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Thread: Adrenaline Rush - January 12th, 2011 - Honolulu, Hawaii

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    Adrenaline Rush - January 12th, 2011 - Honolulu, Hawaii

    Harvey Buckworth: Hello, everybody! Welcome to the FIRST EDITION of Adrenaline Rush in he year 2011! We are coming off an epic night in the frozen tundra of New York City! We travel to a better paradise! Honolulu, Hawaii!

    Tim Coleman: Yes, Five Star Attraction was a terrific night! Well, at least to some degree. It was really cold, but we are here, in the jam packed island of Honolulu! I've had an awesome trip so far!

    Harvey Buckworth: Good to here, partner! However, it's no vacation for our Adrenaline Rush superstars! It's going to be a terrific fall-out to what was an historic night. Our main event tonight will feature Rolando Fuentes, who successfully defended his Continental Title against Diego Gonzalez at Five Star Attraction. He will go against the newest addition to Adrenaline Rush, the former CJ Franchise, who is now Chrisopher Jackson! That's later tonight! Let's go to the ring!

    "Live and Let Die" hits the P.A. system. The Honolulu crowd is instantly on their feet to kick off the show. Once the drums hit, "The Agent of Change" Nickolas Kennedy Arsen comes out of the tunnel. The crowd takes the excitement to a new level. Arsen looks a bit solemn, but he waves to the crowd, showing a sign of respect to their applause. He walks down with a microphone in hand. He is also wearing his signature T-Shirt and a pair of Khaki shorts. He looks dead-panned, but it doesn't stop him from slapping hands with fans while he comes down.

    Harvey Buckworth: Well, this is an unanticipated entrance for Nickolas Arsen. The man looking for that redemption win was not able to get it. He --

    Tim Coleman: LOST! He lost, Harvey! Badly! I expected him to lose from a mile away! It's not like he was going to submit the Ultimate Pain!

    Arsen enters the ring. His music gets cut. He tries to talk, looking a bit sad. The fans try to cheer him up, shouting "Arsen" at the top of their lungs. Arsen cracks a smile a bit before talking.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: You guys know how to make a near-thirty year old blush!

    The fans laugh, and get the pop to an even louder level.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: Thank you everyone in the crowd tonight! It's a pleasure to see this many people in Honolulu coming to watch the best wrestling in the world today!

    The fans cheer Arsen's respectful comments.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: I wish I came here to such a beautiful place in a more beautiful mood. Folks, I have set my entire stint in the CWA on vanquishing the most vile man in the company. That man was the Ultimate Pain.

    Fans boo at the mention of The Ultimate Pain.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: Pain and I had five years of estranged, yet connected history bewteen each other that has cultimated into a match two weeks ago at Five Star Attraction. It was the first time encounter between the two of us. I lost.

    The fans once again boo the fact that Pain won, while Arsen tries not to get emotional.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: Folks, come down. I lost. I admit my defeat. I took Pain's disrespect and trickery into New York. I left New York feeling broken down. I was so discouraged because I made it my main perrogative. I went through hell and back trying to take the Ultimate Pain down. I failed. I am going to say it right here and right now, mission failed!

    The fans boo Arsen's discouragement.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: I'm sorry. I let you all down. That is the reason why I came out here tonight. I want to look back at my stint in the company, and I want to bring attention to my loss to The Ultimate Pain. I just want to say that I'm sorry. I am sorry to every single fan I have dissapointed. I have betrayed, backstabbled, and brought down you guys along the way. And although I'd give much to the world to get a victory over The Ultimate Pain, I'd give more to take back the wrongs I have committed towards every CWA fan. I apologize.

    Arsen rubs his eyes a bit. He looks away a bit. The fans try to cheer him up. They cheer "we forgive you". Arsen looks around to the fans.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: No, please. Please stop cheering. I let you all down. Quite frankly, I really don't know where to go from here. I can keep focused on helping the young talent on the roster. I can try to take down the Elite one by one!

    The fans cheer about the statment Arsen made.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: However, I'm here to announce tonight that with my defeat with the Ultimate Pain, I have to regroup. I have to prepare myself for another battle. I have to stay true to my family, as well as fight for you, the fans! Because without you, and without the powers that be, Nickolas Kenn--

    Megan Anderson comes from the tunnel. She interrupts Arsen's promo with a slow clap. She heads to the end of the ramp. She stops walking, as well as clapping. She is met with large heat, and a series of insults from fans that are close to her.

    Megan Anderson: Bravo, Mr. Arsen. Bravo! that was quite the compelling speech. We have to cut it short, due to the fact that we have a lot to get done tonight. But, will say, thank you Nickolas for your apology. Now please, get out of the ring.

    Once Megan finishes her sentence, a large line of her personal security guards line up upon the top of the entrance ramp. The are blocking the entrance tunnel. Arsen looks angry.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: Megan,. I have endured enough of your mess for a good four months now. The least you owe me is a chance to talk tonight.

    Megan Anderson: Nickolas, I have given you that time period to speak. That's all you've done! Nick, it has been the same sympathetic dialogue for those four months. I'm sick of hearing it, and for the sake of these fans, they should not hear it either!

    The fans disagree with Megan, letting their hatred roar for the General Manager.

    Megan Anderson: So, Arsen, no more apologies. No more appeal. No more accusations. Stop talking. The only thing that you have gotten right so far is the fact that you need to take a break. So, I figured we can take the easy way out and have my security team escourt you out of the building. When you're ready to contribute some productivity, mental stability, and importance to the brand, you may come back!

    Arsen shakes his head.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: I'm not going anywhere.

    The fans applaud the fight of Arsen.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: No, I'm staying right here. I haven't just talked my mouth off, I have fought with every life of my body to exploit corruption on Adrenaline Rush. I don't care if you want me to be vile with the rest of you, I'm staying the way I am. I'm done with your mess, Megan! I'm done!

    Megan looks offended.

    Megan Anderson: Nickolas, I--

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: No, shut up, you corruptive bitch!

    The fans are shocked by the language presented by Nickolas Arsen. Megan's face is pale!

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: I'm not going to give up, Megan. Thank you for reminding me never to give up! thank you for helping me inspire these fans to never give up! Because if I don't give up, these fans are going to be reduced to hearing your bird screeches until their ear drums bleed!

    Fans chant 'You Suck' at Megan.

    Megan Anderson: Nickolas, you are very luck I don't fire you right here, right now! However, the innapropriate name calling and the insults have earned you a one month suspended! EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! Now get out my my ring!

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: No, I'm not going anywhere!

    Megan Anderson: Why don't you stick to your honor fiasco and respect my decision. Arsen, your suspended. Let's get you out of here right now! We can do it the easy way!

    Arsen rubs his chin a bit, before he smiles.

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: The most honorable thing to do in this situation is to fight. I think I should start with you, and make sure I'm leaving the hard way!

    Arsen drops his microphone! Arsen runs to the ropes and hops out to the outside. The fans go nuts! Arsen is approaching Megan Anderson! The security team slowly begins to make their way down!

    Tim Coleman: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Get Megan out of there! That hypocrite is about to snap!

    Harvey Buckworth: MONTHS OF FRUSTRATION LEADS UP TO THIS! Arsen is going to get his with the boss!

    Tim Coleman: You actually want him to hit the boss?

    Megan gets right up to her security team. Arsen tries to approach the security squad. All of the sudden, the music of The Elite hits. The fans in Honolulu tear the roof off with thunderous boos. Ultimate Pain, dressed in his trademark attire, The Future, dressed in ring gear, and Continental Champion Rolando Fuentes, dressed in a suit, come out and down the ramp. Arsen back up a bit, backing up to the ring apron. The Elite make their way through Megan Anderson and the security team. They get right at the end of the ramp. All four men face Arsen. Ultimate Pain gets a microphone in his hand.

    Ultimate Pain: Arsen, just give up.

    Arsen looks like he's ready to attack.

    Ultimate Pain: I cannot believe that you dare take your hypocrisy to a whole new level. First of all, you vowed to defeat me at Five Star Attraction, but what a surprise, you came up short. You came up short just like you do every other week here on Adrenaline Rush. And you want to tell these fans that you're a fighter? You’re just lucky they’re a bunch of idiots who buy into the rubbish you spew!

    The fans really give Pain a piece of their mind.

    Ultimate Pain: Then, you come out here and continue your 'honor and respect' jibber jabber. You try to make things all better with a choreographed and pathetic apology. Then you decide the best way to keep that up is to attack the boss. To attack a woman! Really Arsen? You think that’s honorable?!

    Pain points at Megan!

    Ultimate Pain: That woman is a saint! If you really want to redeem yourself to your family, these fans and most of all yourself, then you do not start by attacking women! What’s the world coming to, when people cheer you for that and yet boo my heroics?

    As expected this encourages the crowd to boo Pain once again.

    Ultimate Pain: Oh, enough already! I can barely hear myself. Now where was I? Oh yes, you’re probably wondering why we’re out here Nick? Well, it’s to finally get rid of you of course. Rolando, Daren, Axl, and I are going to take the work off of the hands of these fine security guards, and we are going to get rid of you...personally!

    Pain gets closer to Arsen. Arsen doesn't look Pain in the eyes while he approaches. Pain smiles.

    Ultimate Pain: It's funny, Nickolas. Around this time in 2010, you were busy crying about life. Now usually, I’m not a huge fan of watching men cry, but it’s what you did with that sadness and resentment that impressed me. You built it up, before finally unleashing it upon the weaker. You broke the neck of Ralph McCoy and you attacked the family of Roberto, and what do you know, you were successful!

    Arsen begins to clinch his jaw. He looks away further. Pain gets closer.

    Ultimate Pain: Here we are in 2011, and much like last year, you are complaining about your life. The only difference is that you are weaker now. You aren't going to break anyone's neck. In fact, my friends and I are going to finish what I started at Five Star Attraction! What do you think boys? Should we take a leaf out of Arsen’s book and break his neck?!

    Pain gets right in the face of a pissed off Arsen.

    Ultimate Pain: That doesn’t sound like a bad idea actually. While you’re at home with a broken neck, serving your suspension, I will make sure that your family get the proper care they deserve. Starting with your wife, perhaps? It’d be more than she’s getting now no doubt!

    Arsen begins to clinch his fist.

    Ultimate Pain: Wait, you aren't going to hit me, are you Nick? Come on, do it Arsen. Step over that line of hypocrisy even further! Do it!

    The rest of The Elite are ready to attack. Security retreats to the top of the ramp with Megan Anderson. They watch as Pain tries to wake up a disturbed Arsen. Pain extends his hand to Arsen.

    Ultimate Pain: Or why don't we do it your way, Arsen? Let's just shake on it. You can go home and cry to your wife, you can disappoint your kid, you can live this lie you have been living for months now, and you--

    Arsen finally snaps! He hits Ultimate Pain with the Assassination Attempt! Pain goes knocked down to the ground. Rolando, Axl, and Daren pile up on Nickolas Arsen. At the top of the ramp, Diego Gonzalez, Shane Lennox, and Chubby Carlos try to come down the ramp. Security is blocking their path. Megan Anderson steps in front of them as well!

    Megan Anderson: Uh-uh! No! Anyone of you that tries to help Arsen is FIRED!

    Security is successfully blocking the rescue squad. Down in front of the ring the three members of the Elite are pounding upon the back and the head of Arsen. Arsen manages to get his hands on the hair of Axl and Daren Storm. He kicks Rolando Fuentes into the gut. Then, he collides Daren and Axl head-first into each other! The crowd is going nuts!

    Tim Coleman: Someone get that idiot out of here!

    Harvey Buckworth: Why! This is incredible! Nickolas is finally striking back! He is finally taking a stand.

    Daren goes down to the floor. Axl Storm receives a lariat from Nickolas Arsen! All that is friends can do is cheer for him, as security is keeping them from risking their careers! Arsen goes over to Rolando Fuentes. He grabs Rolando by the back of the neck and throws him back first into the steel steps. Rolando crashes hard into the steps. Arsen looks around at the laid out Elite. He points at Megan Anderson and tries to go up the ramp. Daren Storm gets up and comes from behind. He axe-handles Arsen in the back. He grabs Arsen and takes him into the ring! Daren Storm rolls into the ring, but a furious Arsen gets up and uses a rolled Daren Storm to lock him into his Target, Locked finisher! Daren begins to scream for his safety! He begins to tap, hoping his stable mates help him out! The Ultimate Pain breaks the hold! He pushes Arsen off and begins to throw fists down upon the face of Arsen. Arsen turns it into a brawl. Both men fight on the ground, exchanging violent punches towards each other's face. Arsen rolls Pain and gets him grounded. Arsen takes full control! He pounds Pain with stiff fists! The fans love what they are seeing! Arsen picks Pain up and goes for another Assassination Attempt, but Ultimate Pain ducks. This gives Rolando the opportunity to deck Arsen in the face with his belt. Axl gets into the ring. Daren and Pain roll out. Rolando and Axl begin to violently stomp and punch Arsen to keep him down. Axl gets Arsen grounded and begins to choke Arsen. Pain and Daren come back into the ring with chairs. Axl and Daren hold up Arsen. Pain takes one of the chairs and smacks Arsen square in the face with it. Rolando places another chair on the ground. Axl and Daren throw Arsen to Pain. Pain hits an Ulti-Bomb onto the chair. Arsen's back hits the chair hard. Pain wants him back up. He hits another Ulti-Bomb onto the chair!

    Meanwhile, the faces feel defeated. They march to the back forced by the security. Megan goes to the back as well, laughing at Arsen getting destroyed while she goes. However, what she does not see is a motion coming through the crowd! The fans begin to give off a mixed reaction at the sight of Mr. Showtime! The CWA World Champion from High Voltage! He has his belt and a steel chair in hand. He hops over the barricade! As Pain attempts another Ulti-Bomb on Arsen, Showtime enters the ring and clocks Daren Storm square in the head! Daren goes rolling to the outside. Rolando and Axl get out of dodge, rolling out of the ring. Showtime tries to swing his chair at Pain, but Pain throws a destroyed Arsen in front of the chair swing. Arsen is thrown into the chair and gets hit hard. Pain rolls out of the ring to avoid danger from the champion. Axl and Rolando carry off a hurt Daren as The Elite retreat up the ramp. Showtime throws the chair down to the mat. He runs his hands through his hair, looking over a hurt Arsen as we go to break.

    Continental Rankings Match
    Chubby Carlos VS Kevin Alexander

    Yamaguchi has both opponents checked and ready as he bell rings. Both men circle each other, measuring each other up. Carlos goes to attack but Kevin is waiting and connects with a powerful kick to the leg. Carlos surprised by the attack, backs up a bit. He shakes off the attack, pats himself on the chest and begins nearing Alexander again. Kevin is patiently waiting, and when Carlos moves closer he once again connects with a big kick.


    The crowd laughs a little bit, but Alexander seems to be all business. Kevin lurches forward and ties up with Carlos, to which Kevin slides around him with a standing switch. After jockeying for position, Kevin delivers a punch to the back of the head, then lifts up Carlos and slams him down hard with a side mat slam. The crowd begins to boo as Kevin rolls over his downed opponent and he applies a front face lock. Carlos struggles to get free, but Kevin clearly has him out matched on a technical level as he nods and yells at the fans ringside.


    Even with the hold firmly applied, Carlos is making his way closer and closer to the ropes as the crowd begins to stomp and clap their feet in support. Just before Carlos can get the bottom rope, Kevin releases the hold and stands up. Carlos is feeling the affects and is a bit winded as Kevin delivers a vicious stomp to the back of his head. With the crowd now angry, Kevin walks across the ring cupping a hand to his hear as he leans against the ropes smiling. Chubby has made his way under the ropes and is sitting on the outside apron.

    Chubby Carlos:..Just too tired man..

    Then a young boy in the front row yells out.


    The crowd is still stomping, clapping, and willing him on to fight. Carlos begins to shake his fist as he stands up on the outside of the ring. He eagerly shakes the top rope, waiting for Kevin to turn around and take notice. Just as he does, Carlos springs into action, clearing the ring he does a tope rope springboard drop kick hitting Alexander in the shoulder. The crowd is eating it up as both men are back on their feet and Carlos is getting pumped. Carlos hits several forearm shots and delivers some side kicks which has Kevin reeling. Carlos runs into the opposite ropes then bounces back snapping off a quick head scissors. Just as Kevin makes it back to his feet, Carlos has already run back into the ropes again and delivers a running body splash. Carlos readies himself behind his stunned opponent as he slowly tries to get back up. Just as he turns around, Kevin goes for his knockout punch, but Carlos ducks under the move and connects with a big pele kick! Carlos wastes no time and rolls up Alexander with a back slide. Johnny Yamaguchi is down for the count:


    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by pinfall at a time of seven minutes and twenty two seconds, Chubby Carlos!

    The crowd is flipping out and it seems Carlos can't believe what he just did. Kevin Alexander angrily storms out of the ring making his way up the ramp as fans yell,"YOU SUCK!" in his face. Carlos smiles and shrugs a bit, then before leaving, he goes over to the little fan ringside and celebrates with the happy CWA faithful.

    We go backstage now where we find the new CWA Women’s Champion Alexa showing off her new title belt to fellow CWA Diva’s Toxic Rain and Ashley la Bella who are both full of praise for the new champion. Unfortunatly, the niceness doesn’t last as Rain and Ashley get pushed to the side by the former champion, Alexis, who gets in Alexa’s face. Alexa doesn’t flinch but instead puts her title up on her shoulder and smiles as the two bitter enemies stand toe to toe.

    Alexis: We’re not even. We’re nowhere close to being even, not after what you did to me at Five Star Attraction.

    Alexa: What? You’re not even with me?!?! You tried to ruin my life, and you need to get even with me? What the hell is wrong with you?!

    Alexis: You took something very important to me….

    Alexa: Like a child?

    Alexis: ….something much more important than that. You took MY title away from me. That title means everything to me and we will never be even until it is back around my waist.

    Alexa: I guess we’re never going to be even then. I don’t plan on letting you ruin this for me as well.

    Alexis: When I want MY title back, I’ll take it.

    Alexa: You sound pretty confidant about that, did me beating the hell out of you affect your memory of that night? Cause…. I kicked your ass and I’ll do it again. Name your date and we’re on.

    Alexis: When I want it back, I’ll take it back.

    Alexis turns and walks away from Alexa who decides to get the last word in.

    Alexa: You already said that one!

    Toxic Rain and Ashley la Bella reappear beside Alexa now that Alexis has left the scene and they return to telling Alexa how great she did at Five Star Attraction.

    Mr. Showtime is seen in the parking lot area. He goes up to a limo that pulls up near the entrance gate. Michelle Kelly is following him.

    Michelle Kelly: Mr. Showtime! Mr. Showtime! Hi, Michelle Kelly! I have to ask you, why did you try to rescue Arsen? Why did you interrupt that attack?

    Showtime smirks. He gives his limo driver a signal to hold on for a second.

    Mr. Showtime: I'm not here to save that washed-up hack in Nickolas Arsen.

    Michelle seems confused.

    Mr. Showtime: What you just saw was my newst project. Mr Showtime starring in: The Revenge! Last night in Topeka, Kansas, Ultimate Pain thought he could come onto my show in High Voltage and embarrass me! He crashed my party! He crashed the biggest celebration of the year! He poured champaigne on my head!

    Michelle smirks.

    Michelle Kelly: He's pretty mean like that.

    Mr. Showtime: So, I thought I would strike back! I started shooting my sequel to the party pooper by doing what he did last night. I came here to Adrenaline Rush, and I struck back! I knew that they weren't going to leave until Nickolas Arsen was dead, and I stopped what Pain was trying to do! I ruined his little party! So Pain, I'm not going to respect the limits. I am going to strike back every time you try to humiliate me.

    Showtime opens the door to his limo. He then looks at the camera.

    Mr. Showtime: It's not like Megan Anderson can fire me! I don't work for her! As far as I know, her yanking security just to protect herself and the Elite gives me all the opportunity to come on this show! So, Pain, be prepared! Curtain Up!

    Showtime hops into the limo. The limo speeds off, scarring Michelle back a bit as we go to break.

    Continental Rankings Match
    Billy Hatcher versus Cerebrus Thorn

    Karl Rooney calls for the bell. Thorn comes out of the corner looking for a lock up, but Billy Hatcher kicks Thorn in the gut. The tough Brit begins to lay a series of hook into the mid section of Thorn, before turning the hooks into attacks with the leg. He knees Thorn and pushes him back into the corner. Billy traps him with some dirty punches and a face wash. Rooney counts Hatcher's attacks in the corner. He counts all the way up to five and has to push Hatcher back. Rooney warns Hatcher. Rooney gets out of the way. Hatcher gets relaxed and goes back to the corner. Thorn manages to get a palm strike on Hatcher. Hatcher is pushed back a bit. Thorn uses the position to kick Hatacher away with some help from a push off the corner.

    Thorn charges at Hatcher. Hatcher ducks a lariat attempt. Thorn turns around and gets met with a belly to belly suplex. Thorn hits hard back first on the mat. He gets back up, but is met with a roaring uppercut from Hatcher. Hatcher picks Thorn up once he hits the ground. Hatcher begins to lay another flurry of hooks into the midsection of Thorn. Hatcher props him up against the ropes and begins to strike Thorn's face now. Hatcher ends the flurry with a load chop to the chest of Thorn. Thorn tries to rest against the rope. Hatcher doesn't get off of him though. He grabs Thorn by the neck and begins to strangle Thorn while rubbing the eyes of Thorn against the ropes. Hatcher uses this to lift Thorn into the middle rope and spike him down hard with a rope-hung DDT. Hatcher. sits up after the DDT and smiles. He gets up and sees Thorn on all fours. Thorn gets put down with Hatcher's N40! Hatcher covers! One, two, and three! Impressive work from Hatcher!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner at a time of three minutes and two seconds by way of pinfall, Bi---

    Billy Hatcher rolls to the outside. He runs straight to Lindsay Monahan. Lindsay see him coming. He motions for the mic. He runs like a freight train to Lindsay. Lindsay throws the microphone at him and runs behind the announcer's table. Hatcher takes the microphone.

    Billy Hatcher: BILLY F'N HATCHA!

    The fans boo the hard hitting newcomer.

    Billy Hatcher: And all the other potential Continental contenders better pray to the gracious Lord above that they don't cross paths with me. It will be a blessing if they were able to walk on their given two legs afterwards. I will murder anyone that poses a potential threat in my quest to rule this division with this dominant fist of mine. This fist will give everyone the idea that only one true force in this division. Not Rolando Fuentes. Not Diego Gozales. Definitely none of the jokers I've crushed in recent weeks. That force is me, BILLY. F'N. HATCHER!

    We go from the ring to Megan Anderson's office. She is surrounded by her security team, as well as Axl and Daren Storm of the Future. She looks really frustrated.

    Megan Anderson: So, he just appeared out of nowhere? And nobody was there to tackle him? Where is all of the security?

    Daren and Axl look at each other, as the answer is behind Megan. The security guards even look at each other.

    Megan Anderson: I mean, come on! This show is out of control! Showtime is breaking and entering, for one! You have several young wrestlers trying to break the rules! The worst of all is that ingrate Nick Arsen trying to threaten me!

    Daren Storm: Well, Arsen is diagnosed as hard to kill.

    Axl Storm: Yeah, him and Wesley Snipes both.

    Daren Storm: Oh man, isn't that movie so awesome?

    Axl Storm: Yeah, it's so---

    Megan Anderson: HEY! Shut up! The both of you! I'm still mad at the two of you for blowing the Torneo Cibernetico to that High Voltage squad! You guys really dissapointed me.

    Daren Storm: Aww, come on, Megan! We all know it was Axl's fault. He was the one that recruited Frankie Enzo!

    Axl Storm: Whoa, whoa, what? Are you kidding me? Why do I always have to take your blame? This was obvious whose fault it was.

    Megan Anderson: I don't care whose fault it is. I want the two of you to regroup and take out some trash. Help me put some much needed control on this brand. Hell, I started with suspending Arsen!

    Daren Storm: Well, what else are you going to do?

    Megan has a wicked smile on her face.

    Megan Anderson: Well, seeing as he interfered with the attack on Arsen, I must announce right now that Mr. Showtime.....IS FIRED!

    Daren and Axl hesitate a bit before laughing out loud in front of Megan.

    Daren Storm: You can't fire him. He doesn't work him.

    Megan Anderson: So what? He broke a rule! On MY brand!

    Daren Storm: Look, Megan, Showtime will be taken care you. You just need to relax. The power is getting to your head at the moment. Just take a deep breathe. We'll go restore some order, okay? Just relax!

    Daren and Axl exit as Megan shakes her head. She looks at the security.

    Megan Anderson: What are you guys doing here? Get out, you idiots!

    Dexter Darwin Douglas run through the halls checking his watch, seeing how late he is, he quickly maneuvers past people, yelling ‘Excuse me!’ to anything he might hit. His phone starts to ring and he quickly answers.

    DDD: Hello? Yes, I’m almost there, just a few more steps!

    DDD hangs up the phone before sliding into the room, Risky Business style, where he finds a man in a clean suit growling at him.

    DDD: Sorry I’m late, I…

    Suited Man: Enough! We need to shoot this thing now, just remember to be intimidating!

    Dexter smiles and lets out a small laugh as he sees a camera pointed straight at him. He lets out a cough as he stares at it. The suited man lets out a groan and facepalms.

    Suited Man: Will you please start talking…

    Dexter stands up straight and straightens his coat before pointing into the camera.

    DDD: Alright CWA, this is Dexter Darwin Douglas speaking, and I can’t wait to show you all just how awesome I am. Why, I bet…

    Before Dexter can finish his sentence, the suited man stops him and pushes him out, telling him that was good enough. Dexter stands in the hallway a bit befuddled as he walks away.

    DDD: Geez…what an introduction, can’t wait to see what else this promotion has to offer.

    Roderick Kyle and Ari Bravado shake hands to start the match but they don’t get much further than that. They lock up in the centre of the ring but break when Check my Brain plays over the PA system. All four men involved in the match look up the entrance ramp in confusement as to why their match is being interrupted so early. Their confusement continues as Daren Storm and Axl Storm make their way to the ring, not in a good mood after how their last appearance earlier tonight went. The Future waste little time in reaching the ring and climbing in. Axl Storm instantly connects with a super kick on Ari Bravado while Daren Storm hit’s a Roaring Elbow on the unsuspecting Roderick Kyle. The Wall steps over the top ropes and into the ring but is met with a step up enziguri from Axl to stun him, before Daren knocks him out of the ring with a big Roaring Elbow. Dan Powers enters the ring on the far side but thinks better of it and quickly leaves the ring once again and heads backstage without his partner. With three bodies on the floor within a matter of seconds, Daren Storm asks for and is presented with a mic by Lindsay Monahan.

    Daren Storm: What you saw earlier tonight was a travesty. Since when does High Voltage scum get to feature on Adrenaline Rush? You may argue, that The Ultimate Pain fired the first shot by showing up on High Voltage last night, but really, all that did was increase their ratings. Showtime showing up here earlier tonight has done nothing but put a big target on his back, a target that we’re confidant Pain will hit at Uprising. So Showtime it’s a catch twenty two for you. On one hand, we wont pursue you and beat some respect out of you, but on the other hand the Ultimate Pain is taking his title back at Uprising but only after he beats you beyond all recognition. I really hope your insurance is paid up, much like these three idiots that were occupying our ring a few minutes ago. Speaking of which, I was sure I counted four on my way down to the ring but one of them must have found a brain somewhere and got out of dodge. The smartest thing he ever did.

    Daren Storm looks around the ringside area just in case he missed someone but neither he, nor Axl can find a fourth man.

    Daren Storm: Now, we didn’t come out here to complain about four losers taking up our ring, we also didn’t come out here to warn Showtime, they just sorta happened. We’re instead out here under orders of our esteemed General Manager Megan Anderson. You see, Miss Anderson is sick and tired of not being shown the due respect she has earned for the magnificent job she has done with this show. People like Nick Arsen and now Mr. Showtime, among others, continue to try and disrupt her show at every turn. Once again Miss Anderson has turned to those she can trust, and that would be the Elite. So, while Miss Anderson is backstage working on a punishment for Showtime, she asked us to clean up a little for her. From here on out, if you don’t impress Miss Anderson each and every week, you’ll be ending up in a very similar position to these three right here. Much like Miss Anderson, we only want the best for this show. If she see’s something she doesn’t like, you better hope it’s not you. Unlike Nick Arsen, who by the way, I hope enjoys his little vacation. Unlike Arsen, we respect Miss Anderson and will do exactly as she asks. As a result, we will be sitting backstage each and every week and as soon as she see’s something that she doesn’t like, you’ll be seeing us and we’ve seen next week’s card, I suspect you’ll be seeing us a lot!

    Daren Storm tosses the mic back in the general direction of Lindsay Monahan who has to run to catch it before it hit’s a fan in the front row.

    Backstage, we see Shane Lennox sitting on a bench in his locker room. The camera zooms out from his face to get his surroundings. He is wearing nothing but a towel. And of course, he has two beautiful ladies from the island in the grasp of his arms. They're both dress in tradition wear, including grass skirt and coconut bras. They both look enticed by the words of Lennox.

    Shane Lennox: You know ladies, I've been burned by fire, before! You know the roasts you guys have? With the pigs?! I almost became a roast!

    The girl on the right seems the most concerned, snuggling up to Lennox even more.

    Lona: Oh my! You sound like a dangerous mainlander!

    Lennox smirks.

    Shane Lennox: Well, her name was Katie. She was a huge fire crotch. I got over it though. I mind mind hair down there. Let that be a tip for you, Lahela.

    Lennox points to the girl on his left. She looks appauled by the statment, but snuggles up to Lennox anyway.

    Lahela: Well, I'm willing to try anything.

    She rubs her right pointer finger across the oiled-up chest of Shane Lennox. From behind the three people on the bench, "The God of Death", Austerio, pops up. He looks upon Shane Lennox and his Hawaiian lady companions. Shane Lennox, nor the ladies, notice Austerio stalking them.

    Shane Lennox: Well, ladies, why don't we take this luau back to my hotel room? We can, how do you say, a-luku-waka-hiki?

    Shane Lennox begins to thrust. Lahena and Lona giggle at Lennox's theatrics. Austerio fully stands up. He begins to laugh a robot laugh.

    Austerio: HA! HA! HA!

    Lona and Lahena notice the frightening look of Austerio. The two Hawaiian ladies take off screaming out of Lennox's locker room. Lennox gets up and gets upset!

    Shane Lennox: LADIES! LADIES! Where are you going!?! Come back!

    Shane Lennox just sighs. He turns to Austerio, crawl crawls from behind the bench and gets up to Lennox.

    Shane Lennox: Hey, man? What's your problem, bro! A guy needs some exotic tang over here!

    Austerio begins to stroke his beard.

    Austerio: Shane Lennooooooox......I have come to warn you!

    Shane Lennox begins to pinch his nose.

    Shane Lennox: Warn me of what? Your nauseating stench? How did you get in here, anyway?

    Austerio frantically points at Lennox.

    Austerio: SILENCE! I am here to deliver a message to you! From the Gods that surround me, we are angry with your presentation. You are a man who lives live encountering several sins. You take the youth and beauty of women as a personal gain!

    Shane Lennox: Tell me something I don't know!

    Austerio: And you, Shane Lennox, are the formidable target in the Continental ranks here on Adrenaline Rush. I have been warned to murder your obseesions, as well as your competitive edge! I am here to warn you....of your death!

    Austerio gets right in the face of Shane Lennox.

    Austerio: ....AT MY HANDS!!!

    Austerio pokes the face of Shane Lennox. The camera follows Lennox getting pushed back. Lennox holds his cheek. He comes back around and tries to throw a punch. However, when he goes to throw a punch, Austerio has dissapeared. Shane Lennox looks around.

    Shane Lennox: What the....? Where did he go?

    We cut backstage to where a still furious Ultimate Pain is standing by with Michelle Kelly, much to the displeasure of the fans who give him his usual reception.

    Michelle Kelly: Here I am with the Ultimate Pain who earlier tonight, along with the rest of The Elite attacked a suspended Nic...

    Ultimate Pain puts his hand up to Michelle Kelly’s face, signalling her to stop, before indicating to her that he wants the microphone at his mouth.

    Ultimate Pain: Whoa. We attacked Arsen? I think if you watch it again, Arsen cheap-shotted me the son of a bitch!

    Michelle Kelly: Well, you did have it coming aft...

    Ultimate Pain once again puts his hand up to Michelle Kelly’s face.

    Ultimate Pain: Have it coming? The man threatened to hit a woman earlier tonight. I don’t think the damage done to him was even enough!

    Michelle Kelly: If you can even call Megan a woma...

    Ultimate Pain puts his hand to Michelle Kelly’s face for a final time. Instead of indicating he wants to speak this time, he simply grabs the microphone from her hand.

    Ultimate Pain: If hitting women is so damn popular thesedays, maybe you should watch your step Michelle.

    Ultimate Pain, who still has his hand at her face, turns it around and pretends to slap, causing Michelle to furiously flinch.

    Ultimate Pain: Now get out of here with your stupid questions!

    The camera now focuses in on Pain.

    Ultimate Pain: Arsen, it looks like you’ve found yourself a little buddy in Showtime. Or so you thought until once again The Ultimate Pain outwitted the pair of you. Damn that chair shot from Showtime must have hurt! As for you Showtime, you’re just lucky you’ve left the building already. It’s only a matter of time before I get my hands on you again, and when I do, it’ll be curtains down for you my friend!

    Pain shoves the camera out of his face as he storms off.


    Michelle Kelly is seen backstage at the interview set.

    Michelle: Good evening folks, my guest at this time, Ashley Adams!

    The camera pans out more to reveal Ashley, much to the delight of the men in the crowd, she does not look like she's in a pleasant mood though.

    Michelle: Now before we get to Ashley, we'd like to show all of you what our cameras caught backstage after the Five Star Attraction preshow.

    The footage rolls and it's Ashley throwing a temper tantrum in the dressing room, throwing stuff around and screaming in anger, she then notices the cameraman in the room and chases him out of the room while yelling at him before the footage ends. Michelle Kelly is seen laughing at the footage, while Ashley does not look amused.

    Ashley: You think that's funny?

    Michelle quickly stops laughing as notices the angry look on Ashley's face.

    Ashley: I was cheated out of becoming the number one contender and you think that's funny?

    Michelle: No that's at all what I'm laughing at.

    She snatches the microphone from Michelle and shoves her off to the side, she then looks in the camera.

    Ashley: You Mi Pi Ugly skanks think you can get away with cheating me out of the number one contender's spot?! Well you must be dumber than you look, you're going to learn what happens when I don't get my way, and trust me it's not going to be pretty!

    Ashley throws the mic down and storms off leaving Michelle looking annoyed.

    Continental Rankings Match
    Blue Flame versus Austerio

    Austerio is already in the ring. He is bent down in the corner, looking very dark and ominous. Blue Flame is entering the ring. Austerio runs to attack Blue Flame while Flame is on the top rope saluting fans. The action causes Johnny Yamaguchi to call for the bell.

    Austerio throws Blue Flame off the top rope and back first down to the mat. Austerio gets down to ground level and begins to throw punches down at Blue Flame. Flame tries to scramble away. He manages to get a grounded dropkick to Austerio, pushing him away. Blue Flame kips up. Austerio throws a lariat. Flame ducks the lariat and goes to the ropes. Blue Flame comes back and hits a springboard moonsault onto Austerio. Flame covers him, but only gets a one.

    Blue Flame kips up once again. Blue Flame waits for Austerio to get on his feet. Austerio is up. Flame comes at Austerio again, but Austerio comes out of nowhere with a devastating roundhouse kick to the temple of Flame. Flame crumbles down to the mat. The crowd in Honolulu just reacts in a horrifying manner! Austerio begins to wildly stomp upon the head of Flame. He stomps him violently in the head before Yamaguchi yanks Austerio off. Austerio gets some heat from the crowd before he picks up Flame and takes him to the top. Austerio signals for the end, and hits the Pyramid Plunge!

    Tim Coleman: Wow, this Austerio is a violent, yet promising character! I like him!

    Harvey Buckworth: I'm beginning to be freaked out by you.

    Austerio stares at the knocked out body of Blue Flame. He crawls upon the fallen body before covering him. Johnny counts the one. Johnny counts the two. Johnny counts the three!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by pinfall at a time of four minutes and twenty eight seconds, Austerio!

    Austerio stays on his knees, basking in the boos of the Honolulu crowd. Johnny goes to raise his hand. Austerio pushes Johnny away and goes to put more punishment upon Blue Flame. He begins to just swing bopth fists on Flame. Johnny calls for assistance. Johnny goes to pull off Austerio, but Austerio pushes Johnny off of him again. He begins slamming the fellow masked wrestler's head against the mat. Assistants and jobbers come down to get Austerio. Before they can touch Austerio, Austerio begins to freak out! He begins to scream and flail his arms. He rolls out of the ring and runs up the ramp in a frantic manner!

    Harvey Buckworth: What the hell just happened?

    Tim Coleman: I don't know, but that was kind of awesome.

    Michelle Kelly: I'm here backstage with the self-styled 'Nihilist nightmare,' Elke. Elke, you made a much-vaunted return to PPV at the 5 Star Attraction pre-show, but your dream to at last be in the running for the Women's Championship turned into a nightmare, no pun intended, when you got eliminated by your old rival, Ashley Adams. Have you regained your confidence going into tonight's bout with the new no. 1 contender, Lyssa?

    ELKE: Regained my confidence? Regained it, Michelle? I don't expect you to understand, meine Freundin, but when you have noble blood coursing through your veins as I do, you are born with a confidence from which nothing can detract! So I got thrown over a rope by an opportunist. Does this make her a better wrestler? Good heavens no. It just means she's had more practice at hauling loads from many years of menial labour. But enough about Five Star Attraction. Let's talk about to-night, and what should be a real wrestling match, rather than some gaudy American crowd-pleasing spectacle! Your Nihilist Nightmare lives in the now. I almost feel sorry for Lyssa's misfortune at becoming Number 1 Contender, for it puts her at the top of my list of targets, my primary prey. Tonight, this self-described sorority girl will experience the ultimate tutelage in pain: the Stirbehilfe, from which no one truly recovers. This is just the beginning, Lyssa, the beginning of the end. It may come tonight, in a month, or when you least expect it - either way, prepare for your attrition.

    We go backstage to Megan Anderson's office once again, where Megan is on the phone.

    Megan Anderson: Hi, daddy! I need to ask you a question, because I love you so much. So, like, you know how you put me in charge of the brand and stuff? Well, someone's been breaking the rules and I need them to get fired!

    Megan is hesitant before pumping her fist, like her father just said yes.

    Megan Anderson: Awww, thanks daddy! It's Mr. Showtime!

    Megan's joy instantly gets crushed.

    Megan Anderson: So what if he doesn't work for me? He didn't listen. Plus, it's called breaking and entering, daddy! So he has to pay the price!

    Megan listens, then gets upset.

    Megan Anderson: So what? He should have the title stripped off of him!

    Megan begins to get really angry.

    Megan Anderson: No, daddy. I don't know what you are talking about. Please don't! Please don't co---

    A dial tone is heard on the other end of the line.

    Harvey Buckworth: Uh-oh, what could that be about?

    Continental Rankings Match
    Colossus #5 - The Mastodon versus Diego Gonzalez (w/ Jessica Haze)

    Billy Stevens is the referee. He calls for the bell. Mastodon is ready to go. Diego looks a bit hesitant. He blows his joint one more time before surprisingly standing up to The Mastodon. Diego is up to Mastodon's waist! Mastodon just gives out a little chuckle to how brave Diego is being.

    Harvey Buckworth: We are looking at a true David and Goliath match-up here!

    Tim Coleman: Except David might be dead at the end of the match. And David is a pot smoking Mexican.

    Harvey Buckworth: Wow, really Tim? Diego can do it. It's a big task for him to get back up to the top of the Continental division!

    Diego doesn't hesitate any longer. He begins to punch the masked mammoth square in the face. The exotic crowd here in Hawaii is going crazy for Diego's fight. He begins throwing several rights at the face of Mastodon. Mastodon finally gets a chance to push Diego away. Diego rolls away, before running back to Mastodon and jumping up to him with much punches. The crowd is cheering for Diego! Diego switches the leaping face punches with chops to the brick-wall-chest of Mastodon. Mastodon is getting pushed back a bit, but is able to shake off Diego again with a low kick to Diego's leg. Diego rubs his leg a bit. It gives Mastodon some time to head butt Diego. diego falls down to the mat. Diego gets back up. He begins to pound on the mat to rally the fans behind him. He screams to the sky before throwing more chops at Mastodon!

    Harvey Buckworth: Amazing fighting spirit demonstrated by Diego Gonzalez right now! This young man is fearless!

    Tim Coleman: This is what happens when you train with Nickolas Arsen. You turn into a complete idiot.

    Diego throws faster chops by the second. Diego moves back up to the face, hitting a rapid fire flurry of slaps to the Mastodon. Mastodon begins to stumble. Shades of Arsen come to Diego Gonzalez. He pumps his arm before hitting the ropes. Mastodon comes to him once Diego bounces off. He hits Diego with a huge running splash. Mastodon puts weight on him for the cover. He counts for the one, and the two, but Diego kicks out right at two. He rolls from the ginormous body weight of Mastodon. Mastodon gets back to his feet. Diego uses the ropes to pull himself up. Mastodon charges at Diego. Diego gets out of the way. Mastodon gets caught up between the ropes. Diego hits a standing dropkick onto Mastodon, causing Mastodon to fall through the ropes and to the outside.

    Mastodon attempts to get back up.Diego steps out onto the corner. He runs off the apron and attempts to body splash Mastodon. Mastodon catches Diego and runs him into the nearest ring post. He keeps Diego in a holding position, before he takes Diego Down with a press slam. Karl Rooney's count is up to three. Jessica tries to run and check on Diego. Mastodon scares her away. He picks up Diego and throws him over the announcer's table. Mastodon rolls back into the ring. Rooney's count is at six. Diego struggles to get back over the announcers table. Seven! Diego trips over the table and falls onto the mat. Eight. Diego crawls and grabs the apron. Nine! Diego crawls onto the apron....

    Diego is safe! He rolls back in! However, Mastodon takes advantage once Diego rolls in by hitting a big body splash.on the grounded, fun-loving pot smoker. Mastodon goes for the cover! One, two, thr---Diego gets a shoulder up! Mastodon is starting to lose his patience with Diego! The Honolulu crowd is estatic at the fight shown by Diego. Mastodon picks Diego up. He hits Diego with the Collososlam! It's over! Mastodon goes for the pinfall! Another one! Another two! And here's the thr---

    Diego gets another shoulder up! Mastodon begins to freak out. He's pounding on the mat with his gigantic fists. Mastodon is surrounded by thousands of cheering fans in support of Diego Gonzales! Mastodon goes to the top! He signals for the Colossosault! He leaps off! Diego gets out of the way! Mastodon falls to the mat! The impact causes him to bounce back up on his knees. Diego runs to the ropes! He comes off with the Blunt Forced Trauma! Mastodon looks shaken up, but remains on his knees. Diego goes back to the ropes again. He comes back with another Blunt Forced Trauma! Mastodon almost falls back! Diego comes back with a third Blunt Forced Trauma! Mastodon falls to the ground! Diego gets Mastodon to the ground! Diego goes for the top rope! He hits a beautiful moonsault! Diego covers Mastodon! One, two, THREE! THREE! HE GOT THE THREE!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, at the time of eight minutes and fourty one seconds, Diego Gonzalez!

    Diego props himself up upon his knees! Jessica runs into the ring like he just won the world title. She gives Diego a huge hug! Billy Stevens raises the hand of Diego Gonzalez! The crowd in Honolulu is giving a tremendous amount of applause to Diego's effort!

    We cut backstage to Chubby Carlos. He's walking backstage near the catering area. He sees two local technicians backstage. One of them throws up his hands in the 'shaka' position.

    Local: Hey, brah! Impressive win togight!

    Carlos throws the symbol back at the local as a sign of respect.

    Chubby Carlos: Thanks, brah!

    Chubby lets out a big smile. He continues to walk, seeming a bit lost.

    Chubby Carlos: Now where in the world is that roast?

    Chubby begins to smell the air. He follows the trail of the scent that his enticing him. He walks a few steps before finally stopping in front of a huge buffet table, stacked with pineapple slices, two bowls of cocnut candies, and a huge pig roast. Chubby's jaw almost drops to the floor.

    Chubby Carlos: It's beautiful!

    Chubby Carlos snatches a plate from the back of his pants, amazingly. He puts his hands in every dish that he sees. He fills his plate up with all that was on the buffet. Most of it is covered with a good half of the pig. Chubby seems satisfied with his plate. He is almost drooling. He turns around to take the plate back to his locker room. Once he turns around, he runs into a figure. The plate spills all over the figure's wrestling tights and his chest. Chubby looks at the food. The camera has not gotten the identity of the figure yet. Chubby goes down to pick up his food.

    Figure: You were in my way.

    His voice was a very rough, British voice. Very familiar. Chubby doesn't focus on the figure. He just pays attention to the food.

    Chubby Carlos: Yeah, yeah. I know. I'm sorry man.

    The figure steps back.

    Figure: No, you don't understand, Chubby Carlos.

    Chubby looks up at the acknowledgement of his name. Once he turns to see the figure, the figure punts Chubby right in the head. Chubby collapses onto the ground. The figure gets down to Chubby. That figure is Billy Hatcher!

    Billy Hatcher: YOU'RE IN MY WAY!

    Hatcher begins to choke Chubby Carlos, as well as slamming his head against the hard concrete floor.

    Billy Hatcher: YOU'RE IN MY WAY! YOU'RE IN MY WAY!

    Several staff members notice Hatcher flipping out on an innocent Chubby! They gang up on Hatcher and yank him off of Chubby. A few of them check up on Chubby, while the other try to escourt Hatcher to the back.

    Billy Hatcher: If you think you can get to the Continental Championship before I do, you better think again you fat sack of crap! I warned everybody! Don't get in my way! Don't get in the way of BILLY F'N HATCHER!

    Harvey Buckworth: Here to help us call the next contest is the BRAND NEW CWA Women's Champion, Alexa!

    Alexa takes a seat next to Harvey. She looks stunning! She has her belt, a Mouthful of Awesome t-shirt with the sleeves cut off and revealing her midsection, and she is wearing tight blue jeans.

    Alexa: Thanks, guys! Pleasure to be here!

    Harvey Buckworth: Alexa, let me just congradulate you on your title win at Five Star attraction. It was the first win of your career, and it was a big one at that!

    Alexa: Thank you, Harvey! It was a lot of frustration built up into determination! I'm glad I took the title off of Alexis!

    Tim Coleman: Oh, please! You caused her to run away! You should be ashamed of yourself!

    Alexa: Aaaw, I'm sorry Tim. I'll try to give you another rodent that you can whack off to!

    Elke (w/Adelind Abendrot) versus Lyssa (w/Helia & Apate)

    Billy Stevens is the ref. Lyssa teaases a still Elke. Helia and Apate get on the apron behind Elke and hold her down. Stevens tells them to get down. Abendrot comes behind the ladies and yanks them off the apron. They go face down to the apron. Lyssa is pissed that the plan backfired. Elke doesn't care. She hits Lyssa with a huge bicycle kick. Stevens calls for the bell. Elke picks Lyssa up and hits her with a uppercuts before taking her to the ropes. She throws Lyssa off the ropes. Elke comes back to her with a throw-up catatonic backbreaker. Lyssa hits the mat and tries to crawl away. Elke grabs her by the legs. She drags Lyssa up and hits her with wheelbarrow suplex. Elke goes for a cover. She only gets two.

    Harvey Buckworth: Elke coming out the dominant one so far!

    Alexa: She's quite impressive!

    Elke picks up Lyssa. She hits Lyssa with a variation of arched kicks. She hits her with a heel kick, roundhouse kick and takes her out with a rolling kick. Elke picks Lyssa back up again and puts her down with a falcon arrow! Here's another pin! Elke only gets a two! Elke turns Lyssa over and locks in the Elke Special! Lyssa is in pain! Abendrot runs in front of Elke to the outside. He cheers on Elke! Helia and Apate come out of nowhere and just begin attacking Abendrot! Elke breaks the hold. The attack gets her attention. Elke gets to the ropes. Lyssa gets up. She comes from behind and rolls up Elke! One, two, kickout!

    Alexa: Wow, can those girls just mind their own business?

    Tim Coleman: Look whose talking!

    Lyssa gets up first and takes Elke down with a shoulder tackle. She then begins to choke and and spit on Elke. Stevens tells her to stop. Lyssa tells Stevens to quit staring at her tits! She stomps on Elke before picking her up and taking her back down with an arched boot. Lyssa goes for the pin. She only gets a one and a half. Lyssa doesn't look too discouraged. She picks Elke up and looks to Alexa. Lyssa teases Alexa before turning her attention to Elke. Lyssa goes for a pump kick. Elke moves and rolls Lyssa up. One...two.. Lyssa kicks up. Elke takes Lyssa down with corkscrew plancha! Elke goes to finish it! She goes for the Stirbehilfe! Helia gets on the apron. She distracts Stevens. Apate comes in and sprays Elke in the eyes with hairspray!. Elke is blinded. Stevens turns his attention back to the match. Lyssa rolls up Elke. One...two...three!

    Alexa: Come on! that was cheap!

    Harvey Buckworth: It's an unfair advantage!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by pinfall at a time of seven minutes and fifty seconds, Lyssa.

    Helia and Apate throw an electric razor into the ring. Lyssa grabs it. She begins to stomp on Elke's head. Helia and Apate go to attack Alexa. Alexa gets up from the commentary booth and fights back. She knocks them both down with some rights. In the ring, Lyssa attempts to shave Elke's head. Alexa rolls in. Lyssa ditches the ring. Mi Pi Sexy retreat up the ramp while Alexa tends to Elke in the ring.

    Alexa is walking backstage with her title in hand. Ashley Adams comes in front of her, putting a hand out to stop her.

    Ashley Adams: We need to talk.

    Alexa looks like she wants to punch Adams in the face, but she just strugs. The two girls walk off as we go to the next match.

    Non Title Main Event
    Christopher Jackson versus Rolando Fuentes

    Karl Rooney is the referee. Christopher and Rolando circle each other. They both fake out each other about the first move to throw the other off. Rolnadon makes the first dash, trying to catch the leg of Jackson. Jackson leaps over Rolando and rolls to the other side of the ring. Jackson runs to Rolando and attempts a running uppercut. Rolando grabs the approaching arm of Jackson and flips him over with an arm drag. Rolando tries to keep the grounded Jackson neutralized with an arm bar. Jackson manages to bounce around the mat. He prevents Rolando from getting the arm locked and kips up with Rolando still having his grasp on Jackson's arm. Jackson fiddles around a bit before leaping over with support for a pele' kick. Rolando gets dazed. Jackson hops back up and kicks Rolando square in the face with an enziguri. Jackson finishes off the sequence with a snap suplex. Chirstopher Jackson goes for a cover. He's gets just the one, before Rolando kicks out just before the two. Christopher Jackson picks Rolando up. He attemps his own submission in a Sharpshooter. Rolando does all he can to flail his legs and kick Jackson away. Jackson gets kicked to the ropes. Rolnado gets right up and takes advantage of Jackson on the ropes. He begins to elbow him furiously against the ropes. Karl Rooney starts the count. Rolando begins to get in the face of Rooney. Rooney doesn't hesitate to get in Rolando's face! Rolando goes back to Jackson, but Jackson back body drops him to the outside. Rolando spills onto the mat. Jackson claps to get the audience into the match. He runs up onto the nearest top rope and splashes onto Rolando Fuentes!

    Jackson gets up and slaps five with a few fans. He grabs Rolando Fuentes by the hair and slams him into the barricade. He then takes Rolando into the ring. Jackson tries to roll in, but Rolando tries to keep Jackson out by kicking him furiously in the head. Rolando manages to push Jackson back with one of the kicks. Rolando gets up and gets on the apron. Jackson reacts quickly and hops upon the apron with Rolando. Rando scrapes the arm of Jackson against the ropes. Jackson kicks Rolando in the side. Jackson then attemps the Breaking Habit onto the apron! Rolando bites the arm of Jackson. This gives the opportunity for Rolando to hit a leaping DDT onto the apron. Jackson's head its the apron hard with a thud!

    Harvey Buckworth: Oh my God! Oh my God! Jackson's head just bounced off the apron!

    Tim Coleman: That was devastating!

    Jackson is laid out onto the mat. Rolando begins to slap him against the head. He then picks up Jackson, who looks knocked out. Rolando holds him up to all the fans The fans are jeering Rolando heavily. Rooney's count is up to eight. Rolando throws Jackson into the ring. Rolando rolls in as well. Rolando goes for the pin. He's got the one, and the two, but Jackson manages to kick out! Rolando is surprised Jackson kicked out. Jackson gets picked up. Rolando hits Jackson with a belly to belly suplex. Rolando goes for another pin! One, two, Jackson kicks out! Rolando gets up furiously. Rolando lays out the right arm of Jackson and stomps on the arm violently. He finishes it out with on elbow drop onto the right arm of Jackson. Rolando gets an arm breaker on Jackson. Jackson is slamming against the mat, trying to break free of the hold. Rolando puts as much pressure on the hold as he can! Jackson manages to scoot to the ropes and get his foot to the bottom ropes. Rolando refuses to break the hold. Rooney counts to four. Rolando gets up. He give Rooney more words. This give Jackson time to get up and use what strenght is left in his right arm to hit Rolando with a german suplex! Rolando's head is bounced off the mat! Jackson kips up. He rallies the crowd once more. Rolando tries to get up, but he is taken down with a springboard dropkick. Jackson pins Rolando! One..two..kick out by Rolando!

    Jackson goes to the top rope. He hits the Five Star Treatment! Jackson goes for another cover! One.....two.....another kick out by Rolando. Jackson signals for the finish! He picks up. He puts Rolando in position for the Breaking Habit. Rolando puts a knee down. Karl Rooney is seen behind Jackson. Jackson is pushed by Rolando. Jackson goes into Rooney. Rooney gets knocked into the ropes. He doesn't get knocked down, but he is forced away from the action. Rolando uses this opportunity to low blow Jackson in the groin. Rolando gets Jackson in an O'Connor Roll! Rooney turns back to the match! He counts the pin! One....two....three!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by pinfall at a time of fifteen minutes and thrity eight seconds, Rolando "Ice" Fuentes!

    Rolando quickly rolls out of the ring! He goes to get his belt. Jackson tries to tell Rooney of what just happened! Rolando runs back into the ring, gloating to the audience about his cheap victory. Rolando holds his title up in the air. Rooney goes to raise Rolando hand, as the fans give Rolando a chorus of boos. Jackson low blows Rolando as a bit of payback! He takes Rolando and hits him with a Breaking Habit! The fans applaud the actions of Jackson. Jackson picks up the Continental Title, as he likes what he sees. He teases putting the belt around his waist. He drops the belt on Rolando's face, then he heads to the back.

    We end the show with Megan Anderson in her office once again. She is facing the camera, like she must address the audience.

    Megan Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, we come to the end of the first 2011 Adrenaline Rush of the year. I must say, and I address talents in particular, that it was nothing but chaos. The fact I do not get any respect is an insult to not only this brand, but CWA as a whole.

    The fans boo Megan in the background.

    Megan Anderson: I've already suspended Nickolas Arsen. My main target is Mr. Showtime, who will be forced on the next Adrenaline Rush to vacate his title

    The fans really give it to Megan with the announcement of the attempted title strip.

    Megan Anderson: To ensure all is well on my brand, my father, Charles Anderson, will be in attendance on the next Adrenaline Rush! Let this be a warning to all of you that think it's right to show your boss disrespect. Have a pleasent evening, and an Arsen-less tomorrow!

    The fans boo the sign-off. as we end the show.

    Quick Results
    Chubby Carlos def. Kevin Alexander
    Billy Hatcher def. Cerebrus Thorn
    Major League Stroke/Sex Bombs is a no contest
    Austerio def. Blue Flame
    Lyssa def. Elke
    Diego Gonzalez def. The Mastodon
    Rolando Fuentes def. Christopher Jackson

    Matches Written by
    N. Quincy Talent

    Promos Written by
    N. Quincy Talent
    Jimmy King

    Promos Graded By
    N. Quincy Talent

    GFX By

    Edited by
    N. Quincy Talent

    Quote Originally Posted by RaiZ-R View Post
    What the fuck is happening to you guys? I once got a blowjob where she used her teeth a little bit too much and I ended up with a bloody dick, I still enjoyed the blowjob up to the point I started bleeding. I can honestly say that I have never had anything I would call a bad blowjob, that wasn't a great experience but up until I started gushing blood I was having a great time!

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - January 12th, 2011 - Honolulu, Hawaii

    Very happy with Hatcher's involvement tonight, and the win. Great way to kickstart the new year.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - January 12th, 2011 - Honolulu, Hawaii

    Great show guys a lot of action and people still getting ample talk time. Sucks to bring in a loss for the new year but ill get him next time!

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - January 12th, 2011 - Honolulu, Hawaii

    Great Show as usual guys

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - January 12th, 2011 - Honolulu, Hawaii

    Great show as always fellas.

    Very excited for the next one.

    Banner credit: Booty

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - January 12th, 2011 - Honolulu, Hawaii

    Nice show guys! Be interesting to see what happends with the Pain/NKA/Showtime situation next week. LOL at Chubby Carlos "Hulking up" in the middle of his match.
    (Or "Chubbing up" as it were)

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush - January 12th, 2011 - Honolulu, Hawaii

    Quote Originally Posted by A originalname View Post
    at Chubby Carlos "Hulking up" in the middle of his match.
    (Or "Chubbing up" as it were)
    Glad you enjoyed that part, I specifically put that in there.

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