Live from Acopulco, Mexico.

The show started with Nickolas Kennedy Arsen coming out to a shower of Corona. Oddly enough, he's still pretty hated in Mexico. He ordered Carlos Espinoza to play the USA National Anthem. Arsen's gimmick in CWA made me forget how good of a heel he was. Then, he had Carlos Espinoza translate a plea of salvation. Arsen tells the Mexican crowd to drop the drug wars, drop the alcohol additions, drop the masks, and come out of hiding. Joven Ryao comes out to the plea of the fans. Joven says in Spanish that he will send Arsen back to the statles illegally!

Rankings Battle Royal, Winner Challenges El Luchador Grande for the AMLL TV Title

Unitas was out first. The New World Army got in some great team work. They tossed out Rey Guerrero as well. Miguel de Blanco came out and tossed out Pantera Jr. Tigre won after head-scissoring Pierre over the ropes and back body dropping Abdul over the ropes. Tigre was estatic, as were the fans!

Sammy Santoro decimated Guerro in, say, four minuted. Just an onslaught of power. Afterwords, Santoro issued an open challenge for the final PPV of the year.

2Fon gets the roll-up on Lupe Garza. Pretty good tag match-up. Afterwards, Lupe and Negro mouthed off to each other.

Mixed trios action here. Awesome contest. Really cool spotlight in the mid-point of the match where everybody took turns doing a tope over the ropes onto each other. Even referee Santiago Benitez dived over the ropes and onto the competitors! Kid Crazy grabbed a fan from the crowd with his mask and tried to use him as a stand-in. Garcia gets the pin on Rosa at twelve minutes. After the match, Romona attacked Garcia. They were seperated.

Intermission time. Dpeortista came out in a bikini. He tried to dance with men in the audience. Deportista then came to the ring and spoke straight jibberish. Duke and Drummond came down and tried to bully Deportista. This lead to the Sour Grapes to stop D&D again. This lead to...

The Sour Grapes defeat D&D. Awesome tag match that won over the unfamiliar audience. Especially the move set of The Sour Grapes. Matt even spoke in Spanish. Deportista celebrated with The Sour Grapes. Jackson Sonik came out and proposed a dream tag team match against the Grapes for the CWA World Tag Team Champions next month. The Grapes agree.

Really good submission contest. Unfortunately, it lost the fans. Blanco won with an arm trap. Pantera and Miguel then brawled backstage.

Probably would have been a good match if it wasn't for the rest of the New World Army attacking Julio. The then beat down Jose. Sumo sits on top of Julio in two minutes. Pierre and Abdul then pose with the tag belts.

AMLL World Championship

Arsen turned mid-match. He tried to demask Rayo until he had this odd revalation in the middle of the match, and asked for a fair contest. Awesome main event. Arsen pulled out the bit of high flying he had on his resume. Scary moment near the finish when Arsen german suplexed Rayo onto the ring steps. Jayo still wins with the Press of Los Libros! Arsen and Ryao actually shake hands! Arsen then gets attacked by Mendoza Torres. Torres drives Arsen repeatedly into the ground. Rayo tries to get Mendoza off of Arsen. Rayo slaps Torres. Torres then drives his friend into the mat.

Biggest Pops
Tigre Santos
The Trios Match
Joven Rayo

Biggest Heat
Arsen at the beginning
New World Army
Sammy Santoro