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Thread: June-July 2010 WC Award - Top TNA Poster

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    TNA June-July 2010 WC Award - Top TNA Poster

    Congrats to the Natural for the Top TNA Poster award

    Users Who Have Already Recieved Awards
    Issue reasonIssue timeControlsRemove
    Griff0rdTNA Member of the Month. May 2008.06-01-2008 06:39 PMEdit Remove
    For generating good threads and thought provoking replies. w00t. Great new member.06-30-2008 10:37 PMEdit Remove
    Griff0rdTNA Member of the Month: July 200808-01-2008 09:27 PMEdit Remove
    Griff0rdAugust 2008 TNA MOTM. To be the man, you have to beat the man.09-02-2008 10:09 PMEdit Remove
    factum1TNA MOTM for September 2008. Good work10-01-2008 09:56 PMEdit Remove
    RaiZ-RTNA Member of the Month, October 200810-31-2008 12:18 AMEdit Remove
    GodNovember 2008 TNA Member of the Month.12-01-2008 11:37 PMEdit Remove
    factum1December 08 TNA MOTM01-05-2009 12:13 PMEdit Remove
    Tommy PlatinumTNA MOTM. Jan 0902-02-2009 10:20 PMEdit Remove
    neXusTNA MOTM Feb 09. Good work sir.03-07-2009 09:28 AMEdit Remove
    GodBest TNA poster March 200904-02-2009 11:27 PMEdit Remove
    GodTNA MOTM: April 0905-03-2009 08:42 AMEdit Remove
    Silver SaviourFor doing great in the TNA sections, good job on getting two awards this month, you're making an impact at WC.05-31-2009 10:00 AMEdit Remove
    GodJuly 200908-01-2009 09:41 AMEdit Remove
    GodTNA Member of the Month09-02-2009 03:41 PMEdit Remove
    GodTNA Member of the Month09-30-2009 04:53 PMEdit Remove
    The NaturalJune July 2010 TNA MOTM! Congrats. Now book us something watchable please.07-16-2010 10:15 PMEdit Remove

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    Re: June-July 2010 WC Award - Top TNA Poster

    Thank you sir.

    My sig has the best attempt I can make in the meantime, but I assure you I am working on it.

    We've just finished a 94-match tournament that included 96 wrestlers from
    around the world to crown the first ever THRIVE World Champion.

    Big-Ass Recap will bring you up to speed on everything you
    need to know in order to enjoy our biggest and latest event,

    Quote Originally Posted by Meatwad View Post
    If anyone knows me then one things for sure, I know BTB's, and this is by far the best one.

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    Re: June-July 2010 WC Award - Top TNA Poster

    I had five of the last six, now you ruined it you big ruiner!
    The Real Rock N' Rolla

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    Re: June-July 2010 WC Award - Top TNA Poster

    Watch the Nazi Banksters Crimes Ripple Effect Film.

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