into a 2-on-1, and he got worn down. Daniels and Cage had a back-and-forth that was seemingly built upon who could out-cheat the other. The answer was Christian. Daniels actually had to start trying to wrestle Christian, and he did a fine job, but soon Monty was back to killing them both. The pattern continued with Monty out-powering both guys separately, but falling victim to double-teaming. Eventually Monty was really out of it, and Daniels had him alone, so he hit the Last Rites, but Monty kicked out at two! Daniels immediately got up and went for the BEST! MOONSAULT! EV – No! Christian was on the apron and shoved him to the outside! Christian climbed up top! FROG SPLASH! He’s gonna steal it! ONE … TWO … THRE – MONTY KICKED OUT! Christian couldn’t believe it! He regrouped and tried the Unprettier, but Monty shoved him away and caught him coming back with the ALPHA BOMB! ONE … TWO … THRE – Daniels dove to save his title! He stomped at Monty’s neck and pulled him up for the Angel’s Wings, but Monty body dropped away! He pulled him up for the Alpha Bomb, but Daniels wiggled his way out and grabbed a rollup! ONE … TWO … THRE – Monty got out! Daniels yanked him up and tried the Last Rites again, but Monty shoved him off the ropes AND CAUGHT HIM COMING BACK WITH THE POUNCEEEEEE~~~~~~~~~~~! PERIOD~! ONE … TWO … THRE – Christian pulled Monty to the outside! He covered Daniels! ONE … TWO … THREE!
    Winner via pinfall and NEW TNA WORLD CHAMPION: CHRISTIAN CAGE! (15:02)

    Christian immediately rolled out and grabbed the TNA Championship and held it up. Monty got up and realized what happened, and he was irate. Daniels got up and flipped a shit and started screaming and nearly crying. Cage just laughed as he celebrated up the ramp, having outsmarted them both.

    Go read my TNA BTB.

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    Re: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    OKAY, DONE. All caught up. Sacrifice was today, so it's all set to go. I'll update the roster and title history on the original post now, and then probably every month or two after that. Impacts are on Thursday and Xplosions are on Saturday, so shows will be posted then. I am sort of on my own PPV schedule than actual TNA, but not too far off.

    Go read my TNA BTB.

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    Re: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    Read through looks God. Love the layout you have & love the Hernadez streak great idea. Christian as champ is an even bigger plus, as is one of my favourites A.S as X-Division champ bravo.

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    Re: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    I really like your style, man. The iMPACT and Xplosion recaps are pretty cool, but the PPVS are definitely the best. Can't wait for the next iMPACT.

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    Re: Exponent's TNA: 2009 - Present

    I'm liking your recaps and your pay per views have lots and lots of details. I like how you have re-invented TNA into what it used to be back around that era. And not like how it is now with the roster crowded and simply going nowhere.

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